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March 01, 2015

Every week one our desert gardeners provides expert advice on making your desert garden bloom. They'll take you to some of their favorite landscapes in Las Vegas and introduce you to horticultural experts working in Southern Nevada.

Angela O'Callaghan is Associate Professor, Nevada Cooperative Extension - Specialist in Social Horticulture. Norm Schilling is owner of Schilling Horticulture Group in Las Vegas. His prior experience includes horticulture supervisor at UNLV and lead groundskeeper at the Gardens at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve (formerly the Desert Demonstration Garden). He's an ISA certified arborist and teaches a variety of horticulture and tree care topics. You're invited to submit questions to Desert Bloom.

Check out Norm Schilling's list of "Wonderful Plants on the Cheap and Easy" and "Norm's Favorite Desert Trees".

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AngelaFeb 19, 2015 | Tricky Spring
If you're thinking that our warm weather means your plants are safe from a late frost, you're probably right. But then again, you never know. It only seems that Jack Frost has skipped a visit to Southern Nevada this year. Here's Angela O'Callaghan with Desert Bloom.

NormFeb 14, 2015 | Selective Pruning
Norm Schilling guides gardeners to keep up as Spring approaches. Selective pruning will keep things on track in the yard.

NormJan 21, 2015 | Prepare for Spring Now
Don't look at the calendar. Look at your plants to tell you what do to in the yard right now. Your plants think Spring is near, so use this time to transplant and prune. Desert Gardener Norm Schilling tells us what to look for.

NormDec 30, 2014 | Winter and Citrus
Citrus can thrive in Southern Nevada - even in our cold - when you choose the right varieties. Norm Schilling tells us how.

AngelaDec 13, 2014 | To Prune or Not to Prune
As winter draws near, leaves begin to fall. And the bare view may prompt some excessive pruning. It's tempting, but your plants may appreciate a little restraint. Here's Angela O'Callaghan with Desert Bloom.

NormDec 6, 2014 | Prepare Your Plants for Cold Weather
It's not cold . . . yet, but Norm says be ready and your yard will appreciate it. Don't let a cold snap cost you your investment in plants in your yard. Norm Schilling has some ideas to get ready.

AngelaNov 25, 2014 | Evergreens
As we head into the holiday season, more attention is given to 'evergreens.' Too many cones on a pine tree might be a sign of weakness. Angela O'Callaghan tells us all about evergreens on Desert Bloom.

NormNov 14, 2014 | Fall Colors
Even in the desert, Fall colors can brighten your landscape. Here's Norm Schilling with Desert Bloom.

NormOct 28, 2014 | Fall Colors - Web Only Edition
With glorious weather for our yards to fall back into bloom, Norm has some additional suggestions for color to add to the profusion of blooms for this time of year. (Web-only content)

NormOct 7, 2014 | Second Spring
The call it a "second spring" Norm Schilling has some plan ideas to make Fall colorful in your yard. He has a checklist of plants looking their best, because now is the time to plant in Southern Nevada.

AngelaSep 30, 2014 | Fountain Grass
A weed by any other name is still a weed even if it doesn't look like one. If only everything in our gardens thrived as well as weeds. Here is Angela O'Callaghan.

NormSep 15, 2014 | Desert Heat
Norm describes a significant casualty of the desert heat. There's going to be a big gap in Norm's Yard and a lesson on the reality of our desert landscape.

AngelaAug 12, 2014 | Organic Pesticides
Choosing a method for ridding your garden of an unwanted guest, be it bug or weed, is not always a simple choice. But the more you know, the better it goes. Here's Angela O'Callaghan

NormJul 28, 2014 | Lose that Lawn
We know, it's a desert out there including every place there's a lawn. Norm Schilling reminds us all the ways he wants you to consider losing the lawn... permanently.

AngelaJul 14, 2014 | Protect Fruit Trees from Birds
If you put a good deal of care into growing fruit trees, there are likely some birds who will take advantage of your effort. Here's Angela O'Callaghan.

NormJul 10, 2014 | Palm Care, Part 2
To keep, or not to keep. Norm Schilling ponders his palm trees, on this edition of Desert Bloom.

NormJun 10, 2014 | Palm Care
Norm Schilling has mixed feelings about how we use Palms in our yards. Full grown palm trees transplanted into the entry way of a mall is a common sight that tells Southern Nevadan's "something" is nearly open for business. He reminds us that those palms come with challenges.

AngelaJun 3, 2014 | Hot Weather Plants
As temperatures across the Valley begin to climb, you might be wondering what will survive in your garden in the months ahead and what probably won't. There are some 'sweet' options. Here's Angela O'Callaghan

NormMay 20, 2014 | Desert Color
Norm Schilling just got back from Belize and has some ideas for lush leaves in your desert yard. He reflects on some well suited plants to provide color and variety in this edition of Desert Bloom.

AngelaMay 6, 2014 | Emerald Ash Borer
Raising a healthy shade tree in the Mojave is not always easy. And if one particular insect makes its way here, it could get even harder. Here's Angela O'Callaghan with Desert Bloom.

NormApr 22, 2014 | The Right Plants
Our current warm spell gives the impression that some plants can thrive when they aren't really suited to our desert. Norm Schilling has some examples.

NormMar 24, 2014 | Spring Garden Party
Spring is here and the garden is blooming . . . so invite some friends to enjoy the rewards of gardening!

AngelaMar 10, 2014 | Lady Banks
If you love roses, but don't care for thorns, you may want to call on 'Lady Banks.' Here's Angela O'Callaghan with Desert Bloom.

