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" Anybody out there following this on the site if you would give me a little nudge, some little word of encouragement it sure would be sweet. Sure does pick up the pace of life. Would make me know Iím not doing all this for nothing"

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Monday July 4, 2005 6:40pm (covers last week)

Well howdy do folks, I hope this message finds every single one of you with a big grin and a happy smile on your face. I apologize itís been since last week since Iíve been able to give an update. Iíve been 100% out of cell phone range. I sure been frustrated not being able to talk to you and let ya know whatís going on.

Everybody should be awful da gone tickled to death that Iím out here in the middle of know where causing nobody no grief no harm.

Ok, letís start out with the JUNE 28th: Rode about 19 miles that day. I believe it was a rough and miserable day. To start off with got out of cell range and couldnít call for support to get the horses up. Iím in the middle of open range all I see is a lot of sky but its god awful pretty. Iím ok there is no need to panic, no need to call the National Guard, I will survive. Iím a cowboy true and hard.

Then I was frying up some biscuits and bacon when the grease got up onto the fire. Next thing ya know it caused a pretty nice little fire. Mind ya I didnít burn down half the country side though. I had it all figured out just right I emptied all my canteens water and put the fire out. I was no where around mid Utah whenever this accrued so I did not have anything to do with Utahís catching fire.

Although if anything did burn up in Utah itís not going to matter all that much goodness gracious half the country knows its dessert anyway. Needless to say everything seem to be going miserable that day. One of my horses fell sick, I canít get him to eat or drink heís not doing to spiffy. So I kinda took it easy with him that day. He came along with me just following like a little puppy. I didnít ask him to work to hard simply because of his health and ability. Iíve had that ol horse nearly all his life and heís been a good horse. I surely didnít want to hurt him.

Seems like things were breaking lose and coming a little bit easier. We rode about 17 miles that day and things were looking better. My pony was feeling a little better , I didnít burn anything up and didnít run out of water. I was able to water up at a creek and get all my jugs and canteens full. A little place called Javey Creek. We had us a good breakfast and started things just right. I reckon all things were going good on that day.

After my days ride I set up camp. Bruce kinda creped in on me, he was thinking I was still riding and was looking for me. I didnít realize he was sitting on the other side of the hill. We had supper together then sat around the camp fire and played cards for a couple hours. I went on and crawled in my bed roll and went sound to sleep. Slept like a baby that night I did. A nice cool breeze came across us, and I guarantee I was able to get a goodnights rest.

On the next morning the JUNE 30 th I was feeling pretty alive and vibrant. Everything seemed to be just right. My horses seem to have a little spunk back in them and of course pony seemed to be doing a little better too. I guess everything worked out just right you see a little bit of doctoring, a homemade cowboy remedy and it fixed him right up. All he wanted was some sugar. Horses spoiled on sugar cubes he is. Thatís ok I like to spoil them.

We got another 19 miles rode that day and I got a lot of pain here on my ass! I wouldnít want everybody to think I wasnít having a jolly full of a good time. Where else in America can you sit down and watch two bald Eagles fight over a dead jack rabbit. That was the funniest thing Iíd ever seen in my life.

The day that followed was pretty decent as well (The 31st JUNE). It was a cheerful bright day, although I didnít get much sleep the night before. I had a little bit of concern my horses were badly restless. Over in the foothills there were some grizzly bears a fussing. That kinda had me concerned even though we were about 300 yards from them. I surely didnít like the idea of being that close. It was kinda hard to sleep that night. I reckon ol Dog here would let me know if something was creeping up.

There were about 8 people in my camp last night and that was pretty fun. These folks just come out and run there gums. They all wanted to see who was stupid enough to send a pony all the way across the United States. I convinced them all over again that it was well worth it. Itís for the kids going hungry you see. I hope this is doing somewhat of good and bringing some kind of public awareness.

That seems to be one concern of mine that itís not getting out there enough. Nobodies paying this thing no mine. I rest assure that if one person tells another and they tell someone, by god it be no time before the whole country know it. I personally myself donít want any fame from it but what I do want is someone to reach out and help somebody in need.

July 1st
On the first I got up pretty early in the morning. I did pretty good that day and rode for 23 miles. I have endured everything on this ride that the human body can stand. Iíve endured extreme heat, drought, extreme cold, hungry, fatigue and extreme soreness. Iíve experienced all to well the loneliness on open range. But rest assure on this Iíll keep pluggin right along kicking my horse right up. We are going to get across this country yet!

Yesterday was a real interesting day I actually crossed and beat my barrier. 1,903 miles was my record in 2002. Yesterday I beat that record and I have crossed 1,904 miles. I rightly donít recall how many days Iíve been on this ride. Iíll have to sit down and figure it out. Thereís an American Flag exactly where I stepped on the 1,904 mile. It kinda brought tears to my eyes to think that I ridden all this way knowing I was helping some young kid.

