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Apr 21, 2011


Get Out There!

    It's a good environmental week for commentator Rosie Dempsey. She's planning to celebrate outdoors.

May 15, 2010


Las Vegas and the Railroad

    Today marks the anniversary of the events marking the birth of Las Vegas. As essayist Rosie Dempsey notes, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, and much of southern Nevada have origins owing to the railroad.

May 7, 2010


National Train Day

    Saturday is National Train Day, and commentator Rosie Dempsey misses their regular presence.

Apr 23, 2010


Show a Little Respect

    As strange as the battle for Harry Reid's Senate seat has become in recent days, commentator Dayvid Figler thinks we could stand to show a bit more civility and respect.

Apr 22, 2010


Earth Day Essay

    With the 40th Earth Day celebration going on around the world, commentator Rosie Dempsey finds herself thinking about some old friends from childhood: trees.

Feb 10, 2010


Obama's Words

    President Obama puts "Las Vegas" next to "irresponsible spending" again and everyone in town gets mad. Everyone, that is, but Dayvid Figler.

Jan 13, 2010


Las Vegas, It's Your Year

    Commentator Andrew Kiraly gets us ready for the new decade with the one thing we need -- a good pep talk.

Dec 30, 2009


Fruits and Veggies

    The New Year ahead will hopefully include more fruits and veggies according to Robert Fielden.

Dec 24, 2009


City Center - So What

    The opening of City Center has drawn news coverage from around the world. But closer to home, Dayvid Figler isn't in the mood to follow the crowd.

Dec 23, 2009


New Year at Last

    Robert Fielden says that from the economy to education, local leaders should have quite a wish list for 2010. And a fresh start couldn't come soon enough.

Dec 8, 2009


City of Las Vegas Budget Reductions

    Commentator Robert Fielden talks about strengthening community in a time of budget reductions.

Dec 2, 2009


A Vision for the Valley

    Bob Fielden talks about bringing a "visioning" program to the Las Vegas valley.

Nov 17, 2009


Vegas Guitar Heroes

    The most popular home video games in America have become a part of our Las Vegas landscape. Commentator Rebecca Zisch tells us how.

Nov 16, 2009


Temporary Work

    Commentator Robert Fielden says keeping local businesses open is a key to our own recovery.

Oct 26, 2009


Preparing for Tomorrow

    According to Commentator Robert Fielden, preparing for tomorrow means preparing for changes.

Oct 20, 2009


Utilizing Local Resources

    Commentator Robert Fielden on utilizing local resources - the latest in his set of essays on reinventing Las Vegas.

Oct 12, 2009


Developing Local Resources

    For commentator Robert Fielden, the wise use of the region's resources is a vital part of a reinvented Las Vegas.

Oct 6, 2009


A Stronger Community Bond

    Robert Fielden offers some thoughts on forming stronger community bonds as part of reinvention.

Sep 28, 2009


Thermolytic Gasification

    Turning waste into energy, commentator Robert Fielden continues his series on re-inventing Las Vegas.

Sep 25, 2009


Luvin' It Downtown

    A frozen custard meltdown in Las Vegas! Commentator Andrew Kiraly is on the case.

Sep 21, 2009


Photovoltaic Energy

    Doctor Robert Fielden heads to the rooftop for renewable energy as part of his series of reinventing Las Vegas.

Sep 16, 2009


A Tip-based Economy

    The Las Vegas economy creeps closer to a tipping point.

Sep 14, 2009


Renewable Resources

    Commentator Robert Fielden has been offering recent thoughts on reinventing Las Vegas for the future. Today he's thinking of renewable resources.

Sep 2, 2009


Local Economics

    Commentator Robert Fielden tells us what to focus on as we work to reinvent Las Vegas.

Aug 24, 2009


Urban Street Design

    Urban design - at street level. Robert Fielden continues his series on reinvention.

Aug 17, 2009



    Robert Fielden has been thinking about re-invention as an option for Las Vegas's future growth and how beauty and charm add to the picture.

Aug 12, 2009


Paying It Forward

    Robert Fielden sees a better place to live by looking backward and paying forward.

Aug 7, 2009


Red Meat

    In taking in the Fremont Street Experience this summer, commentator Andrew Kiraly can't help but think that something's missing.

Aug 3, 2009


Celebrating Clark County's Centennial

    For commentator Robert Fielden, a 100th birthday is a great time for some thinking ahead.

Jul 28, 2009


Reinventing Las Home

    As the economy slowly begins to turn around, Bob Fielden sees opportunities.

Jul 21, 2009


Something in the Water

    It's something in the water - the very EXPENSIVE water. Andrew Kiraly has a modest marketing proposal to share.

Jul 17, 2009


Dance Breaks Out

    Dance breaks out tonight on Fremont Street! Rebeca Zisch has the inside story.

Jul 14, 2009


Cool Solutions

    As summer temperatures soar, the growing amount of pavement across the Valley is a hot topic for Robert Fielden.

Jul 3, 2009


Commissioner Catch Up

    Commentator Andrew Kiraly wants to help former Clark County commissioners, Dario Herrera and Erin Kinney - catch up on some news since they've been gone.

Jun 30, 2009



    Vancouver is not a perfect place. but close to it. Robert Fielden was there recently and he'll share some thoughts on this well-planned city.

Jun 23, 2009


From Sky Trains to Rooftop Gardens

    Imagine a city bigger than Las Vegas - with no freeways running through it. Robert Fielden tells us more.

Jun 16, 2009



    Creating and sustaining community is never far from Robert Fielden's thoughts and a trip through Canada brings some perspective.

Jun 15, 2009


Home Suite Barbie

    Even in a tough economic time, lavish hotel suites still attract some guests. As Rebecca Zisch explains, the guests vary quite a bit.

May 27, 2009


Bikinis and the Guinness Book of World Records

    At first glance, bikinis and the Guinness Book of World Records wouldn't seem to have anything in common. But they did a few days ago in Las Vegas.

May 22, 2009


Technological the Public Library

    Andrew Kiraly on his encounter with technological the public library. Libraries would seem to be a perfect place for some human interaction, but commentator Andrew Kiraly says things are getting a bit less personal.

May 6, 2009


Cathy Breslaw Exhibit

    A new exhibition at the Charleston Heights Arts Center uses industrial material to create compositions. Erika Pope reviews the work of Cathy Breslaw.

May 4, 2009


Maslow's Hierarchy

    Healthy communities meet the needs of the people living in them. Robert Fielden says one Henderson resident helps to keep his own community healthy.

Apr 27, 2009


Social Capital

    Taking down the walls that separate us from our neighbors, says commentator Robert Fielden, will help us build "social capital."

Apr 23, 2009



    According to Commentator Rebecca Zisch, Las Vegas has finally filled a gaping hole in its entertainment offerings.

Apr 22, 2009


The Water Line of Earth Day

    Commentator Rosie Dempsey muses about green lawns and a shrinking Lake Mead.

Apr 22, 2009


Vegas Brain

    Commentator Erika Pope finds making frequent out-of-town forays keeps her sane in Sin City and from developing a condition known as "Vegas Brain."

Apr 21, 2009


Building Community

    It's a challenge maintaining a sense of community in an age of home foreclosures. Commentator Robert Fielden says there are many things we could be doing differently.

Apr 16, 2009


This Is Not Yet A Depression

    Commentator Robert Fielden sees federal spending programs as opportunities for re-investment and re-building.

Apr 9, 2009


Off the Strip

    Erika Pope tells us about an unconventional performance and video art festival happening right here in Sin City.

Apr 6, 2009


Architecture Week

    Architecture Week is just a few days away and it's something near and dear to the heart of our commentator, Robert Fielden.

Apr 3, 2009


Robot Lunacy

    It's easy to think of robots as something from science-fiction stories set many years in the future, but commentator Rebecca Zisch has seen robots all around us -- designed by high-school students.

Mar 30, 2009


Reducing Pollution

    In considering the built community in southern Nevada and beyond, commentator Robert Fielden says one constant challenge attached to growth is pollution.

Mar 23, 2009


New Priorities

    Changing Presidential administrations means changing energy priorities too. Commentator Andrew Kiraly laments the death of imagination.

Mar 23, 2009



    Slow economic times can boost ideas of reinvention. Commentator Robert Fielden imagines reinvention in the Las Vegas Valley.

Mar 16, 2009


Water and Redevelopment

    Commentator Robert Fielden imagines a sustainable life in the Mojave Desert with less water.

Mar 9, 2009


ULI Water Summit Part 2

    A recent water usage summit in Las Vegas laid some things on the line. Commentator Bob Fielden gives us some reflections and predictions.

Mar 5, 2009


LVAM Shutters

    The closing of the Las Vegas Art Museum is a measure of the hard times we're facing in the valley, but it may also be a measure of the hard times the arts face everywhere. Commentator Erika Pope thinks it'll come back.

Mar 3, 2009


Dealing with Dealertainers

    Who would you like to play cards with - Elvis? Marilyn Monroe? Prince? Rebecca Zisch says blackjack may never be the same.

Mar 2, 2009


ULI Water Summit Part 1

    Commentator Robert Fielden tells us about a scientific summit and what experts expect for southern Nevada's water supply.

Feb 27, 2009


MLK Oratory Competition

    Ashley Roberts is a sophomore at Green Valley High School in Henderson and one of four winners in last month's Martin Luther King Junior Oratory Competition.

Feb 26, 2009


Maggie's Family

    Commentator Erika Pope tells us how parents can turn personal tragedy into knowledge and hope.

Feb 26, 2009


MLK Oratory Competition

    Lexie Phillips is a student at Foothills Montessori School in Henderson and one of four winners in last month's Martin Luther King Oratory Junior Competition.

Feb 25, 2009


MLK Oratory Competition

    Alfred Kennedy, Jr is a student at Booker Elementary School in North Las Vegas and one of four winners in last month's Martin Luther King Junior Oratory Competition.

Feb 24, 2009


MLK Oratory Competition

    Martin Blake is a student at Clyde C. Cox Elementary School in Las Vegas and one of four winners in last month's Martin Luther King Junior Oratory Competition.

Feb 23, 2009


Redevelopment Benefits

    Redevelopment has helped several cities in this region revive their communities. Commentator Robert Fielden focuses on one: Henderson.

Feb 20, 2009


Welcome to the city formerly known as Las Vegas

    Andrew Kiraly tells us about a Las Vegas that makes both President Obama and Mayor Goodman happy.

Feb 16, 2009



    In tough economic times, governments can be tempted by the idea of redevelopment instead of development. Commentator Robert Fielden says the two are quite different.

Feb 6, 2009


Chilling Out

    With snow storms headed for Mount Charleston this weekend, commentator Rebecca Zisch thinks fondly of wintry conditions, which she found recently in the middle of the Strip.

Feb 3, 2009


Make No Little Plans

    Making big plans and dreaming big dreams have long been part of the history of Las Vegas. Commentator Doctor Robert Fielden says those big ideas are perfect for Las Vegas's future.

Jan 27, 2009


Life in the Slow Lane

    It's not easy changing from ladies' nights out to mothers' nights in as commentator Erika Pope can attest.

Jan 19, 2009


World Class City

    Visioning our future, according to commentator Bob Fielden, will help to transform Las Vegas from a "world city" to a "world class city."

Jan 13, 2009


What Goes Up

    Commentator Robert Fielden applies Sir Isaac Newton's thinking to the current economy.

Jan 6, 2009


New Start at Neonopolis

    Second thoughts and even a couple apologies from commentator Andrew Kiraly, who is rethinking his opinions of Neonopolis.

Jan 6, 2009


Quality of Life

    Any successful journey requires some thinking and planing ahead. Commentator Robert Fielden says the same strategies apply to planning future urban development.

Jan 1, 2009


Recycle in 2009

    If you haven't finished your New Year's resolutions for 2009, Dave Ross wants you to add 'more recycling' to the list of things to be accomplished.

Dec 29, 2008


Changes to Come

    Commentator Robert Fielden tells us why 2009 is going to be a great year.

Dec 22, 2008


Nevada Hangs on White House Christmas Tree

    A Nevada artist based in Searchlight is playing a role in decorating this year's White House holiday tree. Rosie Dempsey tells her story.

Dec 22, 2008


Happy Holidays

    In reflecting on a tough year, Dr. Robert Fielden nonetheless sees reason to convey seasonal greetings.

Dec 19, 2008


Grand Openings

    Two very quiet grand openings have commentator Rebecca Zisch pondering the future of grand-opening parties in Las Vegas.