NormFeb 26, 2014 | Signs of Spring
It may be February, but if you are paying attention, signs of Spring are visible. Dwarf peach and Mexican plum trees are in bloom. Vibrant Red Spraxis can be seen among the falling Almond blossom. Watch gardening expert Norm Schilling transplant an offshoot. Check out the slide show of photos taken from his backyard.

AngelaFeb 18, 2014 | Mulch is for Winter
Rewards for using mulch in your landscape can be had year-round. Mulch is about mulch more than just "good looks" according to Angela O' Callaghan. In any climate, and certainly in a desert, mulch is an ecologically sound way to conserve our limited soil moisture and to control weeds.

NormFeb 4, 2014 | Investing for Spring
Temperatures are scheduled to stay cool this week, but Norm Schilling finds his yard is ready for Spring. He reflects on techniques to keep older trees healthy even as the surrounding yard may change. Bigger, older trees may need more water.

AngelaJan 13, 2014 | Freezing Temps
If your garden looks like it's been zapped by Jack Frost, there's still a chance that all is not lost. Delicate desert plants can suffer chill damage even when the temperature stays above freezing. Well-established plants should survive.

NormDec 31, 2013 | Leave the Leaves
Just because most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, it doesn't mean you have to rake them all up. Norm Schilling says it's better to use the leaves as mulch to protect the plants and make rich soil. Some woody plants can be pruned now, while others should wait another month or two.

AngelaDec 13, 2013 | Winter Greens
It is the season to enjoy some winter gardening. In Southern Nevada, a cold-snap does not have to mean that your garden is done for. Angela O'Callaghan gives a few cold facts.

NormDec 3, 2013 | Winter Watering
After a recent rain followed by a cold snap this week, Norm Schilling digs in to figure out how much water is needed this time of year. Touch the leaves to get a feel and don't water much at all for the next few months.

AngelaNov 18, 2013 | Herb Gardens
Our desert environment may be hard to handle for many plants, but it is possible to grow your own herbal remedy. The healing properties of some herbs are still widely recognized. Even though we rarely have to rely on them to deal with our infirmities, Angela O'Callaghan says many herbs are pretty and simple to grow.

NormNov 5, 2013 | Fall Color
Our second Spring is in full bloom. Norm Schilling shares his favorite plants that are bringing color to the yard right now, including Chocolate Flower, Mexican Bush Sage, Autumn Sage and ornamental grasses.

AngelaOct 29, 2013 | Pumpkins
Halloween just wouldn't be the same without the jack-o-lantern. But there's more to the tradition of decorating squash than meets the eye. Angela O'Callaghan says pumpkins are more than decorations for a single day. They're food, and a very good food at that.

NormSep 30, 2013 | Fall Pruning and Mulching
Pruning for aesthetics and mulching for rich soil quality are on his to-do list before he gets started in earnest on fall planting. Find out where to find mulch and mulch more on this week's edition of Desert Bloom.

AngelaSep 17, 2013 | The Best Place to Garden
The Mojave Desert isn't the easiest place to cultivate a garden, but we do have a few advantages here. In fact, Angela O'Callaghan says Southern Nevada is the BEST place in the world to be a gardener, partly because dry air helps keep our plants healthy.

NormSep 3, 2013 | Sacred Datura
Sacred Datura is a native, but poisonous, desert plant that offers stunning blooms. Often seen at the side of the highway, it's found a home in Norm's yard.

AngelaAug 20, 2013 | Drought
Living in the desert means - learning to live with less water. The more thought you put into watering, the better off your plants will be.

NormAug 6, 2013 | Casualties of Summer
Ever the optimist, Norm finds something to learn from the casualties of summer.

AngelaJul 22, 2013 | White Prickly Poppy
Is a poppy by any other name just a weed?

NormJul 9, 2013 | Agave
Agave is well suited to our desert climate. Norm Schilling shares his collection.

AngelaJun 25, 2013 | Summer Vegetables
Growing your own food in triple-digit weather is challenging, but not impossible.

NormJun 11, 2013 | Protect Your Plants
Your plants will tell you if they can't take the heat.

AngelaMay 28, 2013 | Weeds
One person's flower is another person's weed. So, what's the difference?

NormMay 14, 2013 | Fixing the Winter Damage
Vines and vexing questions dating back to Winter with Norm in the yard.

AngelaApr 9, 2013 | Desert Color
When adding color to your yard, think outside the box.

NormApr 2, 2013 | Fruits and Vegetables
Norm Schilling enjoys the sights and smells of citrus and has tips on planning for a fruitful garden and veggie patch.

AngelaMar 18, 2013 | Celebrity Death Match
Aggressive plants sometimes go head-to-head when vying for space in your yard.

NormMar 5, 2013 | Norm's Spring Bloom Checklist
March is underway. Norm has notes on what your yard is telling you it's time to do.

NormFeb 12, 2013 | Norm's To-do List
Despite the chill today, signs of Spring are reminders of timely chores.

AngelaFeb 5, 2013 | Lion Tailing
Pruning your trees? Good idea. Lion tailing? Not so good.

NormJan 19, 2013 | Fixing Freeze Damage
The freeze is over, but at what cost to your yard.

AngelaJan 8, 2013 | Working with Cactus
Avoid thorny issues when growing a cactus.

NormDec 25, 2012 | Mulch It!
Want more yard clean up in 2013? No we didn't think so. Norm Schilling has his holiday reminder.

AngelaDec 4, 2012 | Indoors or Out
Some traditional indoor plants are better suited than others to leave the comforts of indoor life for the outdoor garden. Here's Angela O'Callaghan with Desert Bloom.

