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March 05, 2015

Community Connections Wish List

IEP Organization
3829 Soda Springs Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89115


The purpose of IEP is to aid in the prevention of juvenile delinquency. We do this by providing many vital resources not only to youths, but families and the community as well. We believe that in order to successfully prevent delinquency it is important to assist the community as a whole.


All of the services we provide fall into one of the following categories:

Single Point of Entry: Personal Counselors assist the community in finding and utilizing local agencies, programs and resources.

Recreation and Sports: IEP sports teams have been created to offer youths an alternative to delinquent activities. These activities focus on teaching teamwork, leardership and communication. We host recreational activities for families and the community. At these events we encourage unity within the community and family bonding.

After opening our first office we will also offer a variety of in-house programs that teach a variety of classes including: youth tutoring,parenting, life skills, resume building, communications and many more.

You Can Help by Providing Goods

Sports items (football, basketball, soccer, softball, etc.), computers, filing cabinets, chairs, desks, bulletin boards, printers,large dry erase boards, shredders.

You Can Help by Volunteering

Software design, fund-raising, tax help, grant search.

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