Dec 15, 2008


The Sin City Parent

    Commentator Erika Pope says Las Vegas may not be as rough on young families as it's sometimes made out to be.

Dec 8, 2008


Stepping Up to the Challenge

    Dr. Robert Fielden says one sometimes-neglected key to healthy growth in the Las Vegas Valley is higher education.

Dec 5, 2008


The Kids are All Ripe

    With the Las Vegas economy crashing, commentator Andrew Kiraly thinks perhaps we should look to our youth for a little help.

Dec 1, 2008


More on Mountain Megas

    Last week Doctor Robert Fielden discussed a program of the Brookings Institution focusing on large cities like Las Vegas. Today he has more on the Brookings recommendations.

Nov 26, 2008


Longing for Lounges

    "Lounge music" is an endangered species everywhere, including Las Vegas. Rebecca Zisch is on the case of the disappearing lounges.

Nov 24, 2008


Mountain Megas

    Mountain Megas may be the United States' next big growth trend. Dr. Robert Fielden explains what mountain megas are and why there was a conference about them in town.

Nov 18, 2008


This is Nice

    Twice a year Robert Fielden marks the change of seasons in Southern Nevada...and this is the nice one.

Nov 4, 2008



    Robert Fielden introduces us to the term ''placemaking,'' which is going on around us in southern Nevada.

Oct 30, 2008


Contracts and the Constitution

    The content of a contract has long been near the foundation of American constitutional law. But Dave Ross sees some cracks developing in that foundation.

Oct 24, 2008


Yucca Ethics

    Some recent events in the fight over Yucca Mountain have Andrew Kiraly wondering which political side is which...

Oct 8, 2008


Dancing with the Stars Conspiracy

    Have you noticed the continuing connection between entertainers who appear on Dancing with the Stars and Las Vegas? Rebecca Zisch wonders whether it's a conspiracy.

Oct 6, 2008


Smart Growth

    Robert Fielden says that well-built communities and healthy citizens go hand in hand.

Sep 29, 2008


Positively Kids

    One way of bringing about change is to become more active in your own neighborhood. For Robert Fielden, that often means helping non-profit organizations.

Sep 15, 2008


Homeless Children

    How has Clark County done when it comes to taking care of children without homes? Robert Fielden says, not well at all.

Sep 12, 2008



    Some unusual bookmarks have put Andrew Kiraly on the trail of an equally unusual trend.

Sep 9, 2008



    Building a community infrastructure takes time, patience, and thoughtful planning. Robert Fielden suggests we look at some good examples outside the U.S.

Sep 5, 2008


Three Square

    The charity Three Square hosted a competition recently to inspire area students to write creatively about the issue of hunger in the Las Vegas valley. One of the winners was Jessica Heintz. Here's her essay.

Sep 4, 2008


Cabbie Concern

    A recent edition of KNPR's State of Nevada dealt with the impact of the economic downturn on the valley's cab drivers. Rebecca Zisch heard that broadcast, and it has her reconsidering a childhood dream.

Aug 21, 2008


Drive Slooowly

    Andrew Kiraly has figured out how he can save on gas AND relieve stress behind the wheel. But he says that along with commuter bliss comes a potential hazard.

Aug 18, 2008


Future Housing

    Many cities across the country are redeveloping older, urban neighborhoods. Robert Fielden applies that trend to Las Vegas' future, and here's what he sees...

Aug 11, 2008


Art Museums

    There are several cities in the U.S. about the same size as Las Vegas, among them Kansas City. Robert Fielden recently spent some time there and it started him thinking about art and museums.

Aug 8, 2008



    Some fashion accessories don't seem to make a lot of sense. But Rebecca Zisch says others have a more practical side to them.

Jul 16, 2008


Host with the Most

    Hosting becomes a fine art when it's done well. Rebecca Zisch has tried to learn from celebrities.

Jul 14, 2008


Paying for Education

    The role of education in southern Nevada development frequently runs up against tax policy. Robert Fielden says it's time to revisit the subject.

Jul 7, 2008


Economic Turnaround

    As southern Nevada faces some tough economic times, what role could the Las Vegas Convention Authority play in a turnaround? Here's Robert Fielden.

Jul 4, 2008


Rot Spots

    Starbucks' announcement that the chain would close about 600 shops nationally comes as a warning to those of who value a good 'rot spot.' What, you may ask, is a 'rot spot,' and how do you find one? Andrew Kiraly has the answers.

Jun 30, 2008


Economy and Scale

    Great buildings have a sense of humanity and human scale about them. Robert Fielden says the same standard should be applied to schools.

Jun 23, 2008


Victory Garden

    With the cost of living spiraling upward, Robert Fielden has some thoughts about an option from the past.

Jun 17, 2008


Smaller is Better

    If passed this fall, a new bond issue would help to fund the construction of many new schools in Clark County. Robert Fielden thinks of neighborhoods when he thinks of schools.

Jun 9, 2008


Quiet Hero

    Robert Fielden has the story of a quiet young military hero from Henderson, Staff Sargeant David Price.

Jun 4, 2008


Art Out

    It's out with the old and in with the not-so-old on the Strip as the Guggenheim shuts down. Rebecca Zisch senses some history repeating itself.

Jun 2, 2008


Building Everyday

    Whether it's with state help, private help, or the help of neighbors, for Robert Fielden, community-building is an everyday process.

May 28, 2008


Tom Turner

    The close of WWII marked the beginning of what would become modern Las Vegas. Robert Fielden remembers an engineer and architect whose influence is all over the Vegas Valley.

May 20, 2008


Poker Face

    Poker may be about calculating odds and winning money, but Rebecca Zisch reminds us that the human element is a part of it, too, and you can't find that on the Internet.

May 7, 2008


Sharing Experience

    'A volunteering nature' is how Rosie Dempsey describes her love of hiking the desert while also helping others enjoy the experience.

May 5, 2008


Economic Relief

    With a tough economy in Clark County, if higher taxes are not an option what other choices are there? Robert Fielden offers some ideas.

Apr 29, 2008


Desert Spring

    Spring brings wildflowers in the Mojave, and as she is each year, Rosie Dempsey is there.

Apr 22, 2008


Earth Day

    On Earth Day, Rosie Dempsey contemplates the importance of individual impact on our environment.

Apr 17, 2008


Spring in the Desert

    Mojave Max has finally emerged from hiberation at Red Rock Canyon, so it's officially spring. Rosie Dempsey says there are some things to be learned from Max's return.

Apr 7, 2008



    In some parts of Las Vegas, making a left-hand turn in traffic can make a mess of things. Robert Fielden was a recent witness to just such a mess.

Apr 4, 2008


Water Street

    Recently Robert Fielden spoke of moving his business office to Water Street in Henderson. It turns out one of his new neighbors is Rebecca Zisch.

Apr 1, 2008



    Recent scandals and violence in Las Vegas have been on the mind of Robert Fielden, and he finds himself asking many questions about the sense of community and leadership in Las Vegas.

Mar 26, 2008


Henderson Business

    Many of the efforts made on behalf of development in Henderson have drawn the attention and business of Robert Fielden.

Mar 18, 2008


Sustainability and Sen. Reid

    Robert Fielden talks about Senator Harry Reid's behind-the-scenes work on sustainability.

Mar 10, 2008



    In a world of suburbs and exurbs comes the 'urburb.' Here's Robert Fielden.

Mar 7, 2008


Vegas Women

    Three fearless females are settling in on the Las Vegas Strip. Rebecca Zisch likes the idea of outspoken women taking over.

Mar 5, 2008


Las Vegas Culture

    Ever since the announcement that The Reading Room was closing its doors in Mandalay Bay, Andrew Kiraly has been thinking about the uneasy place of culture in the middle of a city not known for its culture.

Mar 3, 2008



    In many American cities light rail has become an important option for mass transit. Robert Fielden has more.

Feb 28, 2008


MLK Oratory Demonstration

    Each year, we highlight winners of the prestigious House of Blues Martin Luther King Jr. Oratory Demonstration. Today we hear from the winner in the grade 3-to-5 category, Justin Epstein.

Feb 25, 2008


Public Art

    Public art is a way of raising the value of the community in which we live. But according to Robert Fielden, it's a resource that isn't valued highly enough.

Feb 19, 2008


Easy Changes

    Robert Fielden has some advice on how to reduce our carbon footprints and save on energey bills.

Feb 11, 2008


Ely Power

    In Ely, the desire to foster economic growth is collliding with the desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here's Robert Fielden.

Feb 4, 2008


Privatize LVCC?

    The possible privatization of the Las Vegas Convention Center is a subject of keen interest to our commentator Robert Fielden.

Feb 1, 2008


Beautiful Children

    Las Vegas native Charles Bock has written a new novel, Beautiful Children, which is set in Las Vegas. Andrew Kiraly has just read it...

Jan 21, 2008


Choose Wisely

    Robert Fielden says smart development comprises many things, including wise use of space and wise choices in building design.

Jan 18, 2008


Caucus This

    Taking part in a caucus is a little different from stepping into a voting booth. But Rebecca Zisch says it can be a lot more fun.

Jan 15, 2008


Campaign Tears

    What's in a tear? Last week, it appeared to help a presidential candidate. Dave Ross remembers 36 years ago when it helped end a presidential campaign.

Jan 14, 2008



    Change is often a choice we avoid in life, but Robert Fielden says it's a choice residents of Las Vegas should keep in mind.

Jan 11, 2008


Wide Open Spaces

    Sometimes open spaces, and not lots of new houses, make a neighborhood more liveable. Andrew Kiraly offers his thoughts.

Jan 8, 2008


Growth and Development

    Growth and development are often thought of as one and the same. They aren't, according to Bob Fielden.

Jan 4, 2008


Library Closed

    Dave Ross laments the lack of funding and soon-to-be reduced hours for the Henderson Public Library.

Dec 17, 2007



    A sustainable way of life and continued growth are an ongoing dance in southern Nevada. Here's commentator Robert Fielden.

Dec 15, 2007


Yee Haw

    The Rodeo is in town...and that makes Rebecca Zisch happy for such a 'local' event.

Nov 26, 2007


Turf Wars

    Robert Fielden adds his thoughts to the debate over removing turf.

Nov 21, 2007



    Rebecca Zisch says we have plenty to give thanks for...too much.

Nov 20, 2007


Sustainable Candidates

    Robert Fielden has some thoughts on what candidates will add to the sustainability question.

Nov 5, 2007



    Robert Fielden reminds us that now that the weather is NICE, it's time to get out and enjoy it.

Oct 9, 2007



    Rosie Dempsey loves windmills...the good old fashioned, water pumping windmills that helped build the west.

Oct 8, 2007


Sustainable Air and Water

    Robert Fielden says that to sustain our environment we have to think about the air we breath and the water we drink.

Oct 1, 2007


Celebrities in Las Vegas

    Andrew Kiraly has some words of advice to O. J., Britney and other celebrities who may be better off taking their acts elsewhere.

Sep 24, 2007



    Robert Fielden is our regular commentator on our relationship with our built environment. he has more thoughts on 'sustainability'.

Sep 12, 2007



    If it's a new nightclub or an awards ceremony, it's going to get a debut in Las Vegas. Rebecca Zisch finds that not all debuts are created equal.

Sep 6, 2007


Sports vs Arts Downtown

    Andrew Kiraly offers his own perspective on the prospects for a downtown arena.

Sep 4, 2007



    How big is big enough for Las Vegas? Robert Fielden wonders about the sustainability of this region.

Aug 28, 2007


Smoking and Other Addictions

    Jeff Burbank has been observing the impact of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, and how Nevada caters to addictions.

Aug 20, 2007


Myspace and the Law

    When the legal system meet politics meets Myspace, well...accidents are bound to happen. Here's Dave Ross.

Aug 20, 2007


Biting Back

    A recent report says Bed Bugs are on the rise, but as Robert Fielden observes, the ecosystem we inhabit will 'bite back' when it's disturbed, too.

Aug 15, 2007


Drive-by Architecture

    Jeff Burbank says one of the ways to judge a city's architecture is to consider what you see while driving on the highway. He doesn't like what he sees in downtown Las Vegas.

Aug 13, 2007


Sustainable Development

    Robert Fielden says when it comes to sustainability it's time to 'walk the walk'.

Aug 1, 2007


Your Vegas Is Showing

    What's happening with a new slogan shouldn't happen to any slogan according to Andrew Kiraly.

Jul 30, 2007


Seeking Shade

    Monsoon season means HOT has been replaced by hot and muggy. Robert Fielden has some advice.