NormNov 27, 2012 | Fall Colors
A look at fall color and an easy chore to make the most of perennials.

AngelaNov 13, 2012 | Integrated Pest Management
Should you try to eliminate the pests in your garden -- or try to manage them.

NormOct 30, 2012 | Butterfly Attracting Plants
In the calm of a western fall, Norm Schilling takes stock of a plant to attract butterflies to the yard.

NormSep 25, 2012 | Sago Palms
Sago Palms are stately additions to the yard.

AngelaSep 11, 2012 | Aloe
When you think about it, what's "not" to like about aloe.

NormAug 21, 2012 | Pests
When to leave pests alone and when to treat.

AngelaAug 7, 2012 | Temperature Zones
It may prove beneficial if you plan your garden according to which temperature zone you're in.

NormJul 24, 2012 | Harvest Time
Too hot to garden, but not too hot to harvest.

AngelaJul 10, 2012 | Summer Heat
Plants deserve the same luxurious shade like the rest of us.

NormJul 5, 2012 | Hot? Water!
Heat can hurt your yard fast and furious. Norm Schilling tells us how to plan for the best this summer.

AngelaJun 12, 2012 | Creosote
Many plants find our Southwestern climate hard to bear. But there's one in particular that thrives here.

NormJun 5, 2012 | Summer Color
Norm Schilling braces for the heat with some thoughts on summer color.

NormMay 15, 2012 | Hot and Windy Gardening
Hot is here and Norm wants you to embrace desert plants and ditch those that aren't.

AngelaMay 1, 2012 | Late Spring Veggies
We hear some thoughts on transitioning your vegetable garden from spring to summer.

AngelaApr 10, 2012 | Tomatoes
Growing tasty tomatoes in your own backyard is possible - even in the desert Southwest. Angela O'Callaghan says you have start early in the year and have reasonable expectations.

NormApr 3, 2012 | Windy Days
What is the wind doing to our yards?

NormMar 13, 2012 | Early Spring Color
Norm Schilling has a head start on a colorful yard this Spring. He gives us the rundown of plants to choose.

AngelaMar 6, 2012 | Feathery Cassia
Growing the perfect plant calls for an equally perfect hole to plant it in.

NormFeb 14, 2012 | Spring Cleaning
It may be February, but nature is busy getting ready for Spring. The almond trees are blooming and the bees are buzzing.

AngelaFeb 7, 2012 | Pruning Problems
You may want to think twice before carving your shrubs into symmetrical shapes.

NormJan 18, 2012 | Citrus Trees
Citrus can be very successful in the desert.

AngelaJan 3, 2012 | Indoor Gardening
Angela O'Callaghan offers tips for successful indoor gardening.

NormDec 19, 2011 | Succulents in Winter
Mid winter is a time when succulents shine, especially in Norm Schilling's garden.

NormNov 29, 2011 | Fall Color
It's been a particularly colorful fall - Norm has some notes.

AngelaNov 23, 2011 | Winter Gardening
As temperatures drop, there are some good reasons to keep your garden in mind.

AngelaNov 15, 2011 | Chilly Weather
Will your garden survive chilly weather? Here are some ways to improve the odds.

NormNov 8, 2011 | Less Water
Change your watering clocks. Norm Schilling has his view on winter watering.

NormOct 11, 2011 | Flowering Plants
Taking out a lawn meant more space for flowering plants and that makes fall a great show as Norm Schilling describes.

NormSep 27, 2011 | Attracting Birds
Norm Schilling has another consideration when selecting plants this season.

AngelaSep 20, 2011 | Grapes in the Desert
Be successful growing grapes in the desert.

AngelaSep 13, 2011 | Plan Your Yard
Before you plan, work on a destination.

AngelaAug 30, 2011 | Fruit Trees
Fruits trees can add quite a splash to your desert landscape.

NormAug 23, 2011 | Inline Irrigation
Inline irrigation could be the solution for your yard.

AngelaAug 16, 2011 | Fasciation
When a plant shows unusual growth patterns, is it due to genetics or something else?

NormAug 9, 2011 | Vegetables
Norm Schilling gets serious about growing Vegetables.

AngelaJul 26, 2011 | Benefits of a Mild Summer
Some plants have noticed that this summer isn't as hot as last year. And they seem to be making the most of it.

NormJul 19, 2011 | Which Bird of Paradise?
There are two very different plants that are both called "Bird of Paradise". As Norm Schilling explains one plant is from the tropics and the other is from the desert.

NormJul 5, 2011 | Hot and Dry
A weekend storm brings relief for the yard, but Norm Schilling finds some of his plants have too much or too little water, or too much sun. How to tell the difference...

AngelaJun 28, 2011 | Parasites
For some plants, survival in the desert depends on the strength of others.

NormJun 21, 2011 | Bees
Norm Schilling has some notes on Bees.

AngelaJun 14, 2011 | Leafy Veggies in the Summer Heat
A veggie garden may find our hot summers to be "distasteful."

NormJun 7, 2011 | Fruit in the Desert
Norm Schilling enjoys fruit from his yard.

AngelaMay 31, 2011 | Global Gardening
Some plants that grow well in southern Nevada also flourish in other parts of the world.

NormMay 24, 2011 | Cacti
Norm Schilling takes time to appreciate his cacti in bloom.

AngelaMay 17, 2011 | Pots for Vegetables
Want a vegetable garden but don't have room for a horse and plow? We have some ideas on a smaller scale.

AngelaMay 3, 2011 | Weeds and Hoes
If you have the need to kill the weed, Angela O'Callaghan has some suggestions.

