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FEBRUARY 28 This play dramatizes the African American experience through the experiences of a World War II pilot and his wife as they...   
FEB. 28, 2P. A wide-ranging repertoire that embraces all styles of music, from classical to contemporary. Free. Charleston Heights Arts Center,...   
FEB. 28, 8P. The all-star band joins forces with former Tower of Power lead vocalist Braggs for an evening of classic ’60s and ’70s...   
Inflation drops
by Greg Thilmont | posted February 27, 2015



Las Vegas skies are perpetually busy, from passenger jets roaring out of McCarran to helicopters coursing over The Strip. There’s even been smoke-trailing barnstormers over Nellis the past few mornings. But hot air balloons landing in Westside neighborhoods? Now that’s something you just don’t see every day. This isn’t Albuquerque …

So when I saw a balloon swiftly descending over the intersection of Sahara and Durango early Thursday morning, I had to see where things ended. By the time I rounded a few suburban blocks, I spotted the balloon — passengers, crew and chase team — ambling about a rugged deserted lot in a quiet neighborhood, with the deflated aerial fabric draped over a backyard fence.

Planned landing spot? I doubt it.

Maybe they were hoping for a golf course.


The light on the wall
by Andrew Kiraly | posted February 27, 2015


A pattern of light from a decorative door window falls on a wall in Andrew Kiraly's house.


Gotta hand it to him
by Scott Dickensheets | posted February 20, 2015

Duct-tape prosthesis at Springs Preserve, in a fine re-creation of the milestone 1905 land auction that gave rise to Las Vegas.

Hand off


Your moment of Zen
by Andrew Kiraly | posted February 13, 2015

Winchester Park



Paging Jack Nicholson ...
by Scott Dickensheets | posted February 13, 2015

The eerie, Kubrickian stillness of the 15th floor of Harrah's.

Paging Stephen King!


Out there!
by Christopher Smith | posted February 6, 2015

Wilderness selfie from Desert Companion Art Director Christopher Smith, scouting photo locations for a hiking story upcoming in the March issue.

Head over heels!


Living color
by Andrew Kiraly | posted January 30, 2015

Color and curves at Winchester Cultural Center.


What're you lookin' at, wall-face?
by Scott Dickensheets | posted January 16, 2015

My brain's facial-recognition software spotted this fella amid the stained concrete of a stairwell at Sunset Station this week.

Somebody's watching me ...


Room at the table
by Scott Dickensheets | posted January 9, 2015

Sit here!

Shot on the Charleston campus of CSN.


Condense with me
by Scott Dickensheets | posted December 19, 2014



Early morning condensation on the sunroof of my car.


Rainy dog days and pink sunsets
by Heidi Kyser and Christopher Smith | posted December 12, 2014


The foggiest notion
by Heidi Kyser | posted December 5, 2014


The mist

Photo by Heidi Kyser

A bit of Seattle rolled in this week — overcast skies, street-slicking drizzle and, as you can see, the kind of landmark-obscuring fog Las Vegans typically see only in Stephen King movies. If this keeps up, we're buying flannel and starting a grunge band. — Scott Dickensheets


Game of bones
by Scott Dickensheets | posted November 21, 2014


Skeleton dude!

You see the strangest things through partially opened doors, this one at the CSN Charleston campus.


Life Is photoful
by Andrew Kiraly | posted November 7, 2014

Hi. Here's a random grab bag o' imagery from the Life Is Beautiful festival. 

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips gets bubblicious in the crowd.

The Flaming Lips' stage set wasn't so much a light show as an interstellar tanning booth. 

A blast of confetti at OK Go, whose music is blasts of confetti.

A costumed performer in The Western. Her look was so convincing I thought she was going to shoot soft-serve from her fingertips.

Edoardo Tresoldi's wire sculpture, melding all kinds of deep ideas about fragility, movement and evanescence.





Another roadside attraction
by Scott Dickensheets | posted October 24, 2014




There's a great work of documentary art — perhaps some mashup of journalistic sketch, overheard oral history and maybe lyric poem — to be created out of the humanity flux you encounter at middle-of-nowhere highway rest stops in the American West. "Hey, mom, whatcha doing?" a young girl trills, at the door of a stinking outhouse in the middle of outback Utah. Well, kid, the options are limited. People of every size, shape and human flava pull into these places; few things are as democratizing as bursting bladders and cramped legs. They stretch their car-weary bodies, walk their dogs, drink in the epic vistas … and browse the merch being sold by Native Americans — bowls, jewelry, dream-catchers and more. You wonder, Does this micro economy really work, all the way out here? But the answer must be yes because they're there, year after year, goods spread under the big sky. Just waiting for whomever comes along.