Jul 18, 2007


Homeowner Democracy

    Dave Ross takes a classic look at a contemporary homeowners dispute.

Jul 6, 2007



    Rebecca Zisch offers these thoughts on the imminent 777. Feeling luck?

Jul 4, 2007


Ho Ho Ho

    7/7/07 - It's a lucky number in a town full of gamblers. Andrew Kiraly offers these thoughts on an upcoming celebration?

Jul 2, 2007


Portland, Oregon

    Why do people love Portland? Robert Fielden explores the appeal of Portland.

Jun 28, 2007


Blue Moon

    Rosie Dempsey writes about her experiences in our desert environment. This time she's looking to the night sky.

Jun 25, 2007


Legislative Planning pt.2

    Robert Fielden continues his observations on the recently ended legislative session.

Jun 21, 2007


Conserve Water

    Jeff Burbank is very impressed by the new Springs Preserve, but doesn't like the approach taken to preach water conservation.

Jun 18, 2007


Legislative Planning

    Robert Fielden offers his thoughts on the recently ended legislative session.

Jun 11, 2007


Urban Environment

    Robert Fielden continues his observations about our urban environment.

Jun 7, 2007


Legislative Sprint

    With the usual sprint to the finish, lawmakers are done in Carson City. Jeff Burbank wonders what we've learned.

May 31, 2007


Future Thinking

    Robert Fielden is an active participant in discussion on our region's future.

May 29, 2007


Desert Spring

    Rosie Dempsey is a writer who spends half the year in Southern Nevada and half in Washington D.C. She sends these observations about the year so far.

May 22, 2007


Critical Architecture

    Robert Fielden invites listeners to read and be a critic of architecture.

May 21, 2007


Transportation Funding

    Veteran journalist Jeff Burbank has been followng the debate over funding transport and he's surprised who he agrees with.

May 21, 2007


Green Building

    Dave Ross looks for some leadership on the green building issue.

May 15, 2007


Environmental Values

    Rosie Dempsey spends part of the year on the East coast and the summer here in the desert. She offers these reflections on applying her environmental values everyday.

May 14, 2007


Transportation Problems

    Robert Fielden often addresses transportation issues and this week he's got plenty to offer.

May 9, 2007


Free Parking

    When compared to other cities, there are many things we don't have in Las Vegas. But Rebecca Zisch says there's at least one thing we can be proud of.

Apr 10, 2007


Saving Las Vegas

    Dave Ross has been wondering why some things get saved in Las Vegas while others don't.

Apr 9, 2007


Name Changing

    With all the attention going to the Stardust, pop culture commentator Rebecca Zisch wonders about the loss of another landmark, the Barbary Coast.

Apr 9, 2007


Wolrd Class City

    Robert Fielden has been thinking about the value of adding Las Vegas' name to LA's bid for the Olympics.

Apr 2, 2007


Too Much Testing

    Dave Ross takes standardized testing to task.

Apr 2, 2007


Fielden on Traffic 2

    Robert Fielden saw our traffic issues coming a long time ago.

Mar 27, 2007


Fielden on Traffic

    Robert Fielden offers more thoughts on addressing traffic problems in Las Vegas.

Mar 1, 2007


MLK Oratory Competition

    The International House of Blues Foundation recently held its annual Martin Luther King Jr Oratory competition for area schools. Each year we feature the winners and today we hear Justin Epstein.

Feb 27, 2007


Gambling on India

    With mainland China providing a vast untapped market for gamblers in Macau, Dave Schwartz has these observations on another coastal city set to welcome inhabitants of India.

Feb 23, 2007



    Robert Fielden revisits the issue of traffic in the Valley.

Feb 22, 2007


Smoke Tax

    Jeff Burbank explores the possibilities of generating more state tax revenue from smokers.

Feb 21, 2007


MLK Oratory Competition

    The International House of Blues Foundation recently held its annual Martin Luther King Jr Oratory competition for area schools. Each year we feature the winners and today we hear Makayla Maxwell from Andre Agassi College Prepatory.

Feb 20, 2007


Brit's Super Casino

    England is preparing to take a step forward and license what they call a 'super casino.' Dave Schwartz compares the what the British are doing with Las Vegas style casinos.

Feb 15, 2007


MLK Oratory Competition

    The International House of Blues Foundation recently held its annual Martin Luther King Jr Oratory competition for area schools. Each year we feature the winners and today we hear Simone Ruffin from Andre Agassi College Prepatory Academy.

Feb 14, 2007


Looking for Love

    We couldn't let Valentine's Day go by without inviting Rebecca Zisch to talk about romantic spots in Las Vegas.

Feb 13, 2007


Good Jobs

    Robert Fielden weighs in on diversifying our economy and the benefits of creating quality jobs in the community.

Feb 6, 2007


MLK Oratory Competition

    The International House of Blues Foundation recently held its annual Martin Luther King Jr Oratory competition for area schools. Each year we feature the winners and today we'll hear Isabelle Bellinghausen, from Foothills Montessori.

Jan 31, 2007


Missing Las Vegas?

    Gregory Crosby, a visiting former Las Vegan, reflects on our changing skyline.

Jan 22, 2007


Counting the Homeless

    As a local committee on homelessness plans to count the number of people in Clark County who are without a place to live, some thoughts on the language of describing the issue from Dave Ross.

Jan 16, 2007


Local Profits

    Robert Fielden makes the case that when profits happen in Vegas those profits should stay in Vegas.

Jan 11, 2007


Wynn Wow

    Poet Gregory Crosby recently got his first look at a new Las Vegas landmark. Admittedly, he's been away for a while...

Jan 8, 2007


Amazing Cats

    Exploring the entertainment scene over the holidays, Rebecca Zisch discovered something other than the ultra lounges and Strip spectaculars that was still in the Las Vegas tradition.

Jan 8, 2007


A Sense of Place

    Robert Fielden reflects on a New Year's resolve to create a sense of place.

Jan 2, 2007


CBGB Las Vegas?

    Gregory Crosby is a transplanted Las Vegan who now lives in New York. He sent us these thoughts about a storied music venue set to resurface in Las Vegas.

Dec 29, 2006


Las Vegas Nightlife

    Staying up all the way until midnight on New Year's Eve? Rebecca Zisch notes how 'unVegas' that tradition is. For those who strive to be hip in the Las Vegas nightlife scene, midnight doesn't really cut it.

Dec 11, 2006


Good Job

    Robert Fielden reflects this week on who's doing good deeds.

Dec 4, 2006



    Robert Fielden reflects on aspects of poverty.

Dec 4, 2006


Shag with a Twist

    Rebecca Zisch yearns for the opportunity to enjoy a real cocktail party...just like in the old days.

Nov 30, 2006



    A trip to Reno elicits downcast thoughts from Jeff Burbank.

Nov 28, 2006


Zzyzx Retreat

    Writer Rosie Dempsey spends half the year in the desert. She sent us this essay on one of her favorite Nevada destinations.

Nov 22, 2006


Ruth Brown

    Rebecca Zisch salutes the personal, professional and musical influences of Ruth Brown.

Nov 21, 2006



    Dave Ross has plenty of opinions, but lately he's been hearing the persuasive skills of local highschoolers.

Nov 20, 2006


Social Capital

    As we approach Thanksgiving, Robert Fielden reviews the amount of social capital in our community.

Nov 13, 2006


Smoking Ban

    Jeff Burbank applauds Nevada voters for passing the anti-smoking ballot iniative.

Nov 13, 2006


Stardust Sign

    Robert Fielden remembers when he was involved in creating one of the iconic signs of the past century at the Stardust.

Oct 30, 2006


Long Range Planning

    Robert Fielden looks at predictions that the Las Vegas metro area could grow to 3-million people or more and wonders about that effect on our sense of community.

Oct 27, 2006


Prince is Coming

    The Rio - the casino/resort formerly known as the home of Penn and Teller - could soon be the home of...
Rebecca Zisch has the scoop!

Oct 27, 2006


Political Insiders

    Jeff Burbank has been following the twists and turns of the Gibbons/Mazzeo story. He focuses on the apparent favoritism shown to political insiders and wonders if this might be the case that helps end the practice in Las Vegas.

Oct 9, 2006


The Poker Lifestyle

    Dave Schwartz notes that we've started another chapter in the history of gambling as poker goes mainstream.

Oct 9, 2006


It's Nice

    Twice a year Robert Fielden marks the change of seasons in Southern Nevada...and this is the nice one.

Sep 26, 2006


Quality of Life

    How does las Vegas stack up in quality of life? Robert Fielden offers a look at some recent surveys.

Sep 25, 2006


SWM Looking

    He's a commentator, a journalist and a single guy. So why is Jeff Burbank cynical about his search for romance?

Sep 11, 2006


Best for Kids

    Where in the world is the best place to raise your children? Robert Fielden has the answer.

Sep 9, 2006


It's Nice

    Twice a year Robert Fielden marks the change of seasons in Southern Nevada...and this is the nice one.

Sep 7, 2006


On-line Classes

    School's back and for one instructor, that means more face time in front of the computer screen. Jeff Burbank is a college instructor with a new routine for Fall 2006.

Sep 6, 2006


Chicago Living

    Robert Fielden looks to Chicago for inspiration on how a big city is trying to make the city a better environment.

Sep 5, 2006


Andre Agassi

    Andre Agassi's tennis career is over, but his philanthropy is still in full swing. Dave Ross offers these personal observations about Andre Agassi's career as a philanthropist.

Aug 30, 2006


Changing Attitudes

    Robert Fielden follows the progress of a UNLV forum that shows during the past 6 years attitudes towards 'quality of life' issues have changed.

Aug 21, 2006


Auto Insurance

    Jeff Burbank took a long, hard look at his auto insurance bill and found some reasons why Nevada rates are so high.

Aug 18, 2006


Playboy Bunnies

    The search for Playboy bunnies reminds Rebecca Zisch of a childhood experience and the difference between fantasy and reality.

Aug 15, 2006


The Las Vegas Economy

    Robert Fielden changes his mind about the most serious problem facing Las Vegas.

Aug 7, 2006


City Lights and City Growth

    Bob Fielden is encouraged by plans for MGM's City Lights project, but wonders whether the county's off-strip growth will be so well planned.

Aug 2, 2006


Feeding the Homeless

    Jeff Burbank says the move by the city of Las Vegas to make it illegal to feed the homeless is not only a bad idea, but it's embarrassing.

Jul 31, 2006


Cocktail Party

    Rebecca Zisch yearns for the opportunity to enjoy a real cocktail party...just like in the old days.

Jul 31, 2006


Mesquite, Doing It Better

    Robert Fielden looks to the fast-growing city of Mesquite and sees the use of redevelopment to benefit the community.

Jul 28, 2006



    Recent legal opinions have Dave Ross worried about restrictions on citizens' rights.

Jul 26, 2006


The Road East

    Writer Rosie Dempsey sepnds half the year in the desert. Recently she headed back east.

Jul 24, 2006



    Robert Fielden remembers the way Las Vegas used to be...a friendly, neighborly community.

Jul 10, 2006


TASC - Steve Miller

    Two commentators share their views about the Tax and Spending Control initiative on the November ballot. Here's Steve Miller.

Jul 10, 2006


TASC - Hugh Jackson

    Two commentators share their views about what the Tax and Spending Control initiative on the November ballot. Here's Hugh Jackson.

Jul 4, 2006


All Those Cars

    As you drive around town, Robert Fielden says think about what all those cars on the road mean.

Jun 30, 2006


Queer Eye on Las Vegas

    Rebecca Zisch is encouraged that the Queer Eye Guys are in Las Vegas to remake some of the men.

Jun 28, 2006


Sorry News

    Jeff Burbank has been following the discussions of a series of investigative articles in the LA Times. He says the series says as much about the sorry state of news reporting in Nevada as it does about the judges.

Jun 26, 2006


Too High?

    Residents of a historic neighborhood are wondering whether their corner of Las Vegas can remain the same.

Jun 21, 2006


Judging Judges

    Dave Ross is surprised at the attention directed at the LA Times investigative series on Nevada's Judicial System.

Jun 16, 2006



    Robert Fielden questions how well we're looking after our monuments to Nevada heroes.

Jun 12, 2006


Be Nice to the Desert

    Jeff Burbank observes how some folks treat the desert.

Jun 8, 2006


See You Next Spring

    Writer Rosie Dempsey spends half the year in the desert. She says 'goodbye for now'.

Jun 2, 2006



    It's First Friday and thousands will flock to downtown Las Vegas for art and entertainment this evening. Andrew Kiraly finds that seeking peace isn't part of the mix.