NormApr 26, 2011 | New Plants
Norm Schilling checks in with some new plants he's experimenting with this year.

AngelaMar 29, 2011 | Ground Cover
Put down those rocks. There's a whole world of living ground cover out there!

NormMar 22, 2011 | Spring Observations
Norm Schilling greets Spring with a Palm to avoid and a small plant to love.

AngelaMar 8, 2011 | Weeds
We enjoy flowers in the spring, but what to do about those weeds?

NormMar 1, 2011 | Early Bloomers
Norm shares his notes on citrus and other early bloomers.

AngelaFeb 22, 2011 | Spring Planning
It's time to start planning, if not planting, next season's garden.

NormFeb 8, 2011 | Norm's Winter Checklist
Norm Schilling runs through a timely checklist for your yard.

NormJan 28, 2011 | Soil Amendments
Investing up front is the key to finding success with plants... Norm Schilling demonstrates.

AngelaJan 24, 2011 | The Catalogs Are Coming
Which seeds make sense for a desert Spring?

AngelaJan 18, 2011 | Fertilizers
Is an "all-purpose" fertilizer really good for every plant? We find out.

NormJan 11, 2011 | Cold Snap
If the recent cold snap has left yards looking rather sad, Norm says "don't despair."

AngelaJan 4, 2011 | To Prune or not to Prune
Successful gardening and timely pruning may go hand in hand.

NormDec 21, 2010 | Tree Pruning
Norm Schilling thinks you should be out in the yard soon...pruning. Big shrubs and trees will withstand stormy weather when they are well pruned. Norm has some other reasons and the right way to do it on this edition of Desert Bloom.

AngelaDec 14, 2010 | Holiday Color
Most of us are familiar with the poinsettia as a celebrated plant this time of year. But Angela O'Callaghan tells us there are others than can add cheerful colors.

NormDec 7, 2010 | Cold Snap
Last week's cold snap likely left some plant casualties. Norm Schilling has some prevention tips before the next cold spell hits.

AngelaDec 1, 2010 | Mulches
You can pamper your plants by treating them to some mulch according to Angela O'Callaghan.

NormNov 23, 2010 | Texas Rangers
Norm Schilling recommends planting smaller Texas Rangers this week.

AngelaNov 16, 2010 | Cactus
Why are so many desert plants so spiky?

NormNov 2, 2010 | Fall Fruit
Norm Schilling enjoys the fruits of the season with some notes on Pomegranates and Figs this week.

NormOct 12, 2010 | Mohave Natives
Two Mohave natives need a little care to thrive in your yard. Norm Schilling explains.

Oct 5, 2010 | Hot Weather Flowering Plants
As the weather cools down, some thoughts on keeping your yard in bloom - next summer.

Sep 28, 2010 | Feeding Your Yard
Norm Schilling has some observations on making sure your yard is well fed.

Sep 21, 2010 | Watering Those Indoor Plants
A little planning may go along way when watering your indoor plants.

Sep 14, 2010 | Fall Gardening Season
Fall planting season is here - Norm Schilling's got some ideas.

Aug 31, 2010 | Summer Survivors
What plants rank as "summer survivors"?

Aug 16, 2010 | Taking Stock
Norm Schilling takes stock of summer.

Jul 27, 2010 | Summer Sun Damage
Norm Schilling has more on the effect of sun and heat in the yard.

Jul 20, 2010 | Edible Flowers
Some flowers not only look good, they taste good, too and can add some real color to your meals

Jul 13, 2010 | Hot Weather Gardening
With the dog days of summer approaching, Norm Schilling has some tips for a living yard.

Jul 6, 2010 | Too Successful Plants
What happens when a plant becomes too successful?

Jun 22, 2010 | Fragrance
Norm Schilling takes samples from fragrant additions to the yard.

Jun 8, 2010 | Garden Pests
When to intervene with garden pests? Norm Schilling has some thoughts.

Jun 2, 2010 | Edible Landscape
From herbs to vegetables, some edibles make interesting ornamentals.

May 25, 2010 | Desert Tolerant Flowers
Norm Schilling has been collecting some new desert tolerant flowers for his yard. He shares them.

May 19, 2010 | Spearmint
Spearmint is an aromatic herb that likes to take over when given the chance says Angela O'Callaghan.

Apr 21, 2010 | Patience
Norm Schilling reflects on the value of patience in gardening.

Apr 6, 2010 | Pest Management
Before you try and rid your garden of unwanted visitors, consider the options. Here's Angela O'Callaghan.

Mar 30, 2010 | Craving Shade
Norm Schilling runs down some shade loving desert plants to consider this spring

Mar 23, 2010 | Weeds
Winter showers bring spring flowers -- and that's not all. They also bring weeds!

Mar 16, 2010 | Springing Forward
As we spring forward, Norm Schilling has some timely reminders for the yard.

Mar 2, 2010 | Early Spring Flowers
Nascar weekend means a race around the yard for Norm Schilling.

Feb 15, 2010 | Making Sense of Seed Catalogs
When browsing a seed catalog with high hopes for a spring garden there are some things to keep in mind. Angela O'Callaghan offers pointers

Feb 9, 2010 | Perfect Gardening Weather
The recent rains have left conditions optimal for planting and weeding. Norm Schilling tells us more.

Feb 2, 2010 | Garden Therapy
Need some therapy? Try gardening.

Jan 25, 2010 | Aloe and Sparaxis
When the rain comes, there's a window to get going in the yard. Norm transplants Aloe and Sparaxis.

Jan 12, 2010 | Compost
One way to create a "green" garden or landscape is through recycling.