Today is July 4th and Iíve ridden only 16 miles but this country side is getting a little rough and Iím tuckered out If ya all wondering how I remember all this I been taking me some notes. By keeping these notes I donít forget too much of anything. Iím pretty good at that now. Iíve been keeping a journal; after all I got to know where Iíve been in life.

Happy 4 th of July America!


June 27, 2005 5:02am

Well good morning America. I guess after a couple of days taking it easy and not working these horses to awful hard, were in for a da gone hell of a day riding. Everythingís going just fine. I just had to take a few days off for a little bit of relaxation and get my things in order. It was a good time to let my ponies get some rest too. Got tons of supplies and took care of some matters. Everythingís back together like it ought to be.

I guarantee Iím looking forward to riding this morning. I canít wait to get this thing over with. Itís been a long, awful hard ride. Been real nice getting up early every morning to see all these beautiful Dawns but it sure would be nice to sleep in every once in awhile. I guess if I did that Iíd let laziness catch up to me. Donít have time for that.

Well the horses are packed and ready to go. Weíre gonna try to get 25 miles in today. Anybody out there following this on the site if you would give me a little nudge, some little word of encouragement it sure would be sweet. Sure does pick up the pace of life. Would make me know Iím not doing all this for nothing. I reckon weíd better get of this telegraph and do the things we gotta do this morning. I hope that everybody out there is just bright and beautiful and smiling as they should

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Friday June 24, 2005 5:40am

Good morning America I hope that everybodyís doing just fine this bright and beautiful morning that it is. On my end of the world last night was a little bit odd. I didnít even as much hear a hoot owl. Dead silence throughout the entire night. I didnít get much sleep last night we were up pretty late. We had quite a few people around our camp. Bruce Sedgwick he told me I should be crossing some kind of big ranch sometime today. Iíll be on a big cattle spread which is pretty interesting actually itíll give me a chance to walk through a herd of cows It will be nice to see a little something different that what Iíve been seeing for the last few weeks. I guess on top of that it will change the scenery just a piece.

Everythingís going well. Horses seem to be a little restless this morning. By God it is an awful pretty morning. The sky is bright orange as can be. Aww things are going real good. I donít have any complaints. Iím going to try to get 20 miles in today. Iíll give you a call this afternoon and let you know where Iíll be

Ya all take care and god bless

Thursday June 23, 2005 3:00pm

Horses are doing well. Funny thing happen this today when I went to put my horses pack on. He went to bucking crazy. I didn't realize it at the time but there were stickers on it. Everything just went to flying, forks, spoons, and my bedroll. I lost an hour this morning trying to get everything back together.

Really no other problems accept my support truck. We had to leave it behind. It's literally sitting up on open range in the middle of nowhere. Don't know what were going to do. I can't get any supplies brought to me like shoeing, my eats and even the horses feed. That does stir a big dilemma for us.

It was great to be at camp last night. We had about 15 locals with us around the fire. We told stories all night. A lovely lady, Ellis Emmett, brought me a home cooked meal. She went through a lot of trouble cooking meatloaf, mashed potatoes, biscuits the whole bit. It was delightful!

The weather is just great, nothing but blue skies, rolling hills and cool nights. It is hilly but not to steep or rough. I'm fairly close to Bozeman will continue to go north.

God Bless

Wednesday June 22, 2005 5:05am

Why good morning ya all I hope that everybodyís doing just well. The worlds dismissing me thinking Iíd gone and died somewheres, well Iím back. My God almighty, Iíll rest assure here it was an awful long ride across that dang gone canyon floor. I think it was something close to about 60-70 miles across. Iím up now where I can get a little reception and give you guys a fairly good report. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday was a rather interesting set of days. It sorta went something like this: you see each and every morning I was up before the crack ass of Dawn rest assure. About 4:00- 5:00 a clock every morning before the sun come up Iím putting my pack saddles together and getting my horses ready. Checking their feet, teeth and making sure everythingís looking just right. I swing across the saddle at about 5:30 and off we go. With the exception of the high plain grass nothing really held us back. I did see quite a few rattlesnakes and that had me a little bit concerned. I actually think it was me that mustarded them up. In the evening times they all go away but it seems like itís only right smack in the middle of the day when they show there faces. I think thatís just cause it gets real warm up there sitting on the grass.

Friday while I was watching the elk I was just sitting there wondering to myself just how long it was gonna be before I got across to where I seen some people.

Saturday rode about 22 miles. I know we swallowed up a lot of miles that day but hell we were feeling alive and vibrant. It was pretty rough day only that I was all alone and getting rather bored and my horse wasnít talking back to me.

I reckon that Sunday was a pretty interesting day for the mere fact I slept in and didnít realize it was getting so late until I heard my horses nickering wanting some food. That was an odd day actually cause it was the first day since I been on the ride that I actually slept in and didnít want to get up.

Monday was a little bothersome to me even though we made good mileage and time.

By God Almighty, I guarantee I was trout myself a little bonkers, a little crazy. You could only talk to your horses for so long. Damn Dog he donít never listen to ya neither, I aint never seen anything like it in all my day. Itís a pretty interesting thing to see Dog chase jack rabbits through the field. Itís my only kick out her. He aint caught him nothing yet and itís a damn good thing I got dog food in the pack saddle.

