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March 01, 2015

Community Connections Wish List

Goodie Two Shoes Foundation
10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy. #110-474
Las Vegas, NV 89141
(702) 617-4027


The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation provides disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development.


The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation strives to provide new shoes, socks, and more to 10,000 disadvantaged children each year.

Some of the children we assist have NEVER had a new pair of shoes of their own much less been given the opportunity and empowerment to make an unrestrained choice. Our program really makes a difference to children who don't have a single properly fitting pair of shoes to call their own, and children who stuff paper towels in the toes to make the over-sized pair they have wearable, and children who take out the laces and yank out the tongue so that their growing feet can still be stuffed inside, and children who miss school because they share a single pair of shoes with a sister AND a cousin. Sound ridiculous? It's not and it happens right here in Las Vegas every single day.

If something as simple as having a new pair of properly fitting shoes can brighten a child's day, positively affect their growth and development and even keep them in school, then Goodie Two Shoes is building a better foundation one foot at a time!

You Can Help by Providing Goods

The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation provides new shoes and socks to 10,000 children annually and always in need of product to distribute. We are often supported by local businesses, organizations and individuals through shoe and sock drives. If you would like to support the our organization by collecting new shoes and/or socks, please contact the GTSF office at (702) 617-4027 for detailed product needs and additional information.

You Can Help by Volunteering

There are several opportunities to volunteer with the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation. All volunteer calls are distributed through email. Please visit our website to sign up for volunteer email alerts. Volunteers are needed to:

Volunteers are needed to assist in various positions at distributions, including helping participants choose their shoes. (2-3 times each month)

Volunteers needed to assist in sorting and inventorying of shoes and socks at the GTSF warehouse. (2-3 times each year)

There is also an opportunity to volunteer at special GTSF fundraising events throughout the year. Please visit our website for more information.

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