Jan 5, 2010 | Red Yuccas
Norm Schilling has a plant recommendation for hummingbirds and less welcome sights.

Dec 29, 2009 | Why Did My Plant Die
Have you ever had a plant die -- and you're not sure why? The reason might be found in a poem.

Dec 22, 2009 | Winter Colors
Norm Schilling takes us on a tour of his winter garden and finds plenty of color.

Dec 8, 2009 | Christmas Trees
Real or Artificial? When it comes to Christmas trees, one choice is greener than the other according to Angela O'Callaghan.

Dec 1, 2009 | Mulch
Norm Schilling gives us the low down on mulch.

Nov 24, 2009 | Indoor Gardens
Fresh herbs are just a 'window away' with an indoor garden.

Oct 13, 2009 | Sturdy Trees
Norm Schilling braved the recent winds and has some advice for selecting trees to stand up to the gusts.

Oct 6, 2009 | Trees Around Town
Angela O'Callaghan speaks out against palm abuse.

Sep 15, 2009 | Vegetable Garden Scorecard
Checking the results of your vegetable garden, Angela O'Callaghan stops in.

Sep 9, 2009 | End of Summer Recap
Growing vegetables in pots can be tricky, but there are some advantages.

Sep 1, 2009 | Trees for Any Yard
Are they large shrubs or small trees? Norm Schilling has three specimens worth tracking down.

Aug 11, 2009 | Fall Planting
Norm Schilling offers some suggestions as you plan for fall planting in todays Desert Bloom.

Aug 4, 2009 | Successful Tomatoes
Our extreme summer temperatures can make it pretty tough to have success with a tomato garden - but not impossible.

Jul 28, 2009 | Fruits and Nuts
Norm Schilling reviews fruits and nuts doing double duty in his yard this week.

Jul 16, 2009 | Summertime Casualties
Norm Schilling scouts some summertime casualties in his yard.

Jun 30, 2009 | Summertime View
Norm Schilling improves his summertime view in the yard. It's not the best time for pruning, but in this edition of Desert Bloom, Norm has an exception.

Jun 16, 2009 | Cactus Flowers
If you've lived in Southern Nevada for a month or a decade, cactus flowers continue to amaze. Norm Schilling is no exception and he's got some exceptional flowers this week on Desert Bloom.

Jun 4, 2009 | Pesticides Can Be Helpful
Pesticides can be helpful in managing your yard, but they're not to be used carelessly.

May 27, 2009 | Making Time for the Birds
Norm Schilling makes time for the birds and explains an unintended benefit of a well planted yard.

May 5, 2009 | Flowering Plants
Flowers everywhere. Norm Schilling takes you out into the garden.

Apr 21, 2009 | Irrigation Leaks
With temperatures rising and summer ahead, it's a good time to check for leaks in your irrigation system. Norm Schilling has the scoop.

Apr 7, 2009 | Fragrant Blossoms
All's well that smells well in the yard this year with Norm Schilling.

Apr 2, 2009 | CSN Plant Sale
April might be a good time to find desert-compatible plants for your yard - as an annual native plant sale gets underway at CSN. Angela O'Callahan tells us more.

Mar 24, 2009 | Where to Cut
As we welcome Spring, Norm Schilling explains how to decide what to keep and what to cut in the yard.

Mar 13, 2009 | Take Cover
As we tear out more turf in the Valley, Norm Schilling has some ideas for avoiding the "rock" look.

Mar 3, 2009 | Time to Seed
If gardening is in your future, it's already time to plant your seeds. Angela O'Callaghan gives some tips.

Feb 24, 2009 | Extra Care
Norm Schilling reviews some plants that need special care to thrive.

Feb 10, 2009 | A Way with Weeds
Pruning chores are still outstanding. We join Norm Schilling in a blustery yard with pruning and weeds on his mind.

Feb 3, 2009 | Don't Judge a Seed by Its Package
If you stored last year's garden seeds in preparation for the planting season, you're on Angela O'Callaghan's wavelength.

Jan 27, 2009 | It's Time to Prune
With a window between Winter and shrubs breaking out into leaf... it's time to prune. Norm Schilling shares some good habits.

Jan 20, 2009 | Get Ready for Spring!
If you've marked your calendar to get ready for spring planting season. Angela O'Callaghan says it may be later than you think!

Dec 30, 2008 | Small and Successful
A small yard is not unusual in Las Vegas, Norm Schilling visits a back yard that creates a lot from a little.

Dec 23, 2008 | The Importance of Cool Weather
Chilling hours aren't just time spent relaxing - they're essential to many plants. Dr. Angela O'Callaghan explains.

Dec 16, 2008 | Cold Weather
If you're not sure what to do with your outdoor plants, Norm Schilling's got some timely advice on cold weather.

Dec 2, 2008 | Irrigation Tips
Norm Schilling knows you probably aren't going to mess with your own irrigation system, but he's got some tips anyway.

Nov 25, 2008 | Not Yellow
If you don't like yellow when it comes to your garden, Dr. Angela O'Callaghan suggests a few alternatives.

Nov 18, 2008 | Marble Manor
Norm Schilling was in West Las Vegas recently where he's heading up a community renovation project.

Nov 11, 2008 | Bulbs
Angela O'Callaghan says now is the time to plant bulbs in preparation for some beautiful spring blooms.

Nov 4, 2008 | Fall Colors
November arrived with some strong winds and as Norm Schilling found, lots of color in the garden.

Sep 30, 2008 | Decorative Grasses
Norm Schilling has some notes on adding decorative grasses to the landscape.