Everything seem to being going real well, at least Iím back at main camp. Iím awful glad to be around people. Letís see here the horses are in great shape Iím in great shape. I rightly donít know where Iím at this minute. Iíll have more of a better location this afternoon when I see the crew. We are going to go try to find them to get some supplies.

Friday June 17, 2005 11:00am

Things are going fine, once in the valley I guarantee I wonít get reception. Iím looking down into the basin. It is so absolutely beautiful out here. The view on top of this hillside is spectacular. It kinda looks like a volcano but with grass. Not sure yet if Iím going to lose days going down into this basin. Have no idea when Iíll get out, looks like itís about 40 miles long. Itís very grassy and flat, it will be a nice indeed.

I rode about 17 miles today. Iíve seen mountain wolves and saw about a 100lb mountain cat. Real cool today, I can see still see snow on the mountains. Weíve crossed some melt creeks, makes it real nice for the horses to have some cool water. Iíll make camp tonight on this hillside. Jason and Bruce are trying to scout the way and bring me supplies. Found a pig trail that I could take to meet up with them.

Someone called me and said they heard an announcement about my ride on 95.5 KWNR. Thatís the country station in Las Vegas. Thank you Mr. Bob Bishop and everybody involved.

Friday June 17, 2005 5:15 am

Pretty interesting evening last night, it was kinda funny you see. I stretched my bedroll down on the ground, laid my head down and went to sleep. Next thing you know woke up this morning with cattle all around me. It was kinda funny, you see cause Iíd been all across this range and hadnít seen the first head of cow. Now all of a sudden Iím standing amongst them! I heard a couple cows a balling, and it kinda startled me during the middle of my sleep so I jumped up thinking somebody was just here to attack me. I Rolling around and scrambling for a flashlight to see what in the heck was about to get a hold of me. That ol cow was just sitten there balling chewing her cud. (Laughfter) Aw heck it was funny. I guess you had to be there. Yeah I guess I ended up camping in someoneís ranch last night. Donít rightly know whose but I can tell you I aint crossed a fence in many weeks. Itís either open range country or some ones got an awful big spread.

Iíll get on my pony this morning and keep going as soon as I get my horses fed. . Iíll probably get back to you later today. I have a feeling wonít get reception in this valley for the next couple of days.

Ya all have yourself a real good day now.

Thursday June 16, 2005 3:00pm

Howdy and hope everybody's doing great. Did about twenty miles yesterday, well that's what my horse told me! I'm in Montana now, still pretty hilly. The mountains aren't as steep as Idaho so it should be better.

It was pretty lonely around camp last night. Got ate up by chiggers (-note-another word for bed bugs). Those dang gone critters got in my bed role and must been playing tennis up in there. Woke up this morning and by God it was cold! But better than being so hot as I was down there passing Las Vegas .

Seen wild mustangs boy they didn't know what to think of my horse when they saw his packs on. I aint seen no Indians yet and from what they tell me this is Indian Country! (Ha). All day yesterday and today I've been on a trail. It looks like an old wagon run from about 100 years ago.

Leo, LB and Cash (my horses) are doing just great, had to do an emergency shoe replacement today but overall I think were all feeling a bit rested and better today.

I sure wish I had done this ride back East where there are more towns,and people instead of so much open range. It's days where I don't see people and I think how is this going to help if I can't talk to noone and tell them why I'm out here riding. Sometime I think it just might all be a waste. So I need ya all to tell as many people as you can.

Email everyone you know, lets get this thing going. I want to say a hearty thanks to all for visiting the site, and for your donations. It doesn't have to be much with just a couple dollars, it'd do a lot of good. You can also bring non-perishable foods if you like down to Absolute Computing call them at 702 914 3431 to arrange it down there in Las Vegas , NV.

With your help this could this won't have to be a waste.

Adios and God bless all.

Wednesday June 15, 2005

Well good morning; I hope this quick update here on the trail finds everyone doing good and well. . Itís awful chilly this morning, aw heck just another nice day, indeed.

I reckon all things are going all right out here and I aint got no reason to complain. I got an exact location on me Ö.Iím in the middle of America! (Ha ha) Iím down in the Valley somewhere in Idaho or Montana not quite sure which. Iím headed to Boseman or at least through that there general direction. Iím trying my best to get through this. Iím having some problems getting thorough this rough country you see. Itís pretty rocky and jagged. I turned back around NE hoping to get to flatter, hilly country side. Iím riding horses not mountain goats! I guarantee theyíd sure appreciate it if I got on something flatter, Iím assured.

Havenít seen the main campsite in a few days and I probably wonít see them for a couple more. I try to get on a high hilltop to see about getting reception on this phone. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnít. If anyone happens to call, to see how Iím doing, just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can get a good signal.

