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March 06, 2015

Belonging Las Vegas


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How do creative artists in Las Vegas recharge? It's wonderful to perform for a living, but what happens when you have to perform the same show hundreds of times each year without being able to try anything new? Is the dilemma of maintaining creativity one so essential to creative artists that there simply is no solution to mixing art and commerce, or to making a living from your art?

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Listen to Daniel
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       We'll ask some of these questions (and many others) Friday on KNPR's State of Nevada. Adam Burke has another in the series Be-Longing Las Vegas, exploring how southern Nevadans create their own sense of community in our rapidly changing region.


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       On this page you can hear from some of the performers Adam interviewed for this story. We've also got a few pictures of the men who work in Las Vegas as clowns, without their makeup. The creative artists of Las Vegas are a very large part of Las Vegas' attractiveness to visitors: How best can they balance their art and their living. And how can a community like ours support them over the long term? We'll hear some answers, and we hope you'll be a part of the conversation too.

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