Sep 23, 2008 | Nevada Naturalist
Understanding and protecting the Mojave Desert is the aim of a new Cooperative Extension program for naturalists. Angela O'Callaghan explains.

Sep 16, 2008 | Tree Pruning
If you've got a mostly healthy tree with a few dead branches, there may be insects at work. Norm Schilling says one the ways you can fight them is with a pruning saw.

Sep 9, 2008 | Water Conservation
For most of us water conservation is accepted as a part of everyday life in southern Nevada. Angela O'Callaghan would like to make sure that it's an everyday thing for everybody.

Sep 2, 2008 | Fall Planting Prep
The Labor Day holiday means that fall planting is just around the corner. Norm Schilling has some recommendations.

Aug 19, 2008 | Nice House, Bad Plants
Norm Schilling has some suggestions for your yard, especially if your house was built in the last 10 to 15 years.

Aug 5, 2008 | Summer Plants
As we try to endure few more weeks of summer, Norm Schilling is checking the garden for plants that do well in the heat, and some that do not.

Jul 15, 2008 | Potted Plants
If you want to do some planting in containers, Norm Schilling has solutions for the problems they might present.

Jul 8, 2008 | Summer Pests
Angela O'Callaghan has some tips about fixing the small things in your garden so the big ones take care of themselves.

Jul 1, 2008 | July Heat
The forecast calls for a straight-on blast of summer. Your garden feels it too, and now that we're in the month of July, Norm Schilling says 'take it easy.'

Jun 24, 2008 | Cycads
Some desert plants do pretty well here, even if they're not native to this region of the world.

Jun 10, 2008 | Fruit Trees part 2
Norm Schilling continues his observations on fruit trees. For Norm, the fruit is the additional benefit of having shade trees.

Jun 3, 2008 | Pesticides
Applying chemicals to plants and insects is a lot more complicated than just aiming and spraying. Angela O'Callaghan explains.

May 27, 2008 | Fruit Trees
Norm Schilling has some tips on getting your fruit trees as productive as the ones in his yard.

May 13, 2008 | Untangling the Vines
Norm Schilling says this is a good time of year to take a closer look at your vines.

May 6, 2008 | Compost
Composting reduces your garbage load, and it can make your garden very happy, too. Angela O'Callaghan explains.

May 1, 2008 | Cactus Pruning
Pruning your cactus isn't the simplest of tasks, but if you know what you're doing it's no problem. Norm Schilling knows.

Apr 8, 2008 | Palm Pruning
Angela O'Callaghan and M. L. Robinson talk about problems with palms.

Apr 1, 2008 | Weeds
If you garden, you know that this is the time of year when weeds can drive you crazy. Norm Schilling has some tips.

Mar 25, 2008 | Plant Sale
If you're searching for some plants to complement your landscape, Angela O'Callaghan has some ideas about where you can find them.

Mar 11, 2008 | Spring Renewal
Norm Schilling says Spring is the time for renewal and rebirth in the garden.

Feb 12, 2008 | Plan to Prune
Some pruning takes planning. Norm Schilling's had one in the works for a year.

Feb 5, 2008 | Spring Prep
Despite the cold, windy weather Angela O'Callaghan says it's time to start thinking about Spring.

Jan 15, 2008 | Trim the Roses
In the garden it's a good time of year to have your gloves nearby. Here's Norm Schilling.

Jan 8, 2008 | Fruit Trees
If you've tried to grow fruit trees in the Nevada desert, you can appreciate some of the challenges faced by Angela O'Callaghan.

Jan 1, 2008 | Two Days to Plant
Though you may think you can dig a hole and drop a plant in it, Norm Schilling says it should be a two-day job.

Dec 18, 2007 | Winter Color
Even during winter in the desert, Norm Schilling reminds us we can have colorful plants in our yards.

Dec 4, 2007 | Octopus Agave
Soon after his Octopus Agave bloomed early this year, it died. But Norm Schilling has an update on the thousands of new plants that were the result.

Nov 27, 2007 | Christmas Trees
Angela O'Callaghan has some advice on Christmas trees.

Nov 20, 2007 | Pruning
Norm Schilling has some tips on getting a jump on Winter pruning.

Nov 13, 2007 | Bulbs
Angela O'Callaghan has the secrets to successful bulbs.

Nov 6, 2007 | Fall Planting Tips
Norm Schilling takes a look at his yard (and beyond) to suggest plants for you to try.

Oct 30, 2007 | Cactus to Eat
Without getting stuck, Angela O'Callaghan explores which cactus can be eaten.

Oct 23, 2007 | Chocolate Flowers and more...
Norm Schilling is enjoying his Fall garden while planting new specimens.

Oct 9, 2007 | Cactus or Not?
Angela O'Callaghan notes that not all spiny, desert plants are cactus.

Oct 2, 2007 | Fall Planting
Norm Schilling says the weather is great and that makes this the perfect time to work in the yard.

Sep 25, 2007 | Plant Shopping
Angela O'Callaghan offers some destinations for plant shopping this month.

Sep 18, 2007 | Fall Planning #2
Norm Schilling continues his thoughts on Fall planning.

Sep 11, 2007 | Zone Challenge
The cynical might say we're in the 'zone of challenge' for gardeners. Angela O'Callaghan has a more productive view.

Aug 28, 2007 | Fall Planning
Despite the lingering summer heat, Norm Schilling says now is the time to plan for fall in the garden.

Aug 21, 2007 | Corrections Horticulture
Angela O'Callaghan talks about a program of the Cooperative Extension to teach prison inmates about horticulture.