Jun 2, 2006


Driving Our Children

    Robert Fielden wonders what impact we're having on our childrens' health through our car centered culture.

May 31, 2006


Not Really Rock

    Rebecca Zisch says Las Vegas was not built on rock 'n roll.

May 26, 2006


Housing Bubble Bursts

    Jeff Burbank observes the down turn in the Las Vegas real estate market.

May 22, 2006


Desert Flower Power

    Writer Rosie Dempsey sends this description of a late Spring flower show that's worth seeking out.

May 15, 2006


Outsiders View of LV

    Dave Schwartz has some thoughts on those who look at Las Vegas from afar.

May 12, 2006


The G-Sting Lingers

    Jeff Burbank wearily looks back at the recently concluded political corruption trial in Las Vegas.

May 9, 2006


Along the Way

    Robert Fielden reminds us that with hot weather just around the corner, it's time to make the most of 'nice'.

May 1, 2006


Affordable Housing

    Robert Fielden revisits the question of affordable housing.

May 1, 2006


Sports vs Art

    Jeff Burbank casts a skeptical eye on a new proposal for a sports venue in Las Vegas. He says it's time too think about art and history.

Apr 28, 2006


Strip Spectacles

    Wynn resort is one year old this week, and today is the groundbreaking of Encore the next phase. Dave Schwartz uses the opportunity to reflect on the changing nature of the Las Vegas spectacle.

Apr 17, 2006


Divorce Capitol

    Jeff Burbank notes that Nevada voters may believe in 'Marriage Protection', but we lead the country in divorces.

Apr 14, 2006


G-Sting Not National News

    Steve Friess is a journalist based in Las Vegas and a frequent contributor to Newsweek and USA Today. But he's been having a tough time with a story pitch he thought would be a natural for the scandal hungry media.

Apr 10, 2006


Tim Bavington

    Erika Yowell has a review of Tim Bavington's art show in Las Vegas.

Apr 10, 2006


Home Ownership

    Robert Fielden does the math on the cost of home ownership in the Valley.

Mar 27, 2006


Traffic Problems

    Everyone has an opinion on the traffic in the valley. This time we hear from Robert Fielden.

Mar 23, 2006


Affordable Housing

    Hugh Jackson says that at least part of the blame for a lack of affordable housing in the valley can be laid at the feet of home builders and speculative home buyers.

Mar 20, 2006


Affordable Housing

    Robert Fielden praises a new effort to address affordable housing.

Mar 17, 2006


Suburban Casino

    Jeff Burbank has seen all the 'next big things' of casinos in his years in Las Vegas. He's grown immune to the hype.

Mar 14, 2006


Gambling Anniversary

    Dave Schwartz marks the 75th anniversary of Legal commercial gambling in Nevada.

Mar 13, 2006


A Lawyer No More

    David Ross is leaving the legal profession. He offers some thoughts about where the profession should be headed.

Mar 13, 2006


Hal Rothman

    Whatever the challenges facing our education system in Nevada, Robert Fielden says one it's best assets is Hal Rothman.

Mar 8, 2006



    We like the starkness of the desert - minimalist if you will. How about art? Erika Yowell ventures into an exhibit at the Las Vegas Art Museum.

Mar 7, 2006


We Got A Race

    Last summer Hugh Jackson was convinced that 2006 would be a boring campaign year. Now he's changed his mind.

Mar 6, 2006


More Parks

    Robert Fielden is a long-time architect and urban planner in Las Vegas. He offers his perspective on urban issues impacting the valley.

Mar 2, 2006



    Jeff Burbank offers these thoughts on restructuring Nevada's tax structure.

Mar 1, 2006


Trash in the Desert

    Andrew Kiraly tries to look past the trash and gets a glimpse of the future while riding his mountain bike.

Feb 23, 2006


MLK Oratory Competition

    The International House of Blues Foundation held it's annual Martin Luther King Junior Oratory competition last month. Here's 13 year old Rody Usef from the Schofield Middle School.

Feb 22, 2006


Fighting Terrorism with Gold

    Hugh Jackson doesn't buy Jim Gibbons' argument for protecting Nevada gold mining.

Feb 17, 2006


Gehry's Design

    Jeff Burbank tries to make sense of architect Frank Gehry's designs for the new Alzheimer's treatment center in Las Vegas.

Feb 15, 2006


MLK Oratory Competition

    The International House of Blues Foundation held it's annual Martin Luther King Junior Oratory competition last month. Here's Jessica Washington from K Carl Elementary School, with her winning essay.

Feb 14, 2006


MLK Oratory Competition

    The House of Blues Foundation held it's annual Martin Luther King Junior Oratory competition last month. Here's Simone Ruffin from the Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy with her winning essay.

Feb 13, 2006


Dale Scheideman

    Robert Fielden remembers an architecture colleague who had an impact on hundreds of thousands of young Las Vegans.

Feb 13, 2006


Sonny King

    Rebecca Zisch tells how Sonny King made an indelible impression on her.

Feb 8, 2006


Great Parks

    Robert Fielden finds parks to admire in Compton, CA and Duluth, GA.

Feb 3, 2006


Mental Health

    Dave Ross tries to understand why our youngest mental health patients have to leave the state for help.

Feb 1, 2006


Nevada Quarter

    Rebecca Zisch loves coins and the quarter is her favorite, but she's a litttle disappointed with the new Nevada quarter.

Jan 30, 2006


Favorite Parks

    Robert Fielden makes note of his favorite Las Vegas parks.

Jan 27, 2006


She's Got Guts

    Hugh Jackson reflects on a young political challenger...Tessa Hafen.

Jan 24, 2006


Miss America

    The Miss America Pagaent was held in Las Vegas last week. Rebecca Zisch found it disappointing.

Jan 23, 2006



    Richard Serra is a major artist with a minimal exhibit in downtown Las Vegas. Erika Yowell has a review.

Jan 23, 2006


Light Rail

    Robert Fielden explores the concept of light rail in Southern Nevada.

Jan 20, 2006


Higher Education

    High education in Nevada is affordable, but Jeff Burbank questions the value.

Jan 18, 2006


Don't Sue Me

    A new report shows Nevada Courts more crowded than ever. Dave Ross says that rather than build more courts we should adopt a more conciliatory attitude.

Jan 16, 2006


LA Trains

    Robert Fielden says Las Vegas should look to Los Angeles to see how an urban train system can work.

Jan 13, 2006


Christmas Gift Redux

    Andrew Kiraly takes a closer look at his Christmas gifts...what he got and what he wishes he had received.

Jan 11, 2006


Golfer (Sen.) John Ensign

    While Senator Harry Reid celebrates his first year as Minority Leader, Senator John Ensign has his own milestone as Hugh Jackson notes.

Jan 9, 2006


Public Transit

    Robert Fielden has more on the public transit issues facing the Valley.

Jan 9, 2006



    The Boardwalk Casino closes this week. Dave Schwartz notes its passing with ambivalence.

Jan 6, 2006


Boring Nevada Politics

    Jeff Burbank is not expecting an exciting election year, unless one particular candidate gets involved...Oscar.

Jan 3, 2006


She's Excited

    Rebecca Zisch is excited about the new year. Really.

Jan 2, 2006


Public Transit

    Robert Fielden resolves to be a champion for public transit.

Dec 30, 2005


Politics 2006

    Commentator Hugh Jackson has a New Years list of things you won't hear from politicians in 2006.

Dec 27, 2005


Elton John

    Elton Johns's red piano may be in Las Vegas, but his wedding wasn't... much to the disappointment of commentator Rebecca Zisch.

Dec 23, 2005


A New Year

    As we say goodbye to the Las Vegas Centennial, commentator Dave Ross hopes our surroundings will inspire a new year of civic pride.

Dec 22, 2005


Neighborhood Casinos

    With additional neighborhood casino's opening, commentator Jeff Burbank is ready for a neighborhood without one.

Dec 19, 2005


Lots of Bus Riders

    Robert Fielden is impressed by how many people ride the bus...both tourists and locals.

Dec 16, 2005


Moonen on Curtas

    During a fundraiser at Nevada Public Radio, food critic John Curtas challenged Chef Rick Moonen to a duel of sorts. John had reviewed Chef Moonen's restaurant and then challenged him to observe a dinner party at John's house.

Dec 14, 2005


Camels, Robots and Casinos

    How many robots will it take to replicate the personal touch? Dave Schwartz offers these observations about high tech customer service.

Dec 12, 2005


Bus Riders

    Robert Fielden finds some surprising statistics about who's riding the bus in Southern Nevada.

Dec 9, 2005


Shady Deals?

    Questionable local land deals have Jeff Burbank wondering why we need out-of-state lawyers to investigate if local government is watching out for the public.

Dec 8, 2005


Marathon Gamble

    Dave Schwartz ran in the New Las Vegas Marathon. He's impressed by the 'Las Vegas' aspects of the race.

Dec 5, 2005


Casino Holiday

    Bill Thompson has a holiday wish list for casino operators.

Dec 5, 2005


Affordable Housing

    Robert Fielden wonders whether the American dream has faded for families in Southern Nevada.

Nov 30, 2005


Measuring Sprawl

    Robert Fielden follows up on his recent thoughts on a study measuring sprawl in Southern Nevada.

Nov 29, 2005



    Rebecca Zisch notes that the more things change, the more they stay the same for women in Las Vegas.

Nov 25, 2005


High Cost of Sprawl

    Robert Fielden is relieved to find that he's not a voice in the wilderness.

Nov 22, 2005


PBS Documentary

    Jeff Burbank finds that what was left out of the PBS documentary on the Las Vegas Centennial says plenty.

Nov 16, 2005


People or Property

    Talk about punishing grafitti vandals has Dave Ross asking, 'Do we value people or property more?'

Nov 15, 2005


Fail or Succeed

    Robert Fielden has some thoughts on the haves and have nots of society.

Nov 8, 2005


Energy Costs

    Jeff Burbank takes note of our rapidly risings costs for natural gas and electricity, and says it's time for our elected officials to act before it's too late.

Nov 7, 2005


Gone but not Forgotten

    Robert Fielden recalls the good old days of Las Vegas, including Joe and Karen Johnston who helped make it home.

Nov 7, 2005


Collecting Art

    Erika Yowell learns about collecting art the Guggenheim way.

Nov 2, 2005


Slots of Fun

    Dave Schwartz recently checked out the variety of slot machines now available and came away with some interesting observations.

Oct 18, 2005


This is Nice

    While we've been having some stormy weather lately, commentator Robert Fielden is happy to mark the beginning of NICE.

Oct 12, 2005


High Cost of Housing

    Robert Fielden looks beyond the numbers in our housing problems.

Oct 7, 2005


Private Eye

    Rebecca Zisch Recently recently got serious about changing careers and finding her 'dream job'.

Oct 4, 2005


Light Rail

    Robert Fielden says one of the ways to 'create community' in a growing city like Las Vegas, may be to use light rail for transportation.

Sep 28, 2005


What were they thinking?

    Robert Fielden takes another look at recent construction in Las Vegas and asks, what were they thinking!?

Sep 26, 2005



    Just so you won't have to, Rebecca Zisch has been exploring the Burlesque trend in Las Vegas.

Sep 22, 2005


Artistic Treatment

    Erika Yowell has some thoughts on the art collection to be found at the Nevada Cancer Institute opening this week.

Sep 21, 2005


Legal Battles

    With attention focused on the U S Supreme Court, commentator Dave Ross wonders about our local legal landscape.

Sep 20, 2005



    Don't be scared by the word 'aethestics'. Robert Fielden is here to explain how aesthetics count in his primer on good architecture.

Sep 2, 2005


Education and Gambling

    As schools and colleges open their doors for a new semester, Dave Schwartz turns his toughts to the relationship between education and gaming.

Aug 30, 2005


Good Architecture part 3

    Robert Fielden has been guiding us through some principles of practical architecture. Today, planning the site.

Aug 24, 2005


Rod Stewart

    Rebecca Zisch says she doubts that Rod Stewart fans will be following the nuances of contract law in the suit involving Harrah's. More likely, they're wondering whether they still want to be fans.

Aug 23, 2005


Good Architecture part 2

    Robert Fielden continues his observations about what makes for good architecture.

Aug 17, 2005


A Sense of Dignity

    Dave Ross ran across a piece of reality television with little conflict, no sensationalism or hysterics, and he was hooked.

Aug 16, 2005


Good Architecture

    What makes for good architecture? Robert Fielden explains.

