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Facebook Wants To Be The New Vegas
Jess Zimmerman recently had an epiphany when she was visiting Las Vegas. Facebook, she discovered, is modeling itself on Las Vegas megaresorts. The...
Startup Uses Drones For Advertising, But Is It Legal?
A startup advertising company recently took flight over the Strip with a new strategy to target customers in Las Vegas. But the federal government...
Inside The Mind Of A Bear
It’s almost as though Nevada’s bears know that Governor Sandoval has declared July Bear Awareness month. Wildlife officials have reported several human...
The Story Behind 'Home Means Nevada'
It is the state’s 150th anniversary this year. But it’s only since the 1930s that Nevada has had its own song. And it came to be written in somewhat...

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DEALicious wings, burgers and hummus
Chicken wings: nature's bar food. In the Vegas spirit of frenzied invention, you can get 'em brined, smoked, spiced, and there's a probably a chef coating them in Sriracha Pop Rocks as I write this. Fine. Bedazzle the hell outta those yummy flappers, but let's not forget a core principle: respect the meat. Three valley eateries get it. Chummy Hendo... [more]

Lily Bui: Ice Cream Truckster
For someone who traffics in sweets, Lily Bui is surprisingly tiny and thin. It's an occupational advantage, though, since there isn't much room to maneuver inside her food truck, Sin City Snoballs and Snacks, which can be found most days parked on the northern edge of the Las Vegas Premium Outlets on Civic Center Drive. "Try this," she says, her... [more]

Notes from my dinner at Guy Fieri's
Editor's note: This is real. Preamble: "Welcome to Flavortown," the server says. She delivers Guy Fieri's signature phrase in rote, employee-handbook fashion, a mild disappointment at first, but I later reflect that, yes, there's almost a note of self-aware but not totally serious funereal finality to it, like a mock-grim farewell before a rite... [more]

cd.jpg Desert Bloom
If you put a good deal of care into growing fruit trees, there are likely some birds who will take advantage of your effort. Here's Angela O'Callaghan.

fais.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
Mixing law with the gaming industry seemed a natural fit for one Las Vegas attorney, who passed away recently. Here's a look back at the influence of attorney Bob Faiss on the gaming industry.

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