Aug 14, 2007 | Protection from Heat with Mulch
Angela O'Callaghan reminds us that the effects of severe summer heat can be reduced by using mulch in our gardens.

Aug 7, 2007 | In-line Drips
Norm Schilling offers an alternate method of drip irrigation.

Jul 31, 2007 | Sago Palm
Angela O'Callaghan explores the background of one our more popular desert plants, the Sago Palm.

Jul 17, 2007 | Summer
It's summer. Norm Schilling takes us to the yard to show us how it's looking.

Jul 10, 2007 | Natural
Angela O'Callaghan implores a more natural form for shrubs.

Jul 3, 2007 | Summer Plants
Norm Schilling is keeping an eye on some plants in his yard that seem to love the heat and help keep him cool.

Jun 26, 2007 | Herbicides and Heat
Angela O'Callaghan offers words of wisdom about using weed killer during the summer months.

Jun 19, 2007 | Summer Color
Norm Schilling has some ideas for summer color in the garden.

Jun 12, 2007 | Relax, It's Summer
Angela O'Callaghan says that with the summer heat there's less to do in the garden.

Jun 5, 2007 | Last Chance
Is there still a chance that some garden plants could have survived the January freeze? Norm Schilling has been holding out hope for a few...

May 29, 2007 | House, Not Garden Plants
Angela O'Callaghan warns us that you may think some house plants will grow outside...but not in the desert heat.

May 22, 2007 | Fruits and Pests
Fruits are ripening and out come the pests. We join Norm Schilling in the yard.

May 15, 2007 | Tomatoes
As the temperatures soar, Angela O'Callaghan has some tomato observations.

May 8, 2007 | Tree City USA
Norm Schilling toasts tree-caring communities.

Apr 17, 2007 | Rosemary
Angela O'Callaghan revisits a local favorite. Rosemary's...the shrub.

Apr 10, 2007 | $$ for Grass
Norm Schilling has some tips on making the most of the water authority's rebate program.

Apr 3, 2007 | Rediscovering Yucca
Angela O'Callaghan has a roundup of some very desert-friendly plants...yucca.

Mar 27, 2007 | Fruits of His Labor
Norm Schilling has advice on Spring chores that are easy and effective. And he has an update on his blooming Agave.

Mar 20, 2007 | Garden Architecture
If you're thinking about the design of your desert garden, here are some tips from a landscape architect.

Mar 13, 2007 | Spring Cleaning
The plants are talking to Norm Schilling so he's ready to start cleaning up the damage from our cold winter.

Mar 6, 2007 | Cassia
Angela O'Callaghan profiles one of her favorite early blooms, a fine fit for our desert spring.

Feb 27, 2007 | Lady Bugs
A few dollars and a few gardening observations from Norm Schilling.

Feb 20, 2007 | Talking to Plants
Angela O'Callaghan reviews some of the facts and fiction of communicating with plants.

Feb 13, 2007 | Spring Pruning
Norm Schilling gets us up to speed on what to prune and what not to in February.

Feb 6, 2007 | Seedlings
After the damage from the winter cold it's time to start thinking about Spring planting. Angela O'Callaghan has tips on starting from seed.

Jan 30, 2007 | Frosty Recovery
Following the recent cold snap, Norm Schilling finds signs of life among frost damaged plants.

Jan 23, 2007 | Plant Damage
Angela O'Callaghan has the connection betwen changing weather and disease in plants.

Jan 16, 2007 | Freeze Damage
Join Norm Schilling in his yard as he surveys damage from our sub-freezing temperatures.

Jan 9, 2007 | Planning for Spring
Though it's only mid-January, Angela O'Callaghan says it is time to start planning for Spring gardening.

Jan 2, 2007 | Cactus Gardening
Moving slowly through his cactus garden, Norm Schilling has tips on the care and pruning of cactus.

Dec 19, 2006 | Holiday Plants
Angela O'Callaghan offers these notes on trees and poinsettas for the holidays.

Dec 12, 2006 | Tree Pruning
Norm Schilling prunes a small tree and that gives him a chance to demonstrate the basics.

Dec 5, 2006 | Indoor Plants
Recent weather may make outdoor gardening less than enjoyable, but Angela O'Callaghan has some tips this week on attending to your indoor greenery.

Nov 28, 2006 | Invest in Trees
Norm Schilling makes the case for a smaller, younger tree, not for the season but for a permanent investment.

Nov 21, 2006 | Texas Ranger
The Texas Ranger is a popular desert plant. Angela O'Callaghan offers these thoughts on one of her favorite shrubs.

Nov 14, 2006 | Tree Planting
Fall is the time to plant trees. Norm Schilling has some tips.

Nov 7, 2006 | Bird of Paradise
Angela O'Callaghan explains that there's more than one kind of striking plant with the common name 'Bird of Paradise.' Each produces exquisite flowers; however, they are members of two very different plant families.

Oct 31, 2006 | Cactus Planting 2
Norm Schilling uses the cooler fall weather to continue some creative cactus planting.

Oct 24, 2006 | Fall Planting
Angela O'Callaghan has some tips to make the most of fall. She talks with M. L. Robinson on what to do for the fall planting season.

Oct 10, 2006 | Prepare for Winter
Angela O'Callaghan looks ahead to winterizing the yard.

Oct 3, 2006 | Cactus Planting
A container full of succulents and cacti presents a pleasant challenge for Norm Schilling.

Sep 26, 2006 | Fixing the Soil
Angela O'Callaghan has some tips on fixing some of the many soil problems we have.

Sep 12, 2006 | Fall Planting
Norm Schilling kicks off the fall planting season by making big changes in his landscape.

