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March 04, 2015

Community Connections Wish List

Kids Artction 4 Charity partnered with Victorious Living Centers, Inc
PO Box 400824
Las Vegas, NV 89140
http://Kids Artction 4 Charity


KA4C uses the arts to create awareness that children with high levels of arts participation outperform "children that don't" by virtually every measure. Students that learn in the arts helps develop habits that will support other disciplines, and that it can often reach at-risk kids when other disciplines cannot.


We provide as many students as we can the recognition they desire through art auctions. This is a family friendly free event, anyone can attend. Students ages 8 to 18 and across the U.S. can participate by submitting their artwork. This is a great life experiences for students.

You Can Help by Providing Goods

We need art supplies for each students goodie bags that will be given to the students at the event during there debut, and the support of the community.

Prism-Color Pencils set or Single Copic Markers
Sketch Book
Bamboo Tablet (2)
Copic Sketch Markers
Table Top Mini Easels
Transparency Paper
Draw Book
And Other Art Supplies

You Can Help by Volunteering

To greet the guest, bid greeters, hand-out programs and serve refreshments.

You Can Help by Offering Your Services

MAKE ART COUNT! Exposing Art Through Artction. We are budding Young Artist that will display Original Hand-Drawings, Digital Drawings and Copic Marker Drawings! During the course of this event young artist will join together in the KA4C art auction to celebrate unique art from students ages 8 to 18. Articipants have an opportunity to display their artwork, network, market their art products, and also debut their art before friends, family, and community leaders, in a really special, unique and meaningful way.

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