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February 28, 2015

Community Connections Wish List

Las Vegas Faith Center
3065 S. Jones
Las Vegas, NV 89146


The mission of the Las Vegas Faith Center is to empower chronically unemployed and displaced individuals to become confident, self-sufficient and contributing members of their community. LVFC accomplishes this through a unique engagement and reinforcement model - Hero School® - that accelerates human awareness, education, and motivation. Hero School Initiatives are facilitated by business owners and professionals who themselves have mastered the processes and components for responsible living and community investment.


We have 5 core programs, all based around the indispensable Hero 1, a 1-HR motivational keynote that leverages hero stories from history, mythology and movies, integrated with social and behavioral science, brain research, quantum mechanics, philosophy, faith, pop culture, humor and practical strategies that first engage, then empower and motivate the disengaged and disenfranchised to want to set new goals, become self-sufficient, and become the director and lead character of their next movie.

Hero 2 is a 2-hour character+employment workshop that includes all the elements of Hero 1, with a question-and-answer portion following our successful module, "7 Steps to the Job You Want."

Hero LEAP was derived from our intensive 1-day course for professionals and teachers, facilitated by community and business leaders who are each trained in the Hero School empowerment model and is designed to spark holistic life change among stagnated yet employed individuals.

Hero 3 is a comprehensive employment academy over the span of three days.

Hero 4 is our school program which begins with a workshop for the teachers, follows with a Hero School 1 for a large gymnasium of middle to high school kids, reinforcement of what the students learned in the classroom, and evaluates best practices and real-time improvement.

Hero 5 is our five-day collaborative career academy includes all of the elements from Hero 1, 2, 3, and LEAP.

You Can Help by Providing Goods

We are currently looking for:
-a Hero School location to hold night classes -Professional workplace suits for men
-iPods for learning libraries

You Can Help by Volunteering

-Graphic Design
-Statistics expert
-Fund raising coordinators

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