Aug 5, 2005


Teachers Needed

    Patricia Heiser Metoyer lectures at UNLV. She's been thinking about the need for teachers in the Valley.

Aug 2, 2005



    Robert Fielden sees a role for the monorail in a bigger transportation plan for the Valley.

Jul 29, 2005


2006 Election

    With candidates already throwing their hats in the ring for governor, commentator Hugh Jackson takes a look at other Nevada offices up for grabs in 2006.

Jul 27, 2005


What Happens Here...

    Legal commentator Dave Ross could give a very detailed legal analysis of how trademarks and copyrights work. Instead, he offers a western-inspired interpretation.

Jul 26, 2005


Growing Problems

    Commentator Robert Fielden is not planning to get a bigger sofa for his expanding frame. He applys that same logic to our traffic problems.

Jul 19, 2005


We Make it Hot

    Yes, it's hot. And to a degree we have ourselves to blame according to commentator Robert Fielden.

Jul 11, 2005


Pro Bono Revisited

    Barbara Buckley, executive director of Clark County Legal Services and attorney Marshall Willick prepared responses as rebuttal to Jeff Burbank's commentary on Pro Bono work.

Jul 6, 2005


Pro Bono

    Jeff Burbank has been thinking about who benefits when lawyers do pro-bono work.

Jul 5, 2005



    Robert Fielden continues to fight the battle against invading scorpions.

Jul 5, 2005


Problem Gamblers

    Hugh Jackson has been looking behind the numbers in local casino's and wonders about the amount of losing.

Jun 28, 2005


Better Model

    Are we doomed to become another LA? Robert Fielden wishes Las Vegas could emulate some other cities.

Jun 22, 2005


Centennial Murals

    Robert Fielden raves about the centennial mural project.

Jun 20, 2005


Newspaper Merger

    Subscribers to the Las Vegas Review Journal and the Las Vegas Sun are by now aware that their daily morning paper will include the Sun beginning in September. Veteran journalist Jeff Burbank wonders about the impact of the change.

Jun 17, 2005


The Spirit Lives

    Rebecca Zisch remembers a close friend, Stan Lapinski, who was recently killed in Iraq.

Jun 16, 2005


Merger Mania

    Dave Schwartz wonders what will change now that Harrah's owns the venerable Caesar's brand.

Jun 14, 2005


Tax Refund

    Robert Fielden says that rather than the state giving a tax rebate he wishes the state had used the money to support education.

Jun 7, 2005


Like Texas

    Stuck in his car, commentator Robert Fielden has plenty of time to reflect on how Las Vegas differs from the town where he grew up in Texas.

May 31, 2005


Neighborhood Casinos

    Despite little public discussion, one bill in Carson City has not escaped commentator Jeff Burbank's attention.

May 31, 2005


'Nice' is Gone

    In what's become an annual tradition, Robert Fielden says goodbye to Spring and an early hello to Summer.

May 27, 2005


Pahrump Bikers

    Think all those Harley Riders are doctors and lawyers dabbling in the biker lifestyle? Think again, says commentator Andrew Kiraly.

May 19, 2005


Fashionable Art

    Arts commentator Erika Yowell makes the connection between art and fashion.

May 17, 2005


Longer Commute

    Robert Fielden doesn't need another survey to tell him it's taking longer to get to work. He's got some first hand research.

May 12, 2005


Environmental Impact

    Jeff Burbank wonders about the endangered and threatened species who are being lost because of the rapid growth of Las Vegas.

May 11, 2005


Downtown Living

    Robert Fielden wonders who will benefit from the rush to promote downtown living.

May 3, 2005


Not So 'Free' Concert

    Rebecca Zisch respectfully notes that the mayor should have seen one Las Vegas centennial problem coming.

Apr 28, 2005


Public Art

    A piece of public art will be unveiled Friday afternoon. Erika Yowell explains it doubles as recycling.

Apr 19, 2005


Funding Education

    Commentator Jeff Burbank wonders what it'll take to get serious about education funding in Nevada.

Apr 14, 2005



    A new thrill ride brings a thrill to commentator Rebecca Zisch.

Apr 12, 2005


Rewarding Wynn

    Steve Wynn got a $2.75 million bonus last year. Commentator Dave Schwartz says the upcoming Wynn Resort will be worth those kinds of rewards.

Apr 6, 2005



    Robert Fielden wonders how it came to be so dangerous for pedestrians in Las Vegas.

Apr 1, 2005


Problem Gambling

    Jeff Burbank looks to the state legislature to do something about problem gamblers.

Mar 30, 2005


Condos and Locals

    There's already been one casualty of the high rise condo trend, leaving investors hoping it won't cool enthusiasm for Las Vegas. Robert Fielden is looking at the impact of the trend outside the tourist corridor.

Mar 23, 2005


Highrise Future?

    How realistic are those projections for the real estate market in Las Vegas. Robert Fielden is skeptical.

Mar 22, 2005



    Janet Gordon is a 'downwinder' and an activist for those who lived down-wind of the nuclear tests in Nevada. She recently visited the new museum in Las Vegas dedicated to the history of atomic testing.

Mar 17, 2005


New Yorker

    Gregory Crosby has been in New York about six months. He sends these thoughts on his transition from Las Vegan to New Yorker.

Mar 16, 2005



    You could go on the internet to find just about anything, but Dave Ross would prefer you went to the library.

Mar 15, 2005


Sense of Community

    Robert Fielden continues his thoughts on the Harwood Report - a survey of opinions about Las Vegas' sense of community.

Mar 11, 2005


The Red Carpet

    Rebecca Zisch experiences The Red Carpet Treatment and finds her niche as a star.

Mar 9, 2005


Wynn - What's Next?

    Jeff Burbank has been following preparations for the opening of the Wynn Resort and offers these observations.

Mar 7, 2005


Block Party

    If listening to the stories of Las Vegas' early years has got you interested in participating in the Centennial, Robert Fielden has some suggestions for putting it into action.

Mar 3, 2005


Rain, Rain Go Away

    With all the things he could complain about, Andrew Kiraly chooses the weather.

Mar 1, 2005


Swapping for Affordable Housing

    A different take on federal landswaps and their relationship to creating affordable housing from Robert Fielden.

Feb 24, 2005


Gonzo Gone

    Amid the tributes to Hunter S. Thompson this week, Rebecca Zisch reflects on how much of 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' is still around.

Feb 22, 2005


Casino Mergers

    Few obstacles seem to be in the way of casino consolidation. Jeff Burbank speculates on who's next.

Feb 17, 2005


Eminent Domain

    The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments next week about eminent domain. Commentator Dave Ross makes the connection to Nevada.

Feb 11, 2005


When I'm 65

    He's one year older with no plans to quit teaching, but Professor Bill Thompson faces a milestone in a couple of days.

Feb 10, 2005


On the Edge

    Andrew Kiraly has journeyed to the edge of the city and sends this report.

Feb 8, 2005


Planning for Shade

    Robert Fielden says urban planning begins at home with the planting of shade trees.

Feb 7, 2005


I Live Here!

    It won't be long before out of town friends will be asking, 'Did you hear those internet guys are selling the Golden Nugget?' Rebecca Zisch has heard it all before.

Feb 7, 2005


Airport Land Deals

    Commentator Jeff Burbank offers this analysis of a land deal that's made headlines in the last couple of weeks.

Jan 31, 2005


Monorail Expansion?

    The downtown leg of the monorail is now in doubt. Robert Fielden offers his thoughts for what is means for downtown redevelopment.

Jan 28, 2005


Vegas Cool

    Visiting from New York, Las Vegan Gregory Crosby discovered a new place epitomizing 'Vegas Cool'.

Jan 25, 2005


Mental Health Issues

    Governor Kenny Guinn proposed millions in new mental health spending in his state of the state speech last night. Dr. Oly Thienhaus has these thoughts from the front line.

Jan 24, 2005


Funding Education

    As we approach a new legislative session, funding education in Nevada is sure to be high on the agenda. Commentator Dave Ross anticipates a contentious debate.

Jan 24, 2005


LVCVA Raises

    Jeff Burbank wonders whether executives at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority deserve a raise.

Jan 18, 2005



    It's estimated 100 homes were damaged by flooding in Overton last week, and 70 additional homes in Mesquite as the Virgin River overlowed it's banks. In Las Vegas, flooding meant road closures and some residents unable to leave their neighborhoods. Rober

Jan 17, 2005


Cowboy Poets

    This Saturday the 21st annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering takes place in Elko. Here's a couple of excerpts from last year's event.

Jan 13, 2005


Driving and Reading

    Andrew Kiraly has a solution for drivers who are falling behind on their reading.

Jan 10, 2005



    Community activitists got their way recently, stopping a proposed high rise project. Robert Fielden has been following the events.

Jan 10, 2005


Mental Health

    With the legislative session ahead next month, commentator Jeff Burbank reflects on how mental health should feature on the agenda

Jan 5, 2005


Clear Channel

    Joe Schoenmann has been thinking about the Las Vegas Centennial and whether we got the sponsor we deserve?

Jan 4, 2005


Working Poor

    Robert Fielden reflects on how Utah is dealing with problems of the working poor.

Dec 31, 2004



    If it's in the Mercury weekly newspaper and it's snarky, funny and topical, there's a good chance Andrew Kiraly wrote it. But you may be to find that Andrew has a sentimental streak.

Dec 31, 2004



    Robert Fielden looks ahead to the new year.

Dec 29, 2004


Photo History

    Photographs from the Las Vegas News Bureau are on display through February at the Summerlin Library. Erica Yowell comments on the exhibit.

Dec 28, 2004


Entertainment Capital

    Former Las Vegan Gregory Crosby is back in Las Vegas for the holidays. He's been thinking about the similarities with his new home, New York.

Dec 22, 2004


2005 Legislature

    Before we get to that bi-annual arguement about having the legislature in session every year, Joe Schoenmann has these thoughts on what's on the '05 agenda in Carson City.

Dec 21, 2004



    Five years ago this week, the former Portuguese enclave of Macau returned to Chinese rule. During the past five years it's seen an unprecented economic boom driven by the gaming industry. Dave Schwartz has just returned from Macau.

Dec 20, 2004


New Partnerships

    Robert Fielden reflects on sharing his ideas for 3 years and how the message is getting across.

Dec 20, 2004


Funding the Arts

    The fundraising effort to build a performing arts center will begin soon. Commentator Jeff Burbank wonders if Las Vegas can step up to the plate for the arts.

Dec 15, 2004


Holiday Spirit

    Rebecca Zisch ponders where the holiday spirit might be found in Las Vegas.

Dec 13, 2004


Growth Task Force

    Robert Fielden has been working with a group advising the Growth Task Force. Here's more of his group's conclusions.

Dec 10, 2004



    No one's riding the monorail right now - and as commentator Jeff Burbank explains - that could affect whether anyone ever gets to ride it downtown.

Dec 9, 2004


Dive Bar

    Enough of fancy restaurants and ultra lounges, Andrew Kiraly had a favorite dive bar - until it took a dive.

Dec 8, 2004


Augustine Impeachment

    Dave Ross has argued some of the more philosophical points of law. Today he wonders what happened to the basics at the Kathy Augustine impeachment proceedings last week.

Dec 3, 2004


Las Vegas Reality

    Are we really surprised that Mayor Oscar Goodman has been approached to star in his own reality TV series? Rebecca Zisch suggests some ground rules.

Nov 30, 2004


Death of Old Vegas

    Joe Schoenmann says the Binion re-trial verdict closed more than a legal chapter in Las Vegas history.

Nov 16, 2004


Living in City Hall

    Robert Fielden raises a glass to one of Mayor Oscar Goodman's recent proposals.

Nov 15, 2004


Burbank on Binion

    Reporter Jeff Burbank has been following the Binion re-trial. Here's his account of the most recent events.

Nov 12, 2004


Guiness Gone

    Rebecca Zisch is wondering about the demise of the Guinness Museum.

Nov 11, 2004


Go Wildcats!

    Andrew Kiraly grew up in Las Vegas. He recently decided to attend a football game at his old school.

Nov 10, 2004


Harry Reid

    Joe Schoenmann asks, 'Will the real Harry Reid reveal himself?'

Nov 9, 2004


Listen Up

    Erica Yowell is intrigued by a lecture series from UNLV's Art Department.

Nov 1, 2004


Binion Trial

    Jeff Burbank followed the Binion trial the first time around - and gets us up to date on what's happened in the court room this time around.

Oct 1, 2004


Pack Rats

    Christina Barr contemplates getting rid of unwanted house guests.

