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March 01, 2015

Nevada Public Radio Complaints Policy

All complaints about Nevada Public Radio programming will be dealt with promptly. We want to maintain your confidence in Nevada Public Radio as a broadcaster of integrity with genuine concern for feedback and listener input. Contact us at 702-258-9895, email or write to us at Nevada Public Radio, 1289 S. Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89146.

If you have a complaint about network programming aired on News 88.9 KNPR
Your concern will be acknowledged promptly by contacting the specific national program producer (see our program grid) or the NPR ombudsman.
For complaints arising from our publication Desert Companion please contact

If you have a complaint about locally produced programming on News 88.9 KNPR
Errors of fact brought to our attention by listeners, are investigated by individual reporters/producers and prompt corrections issued on the air as close to the original air date as possible.

If you have a complaint about the general content or presentation of locally produced programming your concern will be forwarded to the Director of Programming. It will be reviewed with the local program producers. You will receive a prompt response. The reporter who originally researched a story may answer specific complaints about the details of a story (choice of sources or angle) in addition to the response from the Director of Programming.

If you are not satisfied with this response, you may then contact the General Manager of Nevada Public Radio. The General Manager will address your complaint. If this response from the General Manager does not alleviate your concerns, you may request that your complaint be addressed by the Nevada Public Radio Board Chairman. This should be done in writing addressed to the Board Chairman. The Chairman may choose to dismiss the issue or bring the complaint forward to either the Executive Committee or the full Board. If dismissed by the Chairman a written response will be issued in a timely manner.

You may be invited to appear in person to address the Board if the Chairman chooses to have your issue added to the agenda of the next regularly scheduled bi-monthly board meeting. The decision reached by the Board of Directors will be final.

If you want to respond to a locally produced program, news story or commentary on News 88.9 KNPR
If you have suggestions for improving programming, news/feature reporting, guest interview selections or the range of opinions aired you will receive a response from the Director of Programming and your ideas will be shared with news staff.

Nevada Public Radio has no legal obligation to offer 'response' airtime to persons who disagree with a news report, program or commentary. The 'equal time' rule was abolished some years ago. Nevada Public Radio adheres to all FCC election coverage regulations.

While all listeners are encouraged to submit commentary pieces or ideas for review and possible broadcast, our policy regarding commentary is that Nevada Public Radio will seek out qualified speakers on topics arising from Southern Nevada issues.

Complaints about music programming on Classical 89.7 KCNV may be answered directly by the Director of Programming, with appeals to the General Manager, Board Chairman and Board of Director as noted above.


Complaints about on-air fundraising, underwriting announcements, special events or any other aspect of Nevada Public Radio's fundraising activities, will be referred to the Director of Development who will provide a prompt response.

If you are not satisfied with the response, you may then contact the General Manager. As above, if the General Manager's response is unsatisfactory you may request your complaint be addressed by the Board Chairman and ultimately by the full Board of Directors.


Nevada Public Radio may wish to use listener comments, complaints or compliments on the air. We will only do so with your express permission.

At our discretion, we may elect not to respond to communications that are abusive, use foul language or contain personal attacks on NvPR staff.

Please review our policies on participating in KNPR's State of Nevada here.

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