Aw, as I said all things are going fairly well. The good Lord has given me fresh air to wake up to and the scenery is just uncanning to any Iíve every seen. I reckon I better nibble on this biscuit and getty up on this ride so I can put this day behind me. Got to try to get some miles and stay alive. All things going were I need to be, I reckon

Well you all have yourself a right wonderful day and Iíll catch you on the other side and leave another word or two. Hopefully this message gets to ya all.

Adios Amigos

Tuesday June 14, 2005 5:15am

Just a quick message from out in the middle of no where, things are going rather well. There might just be a small problem. The horses, just like me, are starting to show a little bit of fatigue. I think thatís just going to be normal. Weíre all just getting a little tired. There eating very good and getting plenty of water. I on the other hand have probably lost a pound or two. Iíll have to keep on eye on that. I might just have to take a day or two off and let them rest.

So far the weather is good and I canít really complain about that. Sat around the campfire last night, didnít get much sleep though. Donít know why, maybe lack of proper rest, just a lot going on out here and I suppose everythingís taking a tole on me too. I do miss the coyotes howling all night long maybe that has something to do with it. They sure do have a beautiful sound but at the same token itís enough to drive you crazy when youíre trying to get some sleep.

Not much more to report, will give you update a little later on.

Ya all take care and adios

Saturday June 11, 2005 6:30am

Well I guess I underestimated how long it would take me to get into the big sky country of Montana. Seems to me this mountain range is going to hold me up for about another week or so. Itís a slow moving process going up and down these jagged rough mountains.

We got a campfire going up here now. I reckon weíll roast some marshmallows and have some good ol fashion fun! I donít think kick the can is going to work on this rough ground. So looks like cow patty golf will be the choice of activity tonight. Seems like the thing to be doing. Itís kind of keeping these ol boys pretty tough!

We got a few locals sitting around camp, Rusty Gigs, Dent Holloway. There local hands that came up to sit a spell around the campfire and of course tell a bunch of tales. It sure has been great, all these folks coming to see what Iím doing out here. Sure love having the company.

Itís been interesting the last couple of days. I got one of my support trailers back up here and Iím pretty proud of that. Without the trailer we wouldnít be able to get supplies as needed. Iíll be taking off from camp on Monday and going across country again. Be using my pack saddles, camp gear, for about the next 6 or 7 days. Itís pretty nice at times but sometimes it gets awful lonely. You start learning to talk to your horses and hope by god theyíll answer you back.

Needless to say everythingís going pretty good. The ponies are real jolly and happy, got themselves a belly full and thatís enough to keep them quite. I sure am thankful that somebody invented these things called hobbles, that way we donít have to tie them up at night. Ol dog seems to be coming right along he sure ainít giving me any grief. He chases jack rabbits every time one pops up. Thatís pretty fun to watch, itís my little bit of entertainment I suppose.

Anyway Iíll keep you up to par the best that I can. Iíll probably be out of service for a few days again. If not Iíll give you a bunch of rundowns another day. I believe the best quote of the day is ďwhen out on open range donít squat over your spurs!Ē

Friday June 10, 2005 5:15am

BrrrrrrÖ.what a chilly night it was but by god it felt awful good. I guarantee you its pretty nice out here on the trail. When I first started I was gushing in sweat now Iím trying to cover up to keep my bundle from getting so cold. Hey I guess itís a lot better than being wet.

I reckon there aint much to report being that I gave it to you all yesterday. Today Iím going to try to do my best to see if I can get 25-27 miles in. Iíll be in Montana here in a day or so. I tell ya itís been a pretty interesting ordeal so far the only bad thing about all this is Montana is going to be the longest ride yet. That there is some pretty flat country but it sure would be nice to get out of this Idaho thatís for sure! Everythingís seems to be going real well. I was able to get a good night sleep last night, well sort of didnít hear no critters through out the whole night. I reckon thatís because itís to dan cold, they were all plum out of sight.

Well I leave ya all with a piece of cowboy philosophy when using the restroom outside make sure that you donít squat on your spurs cause I Ďv been told it would awful hurt. Ya all have a fine day, ya hear

June 9, 2005 3:00pm

Sorry itís been so long we werenít able to get service out here for the last several days. Havenít been feeling well, been sick all week with a cold. I am feeling better today was finally able to get some cold medicine in me. Everybodyís doing well. The horses are great, just as strong as can be. The terrains real hilly and rough but were doing about 22-27 miles a day. Were pushing real hard and doing well.

We broke camp real early this morning about 4:30am. A lot earlier than normal but it was so nice out just couldnít resist. Thank goodness we got into some cool weather, even saw snow up here in Twin Falls. Thank goodness, itís a nice change since we were in the Valley. Had a bit of trouble crossing over Snake River, the river was pretty stout. Itís absolutely beautiful out here all kinds of wildlife: deer, gofers jackrabbits. We saw a herd of about fifteen elk.

Itís been real nice to see fresh, friendly faces. Weíve had people on horses following us, and coming to the campsites. Real interesting, some of them are real cowboys and some of them are city folks. Itís been real nice talking to all of them. Last night there were about 10-15 people gathered around the campfire. We were all telling stories and playing games, like poker, kick the can and even a little cow patty golf. Course we had to improvise and use horse manure cause there ainít no cows out here!