Sep 29, 2004


Affordable Housing

    Robert Fielden has some thoughts on the need for affordable housing.

Sep 22, 2004


UNLV Community

    Earlier this week, Professor Bill Thompson expressed his concerns about plans to develop an area adjacent to UNLV. In contrast, Robert Fielden is optimistic about the proposal.

Sep 20, 2004


Brand Matters

    The Aladdin Hotel will be 're-branded' as Planet Hollywood by it's new owners. We asked Vice President of Brand Services at R&R Partners, Dale Erquiaga for his thoughts on brands and who the new Aladdin will appeal to.

Sep 20, 2004


State of the University

    UNLV President Carol Harter gave her 10th annual 'State of the University' speech recently. UNLV Professor of Public Administration Bill Thompson didn't warm to her message of revitalizing the neighborhoods around UNLV.

Sep 17, 2004


Google Me

    Forget bold face type in the gossip columns, Andrew Kiraly has a new standard for how well known you are.

Sep 16, 2004


Father of the Pride

    Critics have been mixed about the animated series 'Father of the Pride'. Rebecca Zisch admits she's fascinated by talking animals.

Sep 15, 2004


Liberal or Conservative

    Bob Fielden has a talk with his son and learns something about himself.

Sep 6, 2004



    Christina Barr sends us occasional audio postcards from rural Nevada. This time she recounts a summer adventure.

Sep 5, 2004



    If one thing is constant about Las Vegas it's change. Dave Schwartz has these thoughts.

Aug 31, 2004



    While high rises sprout on the Strip and downtown, Robert Fielden wonders about the gap between wages and house buying power in the valley.

Aug 18, 2004


Ballot Petitions

    With more than 100,000 ballot signatures in the process of being verified, commentator Dave Ross wonders whether we've lost sight of what the ballot initiative process is supposed to achieve.

Aug 13, 2004


Urban Fishing

    Andrew Kiraly has some tips for city folks who want to go fishing.

Aug 9, 2004


Builders Develop

    Think developers are in the business of building communities? Think again says commentator Robert Fielden.

Aug 6, 2004


Internet Gambling

    While casino mergers and acquisitions are the big news now, Dave Schwartz has some thoughts on the next frontier of expansion.

Aug 3, 2004


Arts Centennial

    Robert Fielden looks to the potential of celebrating the arts along with the Las Vegas Centennial.

Jul 27, 2004


Community Building

    Robert Fielden salutes a community builder and a forum for finding answers to our development questions.

Jul 23, 2004


English Grad

    Gigi Genereaux has graduated from UNLV with a degree in English. Now what?

Jul 21, 2004


Slot Machines

    While we've been watching the mega merger between Caesars and Harrah's - Dave Schwartz was looking at a decision that will put slot machines in Pennsylvania... more than the total number in Atlantic City.

Jul 20, 2004


Reality TV LV

    Rebecca Zisch has patiently watched every episode of Fox TV's 'The Casino' and can't wait for it to end.

Jul 13, 2004



    While the enviroment in Nevada varies from region to region, Robert Fielden says there is one common thread that ties our state together.

Jul 9, 2004



    Commentator Rebecca Zisch joins the Mensa crowd at their annual conference.

Jun 23, 2004



    Bob Fielden wonders, 'Who lives in those high-rise condos?'

Jun 21, 2004



    What can we learn from the ancient inhabitants of the Southwest when it comes to living in the desert? Robert Fielden has some thoughts.

Jun 16, 2004


Casino Merger

    Bill Thompson has some reservations about the merger between MGM and Mandalay Resort Group.

Jun 4, 2004


Winds of Change

    Robert Fielden has some thoughts on candidates who ALL seem to be in favor of better urban planning!

Jun 4, 2004


Spring in Elko

    The heat is on here in Southern Nevada. But after a trip to Idaho, Christina Barr returned to find that Spring had definately sprung in her rural home in Northern Nevada.

May 31, 2004


Good Ideas

    Robert Fielden says some of the best ideas don't necessarily come from the experts.

May 28, 2004


East LV

    Hollywood East is the latest nickname to describe Las Vegas as a magnet for movie stars and hipsters. Andrew Kiraly wonders why the actual Las Vegas East gets no respect.

May 25, 2004


Task Force

    The road ahead for the Clark County growth task force is daunting. Robert Fielden wishes them the best of luck.

May 21, 2004



    Several hundred heavy metal fans converged on the Sahara last weekend. Popular culture commentator Rebecca Zisch couldn't resist but go along for hysteria.

May 17, 2004



    Robert Fielden offers some thoughts on the affects of ozone in the Las Vegas valley.

May 17, 2004



    Christina Barr tells us why she keeps cowboys, not contractors on hand for home improvements.

May 5, 2004



    Bob Fielden notes that as our population grows, so does the population of less-desirable critters.

Apr 29, 2004


Court of Appeals

    Senator John Ensign has introduced a bill to create a new federal circuit court of appeals based in Las Vegas and take Nevada out of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Legal commentator Dave Ross offers these thoughts on the proposal.

Apr 29, 2004


Housekeeping Olympics

    Rebecca Zisch skipped the poker tournaments to attend the Housekeeping Olympics.

Apr 29, 2004


What's Happening

    The advertising says 'what happens here stays here.' Andrew Kiraly is working on the things that have yet to happen.

Apr 26, 2004



    Robert Fielden salutes a community hero.

Apr 21, 2004


Libraries II

    Robert Fielden follows up on his thoughts on the role of libraries in our community.

Apr 20, 2004



    Robert Fielden surveys the history of libraries.

Apr 19, 2004


Blackout Conspiracy

    Despite having no idea what may have caused the blackout at the Bellagio, commentator Rebecca Zisch has found some possibilities.

Apr 12, 2004



    What could architects learn from Hollywood? Robert Fielden finds some surprising role models.

Apr 9, 2004


Red Hat Diaries

    Christina Barr moved from Las Vegas to a small town near Elko not so long ago. In this audio postcard from Northern Nevada she chronicals being recruited into a social club.

Apr 5, 2004


It's a Sign

    As you might suspect, a sign can be more than a sign in Las Vegas. Dave Schwartz marks the passing of a Las Vegas marquee.

Apr 5, 2004


Solar Building

    Robert Fielden offers commentary on how we could build to better suit our desert heat.

Mar 24, 2004


Las Vegas News

    Rebecca Zisch has been wondering if many of the stories coming out of Las Vegas really qualify as 'news'.

Mar 16, 2004



    High gas prices turn our thoughts to the general cost of energy. Commentator Robert Fielden has these thoughts on solar power.

Mar 15, 2004


Sense of Community

    Robert Fielden continues his thoughts on the Harwood Report - a survey of opinions about Las Vegas' sense of community.

Mar 11, 2004


The Rat

    Christina Barr recently moved to Elko, Nevada. In her last audio postcard she told us how everyone knows your business in a small town. This time she gets to know her very close neighbor...

Mar 5, 2004


Books I Have Not Read

    Commentator Andrew Kiraly feels like he has some catching up to do.

Mar 1, 2004


First Friday

    A new month means another First Friday event in downtown Las Vegas - and Robert Fielden is a fan.

Feb 25, 2004


Fremont Street

    Since the 1950's Freemont Street has lost ground to the Strip. Historian Dave Schwartz offers his thoughts on Las Vegas' relationship with it's own downtown.

Feb 24, 2004



    The monorail is nearly ready for its first passengers, but Robert Fielden is already thinking further ahead.

Feb 24, 2004


MLK Oratory

    Last month, the 5th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Oratory Competition took place at CCSN. Here are two of the winners.

Feb 23, 2004


Small Town Life

    Christina Barr is a folklorist for the Western Folklife center in Elko - a world away from her previous home in Las Vegas. She sent us these thoughts about adjusting to life in a small town.

Feb 16, 2004



    Robert Fielden reminds us to find a balance between work and life.

Feb 11, 2004



    How long should buildings last? Robert Fielden says ''a lot longer than we're currently building them for.''

Feb 9, 2004


Road Warrior

    Andrew Kiraly considers himself a road warrior. Lately he's been feeling a little road-wistful.

Feb 6, 2004


The Castaways

    The Castaways has closed, but Dave Schwartz sees hope for older, smaller, off-strip casinos.

Feb 2, 2004



    Why Las Vegas is the perfect 'throwaway' culture.

Jan 28, 2004


Vegas Art

    A non-profit museum lends art to a for-profit gallery...only in Las Vegas? Chuck Twardy says 'why not?'

Jan 26, 2004


San Diego's Little Italy

    Robert Fielden has these comments on what downtown Las Vegas could learn from San Diego's Little Italy.

Jan 23, 2004


The Reading Room

    Gregory Crosby has discovered an amazing location for a book store.

Jan 21, 2004


Rhode Island

    Robert Fielden has been thinking about a recent listener comment.

Jan 16, 2004


Yucca Mtn. Appeal

    Nevada lawyers were in Federal Appeals Court this week to make their case why Yucca Mountain should not become the nation's nuclear waste dump. Dave Ross wonders if Nevada posed the correct legal arguements.

Jan 14, 2004


Too Hip?

    With all the talk about downtown development, former resident Andrew Kiraly wonders if he was too hip too soon?

Jan 12, 2004


Pete Rose

    Bill Thompson offers his thoughts on the Pete Rose Controversy.

Jan 12, 2004


Vegas Poker

    Of all the Las Vegas-related TV offerings these days, Rebecca Zisch has a new favorite.

Jan 5, 2004



    Robert Fielden ponders championing redevelopment instead of development, and earns a label from a friend.

Dec 29, 2003


Year of Growth

    Robert Fielden offers these comments for a year that's seen plenty of spirited discussion on how our city is growing.

Dec 24, 2003


Sammy Davis, Jr.

    Rebecca Zisch says it's in her genes to love Sammy Davis, Jr.

Dec 17, 2003


Binion Trial

    Jeff Burbank was in court on Monday to observe the new beginning of the Binion murder trial, with all the twists and turns you'd expect in this high profile case.

Dec 15, 2003



    Commentator Rebecca Zisch has some thoughts on the fact that Las Vegas seems to be the place for awards events.

Dec 15, 2003



    Robert Fielden thinks the sweet smell of success just might be in the air for a development near downtown.

Dec 8, 2003


Downtown Summerlin

    Robert Fielden offers these thoughts about the plans for a downtown Summerlin.

Dec 5, 2003


Beckett Festival

    December 5th is the start of the 2nd Annual Beckett Festival. Commentator Gregory Crosby has these thoughts on the event.

Dec 2, 2003


Auto Eavesdropping

    An on-board navigation system could help if you get stranded or your vehical is stolen, but commentator Dave Ross wonders about the implications for listening in on passenger conversations.

Nov 28, 2003


Hatch Act

    Commentator and former lawyer Dave Ross wonders if the Hatch Act is doing what it's supposed to do.

Nov 24, 2003



    A recent trip to Hawaii reminded commentator Robert Fielden that we could do with some 'aloha' spirit in Southern Nevada.

Nov 21, 2003



    Commentator Rebecca Zisch takes the 'do it yourself' approach to thrill seeking.

Nov 19, 2003


Campaign Workers

    All through the 2002 election season campaign workers did what they could to get their candidates elected. Commentator Jeff Burbank wonders how they feel now.

Nov 17, 2003


Advice for Arnold

    As California inaugurates it's new governor, UNLV Professor Bill Thompson has some advice for Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Oct 14, 2003



    Robert Fielden has some thoughts on the positives and negatives of our healthcare in Southern Nevada.

Oct 13, 2003


Las Vegas Fantasy

    Rebecca Zisch has been watching the NBC show ''Las Vegas'' but she doesn't recognize her home town in it.

Oct 7, 2003


Desert Landscaping

    Robert Fielden says we shouldn't be too quick to rip out turf.

Oct 6, 2003


West Las Vegas Preservation Office

    Patricia Cunningham wonders about the closing of the West Las Vegas Preservation Offices and asks whether there's a connection between this and Assemblyman Wendall Williams recent troubles.

Oct 3, 2003


Treasure Island Souvenir

    Rebecca Zisch snapped up a souvenir of Treasure Island at last weekend's auction.

Oct 3, 2003


Your Suggestions

    It'll take the entire community to make the Valley the best it can be. Robert Fielden says that includes you.

Sep 29, 2003


Sustaining Downtown

    Robert Fielden has more thoughts on developing downtown.

Sep 26, 2003


Living Famously

    Commentator David Schwartz has these thoughts on the founder of Circus Circus and why his vision is right in line with the new 'live famously' campaign promoting an updated Caesars Palace.