Still lives
by Andrew Kiraly | posted October 17, 2014

Yes, this display of mannequins is as eerie in real life as you'd expect.


They don't know it's fall
by Heidi Kyser | posted October 9, 2014

Flowers in the courtyard of Greenspun Hall at UNLV.


Low-hanging weather
by Scott Dickensheets | posted October 3, 2014

Now that's a cloud

Photo enthusiasts love weather shots because the sky does all the work — I mean, look at those primping clouds, ready for their close-up. I took this during the most recent rainy spell. The sky opened up for, it seemed, just 10 minutes, but it was a hard-rocking 10 minutes — it just poured. Then the rain fled, leaving this sunset vista as a lovely parting gift.


The Great Basin -- it's such a great basin!
by Christopher Smith | posted September 19, 2014

Color change

Scenes from a trip to the Great Basin by Desert Companion Art Director Christopher Smith, who shot photos for an upcoming story about the area: striking autumnal color changes, above, and a look down the gullet of Lehman Caves, below. This is a great time to visit this east-central Nevada gem, he says. "I thought it would be colder, but it was really gorgeous."

Say awww!


Render unto Caesars ...
by scott Dickensheets | posted September 12, 2014

Antiquity and modernity


Looking back
by Andrew Kiraly | posted August 29, 2014

Looking back after a hike through Lake Mead's Anniversary Narrows. 


After the fire
by Scott Dickensheets | posted August 22, 2014


Burn notice

Burned land alongside Kyle Canyon Road, on the flank of Mount Charleston.


Dog days of swimming
by Andrew Kiraly | posted August 15, 2014

When the Vegas heat notches in the triple digits, everyone loves a refreshing dip in the pool. Well, almost everyone.


Old (faux) wood
by Scott Dickensheets | posted August 8, 2014



Looks real!

A close-up, black-and-white look at the detailed replica of a bristlecone pine — Nevada's state tree and the longest-living organism known to man (possibly excepting Abe Vigoda) — displayed in the lobby of the Nevada State Museum, in Springs Preserve.



Rescue operation
by Andrew Kiraly | posted August 1, 2014

So what happened was we were at the lake recently, and we ran over a rock shoal in our rented pontoon boat, shredding the propeller and stranding us west of The Narrows without cell service. This guy was nice enough to give us a tow, so we gave him some sangria to take back to his boat.


You can call me al fresco
by Scott Dickensheets | posted July 25, 2014

Open air seating!

Just the place to take in a little warmth from the sun.


Shadow branching
by Christopher Smith | posted July 18, 2014

A tree and its shadow on the CSN West Charleston campus.


Glow forth
by Andrew Kiraly | posted July 11, 2014

At a Fourth of July party, the one bright, glowing thing that won't burn your fingers.


Friday Photo: The Better Late than Never Edition!
by Scott Dickensheets | posted July 7, 2014

Look at all the empty emptiness

Pop quiz: Is this ...

1. A black thread on a really badly tended carpet, like the one in this crappy old house I used to rent?

2. An aerial photo of a lonely road in the desert, geeked up with all kinds of Instagram filters?

3. My final functioning neural pathway, floating in a brown paste of overcooked brain cells thanks to the July heat?

Answer: While all three are entirely plausible, and No. 3 is undoubtedly accurate, the correct answer is No. 2.

Have your own candidate for a Friday Photo? Submit it to


Higher powers
by Andrew Kiraly | posted June 27, 2014

Above-ground power lines: rare these days, but often beautiful with the right angle.


Get on the bus
by Andrew Kiraly | posted June 27, 2014

A corner of a bus on a corner. 


Friday Photo 2: The Mondaying!
by Scott Dickensheets | posted June 23, 2014

Fowl at play

Ducks at Henderson's Cornerstone Park.


That deer is going nowhere
by Heidi Kyser | posted June 20, 2014

Interesting yard

Spotted in the Huntridge neighborhood.


Off the deep end
by Andrew Kiraly | posted June 20, 2014

Is it un-Las Vegan to be fussy and squealy about getting in an unheated pool?

Got a snap for Friday Photo? Send it to for consideration.


Friday is fly day
by Heidi Kyser | posted June 13, 2014

Puttin' on the sits

Tourists make their (apparently) last stop at Las Vegas Premium Outlets.


Steeple chasing
by Andrew Kiraly | posted June 6, 2014

The east side of the Griffith United Methodist church downtown. In the morning light, the motley panels of glass make it look like steampunk Tetris or something.


You looking at me?
by Scott Dickensheets | posted May 23, 2014

A face in the garden


Bikes and bears
by Heidi Kyser | posted May 16, 2014

These costumed characters cheered up bicyclists at the lunch stop on the Goldilocks all-women’s bike ride outside Salt Lake City on May 10.