I want to thank Hitchin Post for all the additional custom built-ins you added. The extra built in hay rack on top of the trailer has made a few less trips into town. Thanks for the custom grill and generator, Iíve been able to have some decent cooking out here on the trail. Itís been a godís sake. Thank you.

Right now weíre about 4 days N.E. of Twin Falls, Idaho. Not sure what direction Iíll head towards next. Iím trying to find a way out of here the terrain is way to dang rough. I may just go up towards Missoula, but right now Bozeman looks like it might be bit flatter and smoother.

Well Iíll check in and let ya all know where Iím at and how things are doing. So far everythingís just hunky dory. Adios, and have a good day.

Thursday June 2, 2005 5:19am

Well howdy do and good morning. Just a little quick trail update: My ponys are doing great. Iím awful tired I feel like Iíve been beat with a baseball bat till I was plumb, raw tender meat. Fact of the matter is these range out here are really rough, tough and extremely dry. The heat is unbearable; itíll cook you inside and out. I reckon that above all things that I got my health and my ponys are still picking um up and stepping out. That makes me feel real proud of them and also myself.

Weíve done pretty good out here on this ride. Weíve brought public awareness of the hungry children as well as battered women and children.

The poverty thatís in this Country is unmistakably shameful. I just donít rightly understand why anybody in this great, great, beautiful land we live in couldnít take in a kid or help a parent out whenever they needed a little help. Where did neighborly affection go that we use to have so many years ago. Now itís all about me, nobody takes the time to realize that the ones that are suffering are the children.

I donít rightly have much to say about the ride today. Iím on open range, my God almighty itís been a long way indeed.

I want to thank Absolute Internet and all its employees who are involved with the website, from the bottom of my heart. Without you I couldnít make this a public awareness ride. Without you it wouldnít be as easy for people to find out information about what Iím doing. Iíll get pictures out to you, just as fast as I can get to a town.

Goodbye America. God Bless

Wednesday June 1, 2005 5:30am

Well good morning everybody. I hope this message finds everybody with a big fat, beautiful smile on their face with anticipation that everythingís going well out here on the trail. I donít reckon Iíve got to many awful issues to complain about. I did pretty good yesterday, covered some rough country but made real good miles. My ponies are really doing good. The health of the ponies is extraordinary. I canít get over the fact that these horses can do all this and still be as stout and strong as they are. I know Iím tired from just sitten! I think were doing pretty good on the time and distance. I know Iím about 100 miles further than what I was a week or so ago. That makes me feel real good. Iím pretty sure Iím about 800 miles into this ride. Donít know for sure; guess I wonít know until I can get to my support trucks. All the support trucks are setting up camp right now and Iím trying to ride to it. Make long story short weíll get to it just as fast as we can.

Iím actually enjoying some of the scenery out here. The sunrises are absolutely spectacular. They are so stunning and gorgeous. The sunsets are just as beautiful, it makes it all worth it. Just to think the good lord put all this here on Earth for us to enjoy.

Well letís talk about the campaign itself. The campaign sounds like itís getting a little bit of notice from the presses and stuff like that and that makes me feel real good. Iíve always had the thought that even if this ride produced one can of food to help just one kid it would all be worth it. I wouldnít care how far Iíd have to go as long as I was able to help one kid. It sure has brought out a little bit of notice because these are folks out there that are paying attention to whatís going on and that makes me feel real good deep down inside.

I want to thank all the people at Absolute Internet Marketing for making it possible for everyone to log onto the site and be kept updated. Thanks Davidís Western Wear for producing the t-shirts to generate the money thatís been coming in to help us get across this country. Its peoples like them and the saddle companies that built all the equipment to make this happen.

If it wasnít for Saw Tooth Saddles and Dry Fork Saddle Co. and everyone else this ride would not be possible. My hats off to all them, matter fact my hats off to everyone thatís been helping this ride one way or another. Thank you all very much. God bless ya all.

Iím going to try to get about 30 miles today so Iíll see ya all later. Ya all have yourself a real god day. Adios and happy trails.

Tuesday May 31, 2005 at 5:21am

Hi and good morning America. Itís surely good to hear everybodyís doing well and great out there. Sure enough, I reckon Iíd better give you an update. Lets see here for some reason I got terrible service out here and thatís why Iíve not been able to call in for quite a few days. With not having any service its really hard to reach out and touch somebody but as the saying goes Ēcan you hear me now?Ē

Hey I want to tell you a little of what happened Friday after the ride. We went down to load up one of the rigs and go back to town to get supplies and some things we needed taking care of. We went to visit a good friend over there at Matoris RV. Freddie B and Miss Pat. Freddie B and Miss Pat, thank you very very much for sponsoring us they have one of the best, luxury RV sales place you can go to . They supplied us with a RV so that we can get in every once in awhile off the range and get a hot shower and a soft bed to sleep in and get a little bit of rest. They sure have donated quite a bit to this thing and without them it would be a real rough thing out here. My personal thanks to ya all I appreciate it. Thanks very much for becoming pretty good friends, it means an awful lot. If ya all are looking for an RV or something even close to that line, rent one for the weekend or for a week vacation. That would be the place to go. Go see Freddie B and Miss Pat at Matoris RV.