Sep 19, 2003


Planning for Disaster

    Southern Nevada fires, floods and drought. Robert Fielden wonders who's really to blame?

Sep 19, 2003


Memorializing Tragedy

    Chuck Twardy went to the corner of Tropicana and the Strip, and has these thoughts on our need to memorialize tragedy... even if NY NY isn't the real thing.

Sep 17, 2003


Playing the Game

    As the Global Gaming Expo is held this week, Dave Schwartz, the coordinator of UNLV's Gaming Research Center, has some thoughts on one man's effort to become a player in the gaming world.

Sep 10, 2003



    A new downtown lounge is nice, but Robert Fielden needs more to see downtown revitalized.

Sep 8, 2003


Inspiring Design

    The design of the Nevada State Bank branch on West Sahara has reminded commentator Chuck Twardy that the failed Library initiative earlier this year is not just a loss for what would go inside those buildings.

Sep 3, 2003


Ralph Bond

    As Senior Principal Architect for Clark County, Ralph Bond created buildings that helped put Las Vegas on the map for contemporary architecture. Commentator Robert Fielden has this appreciation of his colleague and friend.

Aug 27, 2003



    With recent floods causing extensive damage, Robert Fielden says we have to do better planning or future development will cause even more problems.

Aug 26, 2003



    Wednesday is a big day for astronomers - Mars will be closer to Earth than in all recorded history. Las Vegas astronomer David Fletcher tells us why he'll be out in the desert to watch the planet.

Aug 18, 2003


Water is for Fighting

    Mark Twain said, ''Whiskey's for drinkin' Water is for fightin' over.'' Robert Fielden has some thoughts on the changing character of our own water wars.

Aug 11, 2003


Bob Broadbent

    Bob Broadbent, the spirit behind the new Las Vegas Monorail and the force who modernized McCarran International Airport, died Saturday at Boulder City Hospital. Robert Fielden has this remembrance.

Aug 4, 2003


After the Storm

    Robert Fielden ponders the aftermath of the contentious budget battle in the Nevada Legislature.

Jul 27, 2003


Binion Murder Trial

    Jeff Burbank has some thoughts on the possibility of a new 'trial of the century.'

Jul 18, 2003


Nice and Hot

    Robert Fielden has news for newcomers to the Valley - it's not getting any cooler till October!

Jul 15, 2003


Colonial Lessons

    Citizens, businesses and Republican lawmakers have already filed in U.S. District Court to block the ruling by the Nevada Supreme Court to waive the 2/3rd majority needed to raise taxes in the state. Professor Bill Thompson says we should look back to Col

Jul 14, 2003


Love Those Cars

    As the summer driving season gets into full speed, Robert Fielden ruminates on the downside of our love affair with cars.

Jul 7, 2003


Constitutional Authority

    Despite a ray of hope over the weekend, legislators failed to approve a tax package and budget. Now the Nevada Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of the failure. Writer and former attorney Dave Ross offers these thoughts.

Jul 2, 2003


Banana Republic

    Hal Rothman is embarrassed by the Nevada Legislature's inability to pass a budget.

Jun 30, 2003


A Casino by Any Other Name...

    Gregory Crosby ponders, 'What's in a name?'

Jun 25, 2003


How to Balance the Budget

    The so-called Gross Receipts - or Unified Business Tax - has become a point of contention as legislators try to balance the state budget. One of the opponents the tax is the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Kara Kelly, the President and CEO of the LV Cham

Jun 24, 2003


Why Kids Can't Read

    Robert Fielden has some thoughts on helping your kids read...perhaps by developing a healthy skepticism about what they see in the newspapers.

Jun 23, 2003


Budget Stalemate

    As head of Governor Kenny Guinn's Task Force on Tax Policy, Guy Hobbs is frustrated that the Nevada Legislature re-convenes this week with seemingly no solution in sight to funding the state budget.

Jun 20, 2003


New Theme at TI

    Rebecca Zisch says Treasure Island should look at blockbuster movies to find a new theme...that may not be all that 'new'.

Jun 17, 2003



    'Rednecks for a better tomorrow.' Robert Fielden says it's not just a good phrase for a bumper sticker.

Jun 11, 2003


It's HOT

    The summer heat came early this year and Bob Fielden says that leads to all sorts of anti-social things.

Jun 10, 2003


Special Session

    Governor Kenny Guinn has said the legislature must incease revenues because he will not reduce the budget. Bill Thompson thinks the Governor's legacy could hang on the result of this special session.

Jun 9, 2003



    A new entertainment concept began at the Rio casino last week. Traditional cocktail waitresses were replaced by servers who break into song and dance. For psychologist Dr. Patricia Heisser Metoyer, it's time to review how Las Vegas defines it's female wor

Jun 4, 2003


Joe Conforte

    One of Nevada's most notorious characters, Joe Conforte was the owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel and he was the bane of lawmakers and the target of the IRS. Las Vegas Journalist Joe Schoenmann pursued Conforte for years to obtain an interview...and rece

Jun 3, 2003



    Robert Fielden has some good reasons to vote today.

Jun 3, 2003



    It comes as no surprise to Jeff Burbank that the FBI is once again investigating Las Vegas public officials.

May 28, 2003


Library Bond

    Robert Fielden will be heading to the polls next week to vote for more libraries in Clark County.

May 20, 2003


Pop Art

    Chuck Twardy compares two Pop Art exhibits on The Strip.

May 16, 2003


Broaden the Base

    This year the Nevada Resort Association commissioned a report from the University of Nevada-Reno Institute for the Study of Gambling. In the report, Professor Bill Eaddington makes the case for broadening the state's tax base.

May 14, 2003


Red Rock Development

    Artist Louis Longi says Red Rock is an inspiration to be protected.

May 12, 2003


Role Model?

    Robert Fielden says it's too soon to promote Las Vegas as a role model for the nation.

May 12, 2003


Black on Black

    Patricia Cunningham wonders where the outrage is over 'black on black' crime.

May 10, 2003


Patriot Act and Casinos

    Jeff Burbank explains why we should take note of lapses in reporting cash transactions at Las Vegas casinos.

May 5, 2003


The New Aladdin

    With the Aladdin facing bankruptcy, Rebecca Zisch has some ideas for what the casino could become.

May 5, 2003



    With every new mall built, Robert Fielden says there's a not so new one trying to hang on to its tenants.

Apr 11, 2003


Las Vegas on TV

    More and more we see our hometown as the setting for Movie and TV fiction. Rebecca Zisch has some thoughts on watching Las Vegas.

Apr 1, 2003


Protect History

    Robert Fielden has a hurrah for the downtown historic district and a plea to protect the area around Red Rock.

Mar 14, 2003


Health Care

    Health foundations are promoting awareness of the uninsured this week. 41 million Americans lack health insurance. Here in Southern Nevada, having a doctor in the family brings home the healthcare issues for Robert Fielden.

Mar 5, 2003


Red Rock Development

    Robert Fielden wonders whether the state should get involved in landuse issues around Red Rock.

Feb 26, 2003


MLK Oratory Competition

    This month we've featured the winners of the 4th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Oratory Competition. Today Elizabeth Cheung.

Feb 24, 2003


Battle over SOB's

    Robert Fielden worries that local governing boards are pushing problems to the side instead of addressing issues such as sexually oriented businesses.

Feb 18, 2003


MLK Oratory Competition

    This month we've featured the winners of the 4th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Oratory Competition. Today Monique Armstrong and Hannah Mattson.

Feb 18, 2003


Building Better Schools

    Robert Fielden finds Clark County is on the cutting edge of creating schools that encourage achievement - from the ground up.

Feb 14, 2003


Rain and Global Warming

    Robert Fielden is grateful for this week's rain but puts into the 'big picture' of global warming.

Feb 10, 2003


MLK Oratory Competition

    The 4th annual Martin Luther King Jr Oratory Competition took place last month, sponsored by the International House of Blues Foundation. One of the winners was Liam Thomas.

Feb 4, 2003


Tax Equity

    Bill Thompson says what Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn DIDN'T say in his recent State of the State Speech should be the agenda for the new legislative session.

Jan 28, 2003


Mass Transit

    Robert Fielden finds a model mass transit system in Dallas that features light rail.

Jan 27, 2003


Mental Health Courts

    A pilot 'mental health court' in Washoe county is drawing an enthusiastic response from legal and mental health professionals. Former attorney Dave Ross says expanding the project is worth pursuing despite the state's budget crisis.

Jan 24, 2003


MLK Oratory Competition

    The 4th annual Martin Luther King Jr Oratory Competition took place Monday, sponsored by the International House of Blues Foundation. First place in the middle school category went to Alexandria Shaw.

Jan 14, 2003


Social Capital

    Before we start to let those resolutions slide, Robert Fielden has some ideas to improve our "social capital" in the new year.

Jan 6, 2003


New Year Wishes

    Robert Fielden hopes this new year will bring an increase in Social Capital to Southern Nevada.

Dec 31, 2002


President Pro Tem

    Bill Thompson says when congress convenes in January, the new Senate should carefully consider how it chooses the President Pro Tem.

Dec 30, 2002


Affordable Housing

    The Clark County Commission has approved a new home development underneath the flight path of the airport in order to create affordable housing. Robert Fielden says it's a bad idea and there are better alternatives.

Dec 24, 2002


Head Tax

    Bill Thompson finds a tax lesson in the Christmas Story.

Dec 23, 2002


Social Capital

    While Nevada's fiscal capital is looking shaky right now, Robert Fielden says our social capital is just as bad.

Dec 23, 2002


Christmas in Las Vegas

    Ever get the feeling that it just doesn't seem like Christmas in Las Vegas? Rebecca Zish is trying to find the holiday spirit.

Dec 20, 2002


Art in Las Vegas

    Ambitious plans for the Guggenheim Musuem at the Venetian stalled. Marianne Lorenze is the Executive Director of the Las Vegas Art Museum and offers these thoughts.

Dec 18, 2002


Tax Us All

    Bill Thompson continues his thoughts on our state's fiscal woes with some taxes he is willing to pay.

Dec 13, 2002


Construction Defects

    Contruction defect litigation has become the latest insurance crisis demanding attention at the upcoming session of the Nevada Legislature. Dave Ross says a home is a product, and that should shape the law.

Dec 9, 2002


Social Capital

    Robert Fielden ponders the lack of 'social capital' in southern Nevada.

Dec 6, 2002


Ralph Engelstadt

    Las Vegas entrepreneur Ralph Engelstadt died last week. As Jeff Burbank tells us, the lasting perception of Ralph Engelstad will be one shrouded in controversy.

Dec 3, 2002


Gross Receipts Tax

    Bill Thompson is not afraid to confess he's downright confused by the proposed Gross Receipts Tax in Nevada.

Dec 2, 2002


Sounds of Silence

    Al Marquis explains how he adjusted himself and his visitors to life in the desert.

Nov 26, 2002


Nevada Tax Plan

    Bill Thompson invokes the Golden Rules.

Nov 25, 2002


School Architecture

    Robert Fielden salutes Clark County Public Schools architecture.

Nov 19, 2002


Olympics 2032?

    Robert Fielden suggests we begin thinking about promoting Las Vegas as host of the 2032 Summer Olympics.

Nov 13, 2002


Don't Look Back

    Bill Thompson says we should applaud Las Vegas' tendency to ignore the past - and revel in the possibilities of Le Reve.

Nov 11, 2002


Nevada Icon

    In reviewing the definition of an architect, Bob Fielden lights upon a new icon for the state of Nevada.

Nov 5, 2002


Architectural Enlightenment

    Robert Fielden casts his vote for a star in the architecture department at UNLV.

Nov 4, 2002


Big Shoes to Fill

    Rebecca Zisch is not sure that Las Vegas needs the huge expansion of the Fashion Show Mall, but it brings with it one store that brightens her shopping days.

Oct 23, 2002


Ballot Question #9

    Question 9 on the Nevada Ballot will ask 'Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to allow the use and possession of three ounces or less of marijuana by persons aged 21 years or older'. It also covers the regulation, taxation and distribution of marijua

Oct 23, 2002


Ballot Question #9

    Dave Ross says the weight of history gives the marijuana initiative little chance of succeeding.

Oct 22, 2002


Ballot Question #2 - NO

    The Nevada Protection of Marriage Initiative. Stephanie Washington says 'no.'

Oct 22, 2002


Ballot Question #2 - YES

    The Nevada Protection of Marriage Initiative. Richard Ziser says 'yes.'