Darkness on the edge of town
by Scott Dickensheets | posted May 9, 2014


Edge of town

Shot this with my phone through the window of a Southwest Airlines flight inbound from Los Angeles. My vague notion: Google Earth with an attitude! The trickery is probably obvious: I set my camera to negative mode to get the weird, silvered-blue color scheme and hellish sky, then ran it through Instagram to jack up the wierdness a little more.


Sprig dreams
by Andrew Kiraly | posted May 2, 2014

Tender green shoot

This totally happened in the Nevada Public Radio parking lot on Recycling Day. Coincidence or a high-five from Mother Earth?


Carpets, rolling
by Heidi Kyser | posted April 25, 2014

Truck with carpet

Recycling or heading to landfill? That’s what I wondered as I followed this truck to work.


Fractured reality
by Scott Dickensheets | posted April 18, 2014

Vase life

Your view of the world takes on a fragmented quality when you see it in the mirror-mosaic surface of a gaudy vase, this one on the shelf at The Find, a store on Sunset Road.


Frond memories
by Heidi | posted April 11, 2014

These dried palm tree fronds I passed on a recent walk were neatly bundled like a bouquet.


War speed night bench
by Andrew Kiraly | posted April 11, 2014

A bench at night in downtown Las Vegas. 


Man and nature
by Scott Dickensheets | posted March 28, 2014



We spotted this pigeon, enmeshed in a plastic six-pack holder, in downtown Las Vegas as he did his best to peck up stray food morsels while also doing double duty as a metaphor for the often-chaotic intersection of nature and man. 


Last year we couldn't spell "sesquicentennial," this year we're having one!
by Scott Dickensheets | posted March 21, 2014


The book of Nevada

2014 marks 150 years since America, possibly against its better judgment, let Nevada into the union. Statehood, yay! What more appropriate way to celebrate than with a large, heavy book? Here, in the hand of its editor, Geoff Schumacher, is the only copy currently in Nevada of that very volume — the official large, heavy book of Nevada's 150th. (Disclosure: I served as assistant editor and I still don't have a #%&*! copy yet.) Be patient: You can get your own hand on one of these bad boys come June 12, when the book will launch with an event at the Clark County Library.


Signs of early morning life on Water Street
by Scott Dickensheets | posted March 14, 2014


Henderson's main drag

A few folks are up and around before 7 a.m. in downtown Henderson. 


Desolation row
by Scott Dickensheets | posted March 7, 2014


It looks like some ancient amphitheater — two men enter, one man leaves! — but it's just the terraced bank of a flood-control basin in Henderson.


Sky fall
by Scott Dickensheets | posted February 28, 2014

Branching out

A moody weather shot — with slight note of man's detritus tangled in the tree's branches — seemed the proper snap for this occasionally rain-spitting afternoon.


Breaking news!
by Scott Dickensheets | posted February 21, 2014

Breaking news from CSN

This is happening right now at CSN's Charleston campus.


Leaving, on a jet plane
by Scott Dickensheets | posted February 21, 2014


McCarran Terminal 3

It's Friday, time to fantasize about getting away. We'll get you started: Picture yourself here, in McCarran's Terminal 3, waiting to board a jet to [dream destination] ... where are you headed?


Birds, water, greenery
by Andrew Kiraly | posted February 14, 2014

From a recent morning spent shutterbugging at The Wetlands Park:

A stork dove seagull hawk egret (I think) having his morning coffee in the reeds. He was so close I could taste him.

Dawn breaks softly on the wetlands. The streaky contrails add a military-industrial touch of picturesque menace.

A heron ponders the mortality of all living things in an unimaginably vast and inscrutable universe. The roiling stream makes the water look almost snow-like.

Not sure what kind of bird this is, but "rose-necked rock-stander" works for me.


by Andrew Kiraly | posted February 7, 2014

Doing a lot of walking in prep for our March sports, leisure & outdoors ish. This is a shot from the Lone Mountain Trail. Okay, it's not a trail, exactly, but it is kinduva cool, secret suburban backway sidewalk that sneaks among the office blocks and subdivisions in the northwest, following a concrete culvert before leading to a nice little park. 


Outlook Cloudy
by Andrew Kiraly | posted January 31, 2014

A snap of the cloudalicious weather huddling today outside our office.


Tripping the light Jurassic
by Scott Dickensheets | posted January 17, 2014

Eye to eye with a dinosaur sculpture at North Las Vegas' Aliante Nature Discovery Park, 2600 Nature Park Drive. Hint: When you visit, and you should, don't wear open-toed shoes. In addition to dinosaurs, this place is home to, conservative estimate, a million geese, none of whom appear to be park-broken. Step carefully.

Run! It's a dinosaur!


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