Saturday was a pretty uneventful day, sat around the campfire pretty late but I did get some riding in. Twenty-six miles on Friday and twenty-four Ĺ miles on Saturday. Horses are all doing well. Sunday we had a real good day, actually it was a real interesting day, a day of rest. Ah we rode about ten miles and I got off the pony and walked about a mile. I decided just to stop right there. I threw my bed roll out on the ground and took me a nap. My God before ya know it, it was already dark. I guess I kinda blown the whole day.

Ah lets see here Monday was Veterans Day opps I mean it was Memorial Day and by God al mighty I guarantee you this I was feeling pretty lazy then. I only rode about twenty-one miles. I made off pretty good time.

Friday when we went back to town it was pretty good for us because I sure did need the supplies. Now that it looks like Iím going to be out on open range for about 4-5 days. Cell phone service been real hard to get out here I really donít know where Iím at. I know Iím South of Wells and North of Ellie. Iím out in the middle of nowhere. Iím trying my best to get back towards a little bit of civilization to wear I can see a car or two. Being out here in these high peaks, these mountains itís kinda lonely from time to time. I aint figured out if my horses have learned to talk so where they can keep me company. Ol dog seems to be doing real good. He just lays around and trails around with me.

The crew is doing real well. Right now for the first time I donít have anybody with me. I imagine here in a day or two things will start picking back up. All my hands are back in there at main camp. Iím hopen to heck to find main camp in a day or two. Ya all have yourself a very good day. By the way the GPS that was donated to me by Hartman Craft Store has been real good. Thanks.

Thursday May 26, 2005 2:20pm

Da gone its awful da gone hot out here in open range. Hottest da gone day. Update for this afternoon, being that we had a little excitement out here. It was kinda rather funny. Ya see because I believe that a rattlesnake scared my pony. Oh boy he heard the rattlers going and off he went bucking an a snorten across the desert floor. Boy it was something to see. Hey I reckon ol LD he got a few stiff hairs for there just a moment. I guarantee you it kinda worried me. It was awful funny because all the pack and tack went everywhere, you aint seen anything like this before I guarantee.

Well heck itís another day out on the open range, dry throated that I am. I guarantee them ol cowboys a 100 years ago pushen cows out here I donít see how they survived. Oh this miserable heart.

Well I reckon thatís enough rattlin for now maybe from time to time Iíll call in and leave you something that will make you smile instead of frown. Itís awful cute, you see because I believe in brightening up another fellas day. Make me feel good inside. Top of the Day, God bless and happy trails.

Thursday May 26, 2005 5:26am

Well good morning ya all, ohh itís just me again right just straight from the trail. I reckon everythingís going pretty good as predicted. I was able to get twenty miles down yesterday. All things went real well. Aw the scenery really starting to be real green out here. Itís so da gad blessen hot. Itís still real pretty.

Ah lets see here to start with the horses are doing really well. Everythingís going as good as it ought to be. Seems to me like Leo wanted to throw his shoe yesterday and it kinda but a damper on things for about and hour or two while we got anew shoe but on him. Were running a little low on hay and feed right now but everything will be coming right back together here come in a couple days. Were going back in for supplies. I donít really have much to report outside of that, it is just a regular standard day. We got right bright up early in the morning and rode twenty miles just as I wanted. We quit about 3:00. We started coming into camp and course it was nice to have a nice comfortable cool place to sit in the shade. I donít particularly think that we are going to have any problems today Iím gonna try to get about 20-25 miles today. Like I said the open range is awful perty. We didnít hear any critters last night like we been hearing to for the last few nights. That was a pretty nice site actually to be honest with ya because we got a little bit of sleep because it was quite or just flat right exhausted. All things are going real well.

I want to thank Kelsey King for coming out. Seems to me he took an awful lot of time out of his day and out of his schedule to take a bunch of pictures of us so that we could have something for the trail. It was awful nice of him. He did an excellent job, hey my hats off to you, Kelsey.

Anyway havenít been receiving too many phone calls about the ride and itís kinda lonely out here from time to time. Even though you gathered up with these same folks, it be the same routine over and over and every once in awhile a phone call is pretty nice to have to break the monotony of everything. Maybe things a pick up here or there. I hope people are a least enjoying the website and the updates on the website. Ya all have a good morning and I hope that everything goes will for ya all today. God bless you and God bless America, happy trails.

Wednesday May 25th 5:01 am

"Well I guess its time I get up I reckon
The new day with the a new ride
I better get some biscuits in me, some coffee maybe ill revive."

Well good morning America, its me once again, given ya a report from the trail , where all things are fun and it seems like the pain never comes to an end

Oh lets see here.. This morning is the 25 th last night we rode 17 miles we didnít ride as far as we normally would as it was a hot hot miserable day.

