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February 28, 2015

Community Connections Wish List

Southern Nevada Hispanic Employment Program
P O Box 307 Las Vegas, NV 89125
(702) 507-3597


Purpose/Scope: To be a strategic partner with relevant businesses to achieve increased Hispanic employment, education and business development.


Operational Quaesita Employment: (Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention) SNHEP develops and conducts an annual training conference that includes skill-based training regarding leadership development; resume writing; preparation of the SF 612 for Federal employment; interview techniques; small business opportunities; conflict management; gender communications; intergenerational issues; diversity; civil rights and human resource management. In addition, the conference incorporates a "career fair" component. During regular monthly meetings, members have the opportunity to share resumes and job information. SNHEP participates in at least one career fair to apply a corporate approach to the sharing of resources. At the exhibit, visitors will find employment and/or educational information provided by each of the SNHEP member organizations. Any resumes, collected at the fair, are shared with other members, and forwarded to the Human Resource offices of the member agencies.

Education: SNHEP provides financial assistance to Hispanic students through scholarships, whose dollar amounts are determined by the Scholarship Committee members. They review the application form and submit recommendations for changes. Also, they develop methods to reach an increased number of Hispanic applicants. Then, conduct the applicant interview process. The scholarships are presented during the annual training awards luncheon ceremony. Additionally, the SNHEP partners with secondary schools, which have a high enrollment of Hispanic students, to enhance the students’ educational experiences by providing and/or sponsoring a Technology/Career Day to introduce mathematics, science, technology and skill-based training, and invite the students to the annual SNHEP conference. To help identify future elementary school partners, a standing committee makes recommendations, and reviews the grant process to identify the types of support needed to by the selected school. To share experiences or current and future employment information about the respective member organizations with area elementary, middle and high schools, the SNHEP maintains an Hispanic Speakers Bureau staffed by SNHEP members selected on the basis of their areas of expertise. Also, it continues to participate in the roundtable discussions with other community and congressional leaders and the Superintendent of the Clark County School District.

You Can Help by Volunteering

To assist in facilitating/hosting a career connections (life skills class) topic at the high school(s) where the program is being implemented.

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