Oct 21, 2002


That Time of Year

    Robert Fielden finds much to enjoy at this time of year.

Oct 21, 2002


Ballot Question #1

    Ballot question 1 concerns a bond issue with the proceeds to go toward parks, wilderness and cultural projects. Sig Rogich says 'yes.'

Oct 17, 2002


Ur-burbs 4

    While there's plenty of speculation about what might happen to the area of the Strip between Desert Inn and Sahara, Robert Fielden has some ideas about what should happen to the neighborhoods further to the East along Sahara.

Oct 10, 2002


Ur-burbs 3

    Two of Robert Fielden's favorite writers make a case for responding to the changes that affect our cities. Fielden relates their ideas to his concept of the Ur-burbs.

Oct 1, 2002


Water and Capitalism

    Bill Thompson has some thoughts on the nature of capitalism and why it's tough to figure out who stands for what in the battle between Nevada Power and the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Sep 30, 2002


Ur-burbs 2

    Robert Fielden with more on revitalizing inner-city neighborhoods.

Sep 25, 2002



    We all know about development problems associated with suburbs. Robert Fielden says we should consider re-development of 'urb-burbs.'

Sep 24, 2002


Nuclear Testing - Con

    Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the last underground nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site. Lorelle Nelson says we should not be preparing for a resumption of tests.

Sep 23, 2002


Nuclear Testing - Pro

    A recent Energy Department report called for additional money to be spent to bring the Nevada Test Site back to full capability. Troy Wade makes the case for keeping the Test Site ready to test nuclear weapons.

Sep 18, 2002


Local Media and 9/11

    Some predicted a deluge of maudlin 9/11 anniversary coverage last week. Las Vegas journalist Kathy Scott says local media mostly found the right tone.

Sep 16, 2002


Fast Food is No Reward

    As the new school year gets into full swing, one Las Vegas father says we should put an end to school district deals with fast food companies.

Sep 13, 2002


Vote 'Yes'

    Robert Fielden has been looking at election ballot issues and hopes more people will consider the issues, instead of opting for an early, easy vote.

Sep 9, 2002



    Robert Fielden extolls the virtues of trees.

Sep 3, 2002


The Sloth

    Bill Thompson says all he needs to know about world peace he learned from the Sloth.

Aug 28, 2002


Red Rock Engineers

    It's environmentally controversial, but is it a conflict of interest? Bob Fielden wonders about the companies involved in the proposed development near Red Rock Canyon.

Aug 21, 2002


Red Rock Development

    Robert Fielden makes the connection between our recent poor air quality and the proposed development at Red Rock.

Aug 19, 2002


Citizen Participation

    Robert Fielden says citizens should play a role in shaping the future of Southern Nevada.

Aug 9, 2002


Great Good Place #2

    Robert Fielden has some cheers for great good places in Southern Nevada.

Aug 8, 2002


Tax Truth

    Professor Bill Thompson says he wants to hear what our candidates think about tax options for Nevada before, not after, they get elected.

Aug 7, 2002


What do Judges Think?

    Commentator Dave Ross says, it's time for the judicial election process to evolve.

Jul 30, 2002


Great Good Place

    Robert Fielden wonders why there are few places in Las Vegas 'where everybody knows your name.'

Jul 23, 2002


Flash Floods

    Flash floods seem to occur more often than expected in Las Vegas. Robert Fielden puts the blame on previous bad planning...

Jul 22, 2002


Bunker Buster

    In the next few days the Senate will vote on another nuclear issue as part of the Energy and Water Appropriations Bill. As the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee Harry Reid could influence funding for the 'Bunker Buster' project. Long time peac

Jul 22, 2002


Almost Cher

    When the Cher convention attracted hundreds of attendees to Las Vegas recently, commentator Rebecca Zisch got to thinking about 'sharing' her own inner-diva.

Jul 17, 2002


Billboard Politicans

    Campaign season is here, bringing with it a fresh crop of billboards. Robert Fielden would like something a bit less intrusive and more informative.

Jul 12, 2002


Trauma Center Emergency

    Commentator Dave Ross takes a look at the medical malpractice situation in Nevada and comes to the conclusion that the root of the problem is "free enterprise." He wonders whether government should force a resolution.

Jul 11, 2002


GW Through the Eyes of...

    Barbara Bloemink
The historic Lansdowne Portrait of George Washington is on display at the Las Vegas Art Museum. Barbara Bloemink, Director of the Guggenheim Las Vegas/Guggenheim Hermitage offers her thoughts...

Jul 10, 2002


GW Through the Eyes of...

    Marc Glimcher
The historic "Lansdowne" Portrait of George Washington is on display at the Las Vegas Art Museum. Las Vegas is one of the stops on a national tour. Marc Glimcher, Chairman of the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, reflects on the exhibit.

Jul 10, 2002


Nuclear Waste on the Way

    Nevada officials have vowed to continue their fight against the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository thru the Federal Courts - but author and anthropologist Bob McKracken says we should have embraced the project a long time ago.

Jul 9, 2002


Plan for Better Transportation

    Robert Fielden says traffic congestion is caused by politicans who allow dense commerical development along our most-traveled roadways.

Jul 3, 2002


Planning is in the Eye of the Beholder

    Robert Fielden takes a look at zoning issues around the valley and wonders if we're making progress.

Jun 26, 2002


Yucca Quakes

    After the recent earthquake near Yucca Mountain, observers will come to opposite conclusions. David Hassenzahl says we're asking the wrong questions in the Yucca debate.

Jun 21, 2002


Nice and Hot

    Robert Fielden notes there are two seasons in Las Vegas...and there is a way to make HOT, nice.

Jun 17, 2002


The Start of Something Big

    Will Celine Dion measure up to the past leading ladies of Las Vegas? Rebecca Zisch says Celine needs to work on her soft shoe.

Jun 14, 2002


Feminism in Las Vegas

    The National Women's Studies Association is holding their annual conference in Las Vegas. Jennifer Merideth is working her way through UNLV as a food server, and that's given her a reason to appreciate what women do for this city.

Jun 13, 2002


Compulsive Gamblers

    Bill Thompson says it time to throw the compulsive gamblers out of our casinos.

Jun 11, 2002


Bus Drivers Strike

    There's no end in sight for the CAT bus drivers strike. Robert Fielden has some thoughts on the long term consequences.

Jun 3, 2002



    Robert Fielden wonders about the inspiration for a new building in Las Vegas.

May 29, 2002


Las Vegas Wins with Culinary Settlement

    Professor Bill Thompson says the proposed settlements between the Culinary Union and the major casino operators paves the way for even more hotel rooms to be built along the Strip.

May 23, 2002


Inner City Henderson

    Robert Fielden says Las Vegas can learn from Henderson when it comes to downtown planning.

Apr 24, 2002


Cowboy Poets

    A cowboy historian tells us that "cowboy" and "poetry" didn't find each other on the trail, but they make a good pair.

Apr 23, 2002


Terri and Me

    Recent announcements of bonuses for gaming executives have PR people defending the six or seven figure sums. Professor Bill Thompson is reminded of similar corporate payouts that inspired the documentary "Roger and Me."

Apr 19, 2002


Compulsive Gamblers

    Bill Thompson explains the real costs associated with compulsive gambling.

Apr 17, 2002


Public Places

    Robert Fielden's vision for creating a sense of place in Las Vegas doesn't include downtown or the suburbs.

Apr 10, 2002


Salute to Tark

    Former UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian has announced his retirement. Bill Thompson recalls why Tark is his favorite basketball coach of all time.

Apr 1, 2002


Nuclear Theme Park

    Brad Gieger-County Development Director says it's time to take advantage of Nevada's nuclear past and future.

Mar 19, 2002


Farms vs. Housing

    Robert Fielden says when urban sprawl surrounds a pig farm, there's bound to be a stink.

Mar 12, 2002


Great Cities of Europe

    Robert Fielden says theme resorts aren't nearly enough to give Las Vegas a sense of place.

Feb 28, 2002


Black History

    Barbara Wallace reflects on the contributions of African-Americans to the struggle for civil rights here in Southern Nevada.

Feb 26, 2002


Mega What?

    Robert Fielden attempts to explain what he means by "multi-nucleated megalopolis."

Feb 22, 2002


Heads and Tails

    Despite everything, Bill Thompson says our state's got plenty to celebrate - and he wants to use BOTH sides of the quarter to do it.

Feb 20, 2002


Black History

    Some thoughts on "Black History Month" from UNLV's Director of Afro-American Studies.

Feb 8, 2002


Pop Culture

    Popular culture scholars gathered in Las Vegas last weekend and students of architecture are visiting to look at downtown. Commentator Chuck Twardy finds himself in two minds over the relevance of such pursuits.

Feb 4, 2002


Multi-nucleated Megalopolis

    Robert Fielden explains why there is no 'here' here in Southern Nevada.

Jan 29, 2002


Risk and Trust

    Commentator David Hassenzahl has some thoughts on risk and trust in light of our experiences with the Yucca Mountain Project.

Jan 28, 2002


Planning for our children's future

    How we think of our own futures is rarely how we saw them as children. Robert Fielden says we should apply the same thinking to our community.

Jan 22, 2002


Get Your House in Order

    Bill Thompson doesn't want nuclear waste coming through Clark County as much as anyone - but he's troubled by the fervor of protest against a Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump.

Jan 11, 2002


Oscar Goodman and Greek Mythology

    Like most academics, Professor Bill Thompson uses lessons from history to study the present. After listening to Major Oscar Goodman's State of the City speech this week, Thompson looks to Greek mythology.

Jan 4, 2002


2002 Community

    Before this New Year's week is out, Robert Fielden has some thoughts on the "right" direction for our community in 2002.

Dec 31, 2001


2001 Arts in Review

    Chuck Twardy is pleasantly surprised as he looks back at his first year following the arts in Las Vegas.

Dec 25, 2001


Las Vegas - Like a pond

    Robert Fielden hopes we'll sustain the feeling of community long enough to move ahead with the issues that will make our city a better place to live.

Dec 12, 2001


World City?

    Is Las Vegas ready to be a "world city"? Robert Fielden hopes so.

Dec 11, 2001



    Governor Kenny Guinn's tax panel meets on Wednesday. Commentator Bill Thompson has some ideas for this week's agenda.

Dec 4, 2001


Las Vegas Art Museum

    Chuck Twardy comments on the current exhibit at the LV Art Museum.

Nov 27, 2001


Native American Heritage Month

    Dr. Martha Knack has some notes on the Southern Paiutes of Las Vegas.

Nov 13, 2001


Widen Alta?

    Dr. Robert Fielden says the decision NOT to widen Alta is just plain "dumb".

Oct 30, 2001


Architect of Las Vegas

    Robert Fielden pays tribute to Homer Rissman.

Oct 9, 2001


Rebuild the WTC?

    Robert Fielden wonders whether the World Trade Center should be rebuilt or should the site be left as a memorial to those who died.

Oct 2, 2001


Casino Layoffs

    Bill Thompson has some advice for Governor Kenny Guinn on dealing with the economic impact of last month's terrorist attacks on Nevada tourism.

Sep 26, 2001


Red Rock Design Overlay District

    Robert Fielden on the County's plan to limit development near Red Rock.

Sep 20, 2001


Economic Impact on Las Vegas

    Jeff Burbank talks about the economic impact of terrorist attacks on Las Vegas.

Sep 10, 2001


A Genie for the Alladin?


Aug 29, 2001


Lotto Mania - Bill Thompson


Aug 28, 2001


Eminent Domain - Robert Fielden


Aug 14, 2001


Future of Las Vegas Mass Transit - Robert Fielden


Aug 7, 2001


A Community Vision - Robert Fielden


Aug 6, 2001


Burning Man Celebration - Tya Coleman


Jul 24, 2001


Traffic Congestion - Robert Fielden


Jul 4, 2001


Freedom on the 4th


Jun 19, 2001


Legislative Accomplishments?


Jun 19, 2001


Noel Coward


Jun 12, 2001


Plan for More Trees - Bob Fielden


May 29, 2001


Gay Pride - Ron Lawrence


May 22, 2001


Brothel - A Review


May 16, 2001


Oscar Goodman's place in LV history - Robert Fielden


May 15, 2001


Fat dog don't run no rabbit


May 9, 2001


Planning for Less Crime - Bob Fielden


May 8, 2001


Kids Count - Marlys Morton


Apr 17, 2001


"Support Public Services" - Robert Fielden


Mar 28, 2001


Women in Las Vegas


Mar 6, 2001


"Leaving Las Vegas" - Robert Fielden


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