Of the course the temp changes out here in the desert, its extremely hot one day and hotter again the next, thatís a terrible thing, the weather forecast called for a little over cast, but heck we didnít see it.

I reckon I could be as good as most those weathermen, let me see.. today is going to be scattered daylight and hot , tonight is going to me mostly dark and cool.

Anyway all the ponies are doing great, we have no problems there, I didnít eat much supper last night my apatite wasnít there.

Every thing is going good with all the hands, Bruce hunter is doing really good, we picked up another rider by the name of mike Guss, He has a great pony its going to take a lot to untrack him. Every one seems to like him, he just kind of showed up on the ride.

We got all our saddles packed up and ready to go, I donít see why we cant make 20 miles today, the horses are feeling pretty energetic this morning.

The other night we had the coyotes howling all night long, last night we had a hoot owl just blowing his horn all night long so not much sleep there either. Still he was better than coyotes

Every thing seems to be going pretty good time wise on the ride, I started April 26 th and tomorrow is May 26 th so its catching up here. Every thing has been pretty much routine, get up before the sun comes up, get your saddle all together, get your kack all together, and once you get that together you eat a little breakfast and then your gone.

Iím out on open range right now and I reckon Iím going to be out here for a while as the next town we are going to hit will be wells Nevada, if we can get to wells it will almost be the Ĺ way mark.

From Wells we are going to kick over and try head towards the Uenta Mountains and try and cross those, itís a heck of a ways away.

My back side seems to be a little sore this am, but heck its all worth it, its for all the battered wives and shelters and kids of America.

Ill catch ya all later


Tuesday May 24th 5:30 am

Good morning America,

A Quick Update today, we had no, 0, nada, zip sleep last night at all... the reason coyotes. There must have been a pack of 20 of them up there howling away all night long. They startled the horses something good.

So no sleep and we press on today, look out ELY here we come.


Monday May 23rd 5:30 am

WE covered 28 miles yesterday, and now we are about 1 day out from Ely and all is going well.

Our horses are getting a little stressed out here from the heat and so are we, man its hot, I heard that they broke records in Vegas and in parts of AZ this past weekend. 104 F +

We had a great collection of money and non perishable foods last night from a group of locals at one of our stops, its nice to see how generous the people of America are when it comes to looking after a needy cause in our own country. We managed to fill 1/2 a pickup truck full of food. Thank you to all who we met and donated. God Bless you.

The Ground is getting rocky and the territory is a bit brutal. We actually saw some rattlers last night; I am told that this is the time of the year that they become active. We are just hoping that neither we nor our horses get bitten.

Last night for dinner we cooked our selves some fresh rabbit we caught, we made rabbit dumplings in our Dutch ovens, they were mighty tasty.

Every one is upbeat and in a great mood, we have to say that Bruce is keeping our spirits up every day; that man works him self to the bone...

Well thatís all for now. We will talk again tomorrow


Friday May 20 th

Last Night was pretty interesting. We slept out in a pasture with some cattle and woke up to some very curious cows staring at us.

Yesterday was a beautiful day but it was hot, I guess we should expect that in the desert, and to top it off I hear its going to get hotter over the weekend.

All the horses are doing great. We just got done shopping for more groceries its about time we were heading out of here as its 5:30 am a bit later than we expected. I would surely have loved to have slept in a bit more but we got a ride to get moving. Still it is nice to sleep in every now and then,

The ride is taking a toll on us slowly but surely, not so much the long days in the saddle or anything like that just that it can be repetitious out there on the road. You donít feel like you have made much head way at all but when we hear from you it helps us a lot.

We covered 21 miles yesterday North of Alamo and are coming close to Ely. We are staying at main camp tonight.

I will call in some more updates Monday or Tuesday, some times its hard to get reception on this cell phone out here.

Have a great weekend


Thursday May 19 th

Got into camp today at 4pm (a bit later that we expected).

Cash (a little stud colt) thru a shoe so we had to be real gentle getting him back so we could get him re shoed. That is the main reason we were late. But I will never compromise our horses to make a deadline, because without them we wouldnít be doing this. They are treated as one of us.

Anyway somewhere along the line I must have lost my coat because I canít find it anywhere, it must have fallen off the horse back down the ride. Man I hope it doesnít rain; there is nothing worse than a wet cowboy.

Last night we had a awesome supper.. Country fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and even some home made corn bread, all cooked in a Dutch oven and to top it off a little peach cobbler for afters . There is nothing like eating under the stars, ill take this any day over some fancy restaurants.

Everything else is going great and I will talk to you more tomorrow.

Wednesday May 18 th

We are going to try to ride at least 30 miles today so we can get to Ely Nevada

That way we can get some badly needed rest and supplies. Our biggest problem at the moment is water.. as you can imagine there are not many houses along the great basin highway and even less watering sprikets. So the quicker we can get into Ely the better.

