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Innovation Hub -- Work, Interrupted
On Labor Day, we learn from Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee what robots we should fear, and which we shouldn't. New York Times columnist Tom...
A Tale Of Three Cities
Most people think of Las Vegas and Reno as two cities but UNLV historian Eugene Moehring says we should really think of it as three cities. The third...
Report: Future of Sen. Harry Reid Unclear
Forty years ago, Harry Reid lost a close race for U.S. Senate to former Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt. Now more than half-way through his fifth term,...
Should Children Have Access To Automatic Weapons?
Some tourists come to Las Vegas specifically to enjoy the thrill of firing a gun. Automatic weapons offer a particular kick, since most civilians don’t...

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The Two Way

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NPR Music - Tiny Desk Concerts

The 2014 Fall Culture Guide:<br>Visual Art
So, how's your schedule look next week? And the week after that? And the week after that? Whether you're an art-lover, a dance aficionado, a foodie or a live music fan, our culture guide's got the goods for one very busy fall. And we mean busy in a good way - this year's calendar is brimming with sights, sounds and tastes to engage, inspire... [more]

Education: Fishing for teachers
The school district is facing another teacher shortage. How do we recruit fresh talent for the long term? Step 1: Change everything. According to school district officials, the 2014-2015 school year will have started last week with a shortage of about 400 teachers. Four hundred missing teachers? You get visions of unattended classrooms devolving... [more]

The Dish: Where the night owls nosh
Whether youre a graveyard worker or a weekend warrior, these late-night dining spots are an upgrade from your nearest drive-thru. Theres a popular theory that eating after a certain time of the day is bad for you. Perhaps its true  which is exactly why you should make each late-night meal worth the damage. Just say no to the cheap... [more]

pesticide.jpg Desert Bloom
Choosing a method for ridding your garden of an unwanted guest, be it bug or weed, is not always a simple choice. But the more you know, the better it goes. Here's Angela O'Callaghan

civilrights.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
When the Civil Rights Act was passed a half century ago, not everyone within Nevada's political circles was onboard with it. The decision was not a simple one for some Nevada Senators.

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