Other to that not much happening, horses are in great shape and so are the crewÖ just looking forward to some R&R.

I would like to take this time out to say a big thank you to one of our sponsors D Bar J Hats (702 362 4287) they supplied all out hats for this ride and are we surly grateful for that. From the ones with the extra wide brims to the aerated ones.. They help keep us cool and keep the sun off.

More Later


Tuesday May 17 th

This morning started off the same way as yesterday, however we did have some mighty fine steak around the campfires what a treat.

We even had some local residents on the great basin highway bring us some pie. I tell ya there are some very nice people up here, we have truly enjoyed their company and hearing their concerns and stories around the campfires.

Some of the residents even bring us canned food once they hear about what our cause is all about and how we are aiming to help orphanages and local battered womenís shelters etc. We would like to thank them and all our sponsors for that.

Well it looks like their could be rain later in the day so we are all packing our slickers with us.. imagine that rain in the desert in May.. Sure hope it misses us.

More Updates tomorrow.


Monday May 16 th

It sure felt good to get back on the road again. We are all a little tired after the weekend all the big events in Vegas put a strain on us all. But we are rested up now and are glad to be back in the saddle.

Monday was a really nice day. All the horses are doing great. Last night we had a visit from a BLM officer who had a talk with us about the dangers of campfires seeing that the desert is so dry at the moment. We showed him that we were compliant with all his requests and that we would continue to be so as we progressed north. Cant say I blame him for being concerned, what with all the wild fires and the likes.

It seems the Bruce is now a comedian, or at least he thinks he isÖ J He gets up early every am and gets the horses all saddled up and ready to role, but this morning he put some grapes or some fruit under my horses saddle, so when we sat on it we noticed some red liquids coming out from under the horses, we panicked and ripped off the saddles thinking that there was something wrong with our animals. When we looked over at Bruce he was rolling on the ground laughing. Said he hadnít laughed that hard in years..

Glad he is having fun, (nice one Bruce)Ö More updates tomorrow

May 13th: Got into bolder City Today, Calling this in from Mc Donaldís.. Itís the first time we have seen a restaurant of any sorts since we started and yes while its fast food, itís still good. We have seen a lot of open range since this trip started so its nice to get close to home.

So Far we have covered 540 miles and man are we sore No Injuries thank God. All 8 horses are getting along great. Tomorrow May 14th we take part in the Helldorado Parade in las vegas, to help las vegas celebrate 100 years of existence. http://www.lasvegas2005.org/involved/helldoradopar.html . We are Number 5 in the parade so keep a eye out for us.

We would like to take this time out to thank out sponsors. You all have been a great help to us.

April 30th - May 12th.

(We are working on getting updates for these days, due to a problem with voicemail, some of the updates were lost, but we are working on getting them back for you). We can report however that we were in lake Havasu this weekend. And will be in Bolder City Nevada Next Weekend

April 29th-30th

Today has been an uneventful day, riding along the Colorado river, seeing beautiful wildlife, I can only imagine that this is what it was like back in the day of the wild west. Funny now how our west has become chock a block with cars and homes, still itís nice to get away. Its been pretty laid back this past 2 days and we are all getting along well. The horses are starting to untrack at last.

We are starting to make up some time and miles, "picking them up and putting them down" as they would say in the cowboy world.

When we finish up for the day we find our selves taking in the stars and sitting around the camp fire, playing cards eating beans and hot dogs and just chatting about the days events.

Sleep is getting better day by day as the whole crew is getting into the swing of things.

April 28th

Three Days Into the ride and so far no major problems to report other than the horses getting used of us and well us getting used of them. The days are long and tough, but it s the thoughts of raising money for the kids that keeps up going. We keep meeting wonderful people form time to time on the ride and would love to see more of you.

We woke this am at 3:30 am, 1/2 Hour Later than expected, we are all very worn down but its not from the riding, its from the lack of sleep. We are still worried about the horses, i guess its just a matter of getting them broke loose once they get used of being in the camp.

Grub is good. We have taken the Route along the Colorado River

April 27th:

After Riding 21miles today, we made cap at 3pm in the afternoon, the afternoon sun is very hot we want to make sure that we donít over do it the first few days. All our horses are now unsaddled and this is the first time we have been able to make cap with all out supplies and rigs. Jason my co rider seems to be very tired but is fighting on like a true cowboy.

Bruce Hunter our wrangler is also working his fingers to the bone, I tell ya without theses people here and our sponsors none of this would be possible, God Bless them all.

This evening we got the horses all feed. LB's problems seem to have been fixed, we rand a halter down to his hobbles that we he couldnít jump or buck off to far, it was tricky but it worked.

Date: April 26th:

Today The Ride Started: We Untracked Our Horses and took off, our first major problem was getting the horses to stick together, however we got that sorted out. We crossed the border form Mexico into the USA this am. There is nothing but beautiful scenery down here. We are all very excited about getting the ride going.

Richard on horseback w/ Dog

"Genuine Cowboy Spirit takes America on a journey;  a ride for life itself in the welfare of our children."