Sep 5, 2006 | Blossom End Rot
Angela O Callaghan works with inmates on a problem not confined to prison gardening, blossom end rot.

Aug 29, 2006 | No Balls and Boxes
Norm Schilling says we should put the plants in the ground and let them grow. Don't work so hard to shape the environment.

Aug 22, 2006 | Garden Surprises
Angela O'Callaghan shares some unlikely gardening success stories.

Aug 15, 2006 | The Evolving Landscape
Norm Schilling plans ahead for a failing tree.

Aug 8, 2006 | Palms
Norm Schilling offers observations about Palm integral element of making our desert landscapes appealing.

Aug 1, 2006 | Lantana
If you're looking for plants that flower in the desert during the hottest summer, Angela O'Callaghan finds Lantana and loves it.

Jul 25, 2006 | End of Summer?
It's hot, but not too hot to see what's colorful in Norm Schilling's yard. Norm explains why our plants are thinking that summer is nearing it's end.

Jul 11, 2006 | Care and Feeding of Tomatoes
Angela O'Callaghan has some tips on raising delicious tomatoes in the scorching desert.

Jul 4, 2006 | Potted Plants
Norm Schilling demonstrates some thrifty tips for making the most of potted plants.

Jun 27, 2006 | Circles and Squares
Angela O'Callaghan sees a lot of pruning mistakes when she looks at formal landscapes.

Jun 20, 2006 | Pot Luck
Potted plants can be a favorite, but if that pot is sitting in the sun you may be baking your plants.

Jun 13, 2006 | Jimson Weed
Related to edible vegetables, but classified as a weed. Angela O'Callaghan spies a decorative yet deadly plant in our midst.

Jun 6, 2006 | Heat No Problem
Norm Schilling details a landscape well-suited to handling our summer heat.

May 30, 2006 | Oleanders
The Oleanders are blooming but Angela O'Callaghan advises caution.

May 23, 2006 | Wildflowers
Norm Schilling takes stock of his 'volunteer' wildflowers this spring.

May 16, 2006 | Desert Willow
Angela O'Callaghan takes note of a Spring favorite, the Desert Willow.

May 9, 2006 | Cactus Blooms
Norm Schilling encourages us to go find some time to enjoy the cactus in our landscapes.

May 2, 2006 | Planning and Planting
A move inspires more landscape planning for Angela O'Callaghan.

Apr 25, 2006 | Natural Pest Control
Norm Schilling is excited about the results of his natural pest control experiment.

Apr 18, 2006 | Blowing in the Wind
Norm Schilling reminds us that a watering schedule is something to fine tune at this time of year.

Apr 11, 2006 | Allergies
Spring has sprung and so have allergies. Angela O'Callaghan suffers like many.

Mar 28, 2006 | Planting 101
Ready for spring, Norm Schilling kicks off the season with Planting 101.

Mar 21, 2006 | Spring in the Desert
Angela O'Callaghan has the details on an annual tradition - the CCSN Spring in the Desert sale and educational event.

Mar 14, 2006 | Desert Disaster
Norm Schilling says too many people spend too much time and effort ruining their desert landscape.

Mar 7, 2006 | Fruit Trees
Angela O'Callaghan gets the low down on what fruit trees do best in Southern Nevada.

Feb 28, 2006 | Sprinkler Check
It's time to check your sprinkler system. Norm Schilling explains how.

Feb 21, 2006 | Before Spring Planting
Before you get too enthused about Spring planting, Angela O'Callaghan has a checklist of the things needed in the yard.

Feb 14, 2006 | Spring in the Desert
Norm Schilling reviews the signs of spring.

Jan 31, 2006 | Tree Pruning
Norm Schiiling grabs his bow saw and shears to prune a Crepe Myrtle.

Jan 24, 2006 | Cool Season Crops
Though it's still winter, Angela O'Callaghan is planting her garden.

Jan 17, 2006 | Winter Pruning
A mild winter has brought roses into bloom, but Norm Schilling advises a heavy prune, that will take off these early flowers.

Jan 10, 2006 | Cooperative Plants
Angela O'Callaghan explains why some plants play nicer than others.

Jan 3, 2006 | Out of Control
Sometimes a plant can grow too well, as Norm Schilling explains in the case of his Morning Glory.

Dec 27, 2005 | Asparagus
Angela O'Callaghan reminds us that it's both a delicious vegetable and a decorative addition to the garden...asparagus.

Dec 20, 2005 | Glorious Fall
Norm Schilling finds that fall color is lasting well into winter.

Dec 13, 2005 | House Plants
Angela O'Callaghan reminds us that your houseplants will appreciate some care before you leave for the holidays.

Dec 6, 2005 | Early Winter
Norm Schilling revisits a landscape to look at seasonal changes.

Nov 29, 2005 | Master Gardener
Angela O'Callaghan has a new ally in finding solutions to gardening problems.

Nov 22, 2005 | Good News
Though Norm Schilling often talks about how to solve problems in the garden, this time he unearths plenty of good.

Nov 15, 2005 | Creosote
It's the signature plant of the Mohave Desert...and Angela O'Callaghan is always happy to see creosote bushes.

Nov 8, 2005 | Grape Vine Predators
Norm Schilling finds extensive damage to his grape vines and makes plans to safely protect them next year.

Nov 1, 2005 | Bulbs
Angela O'Callaghan reminds us that this is the perfect time of year to plant bulbs that will sprout beautiful flowers in the spring.

Oct 18, 2005 | Fall Pruning
With cooler temperatures here it's time for some pruning chores in the yard, Norm Schilling started his pruning a year ago.

Oct 11, 2005 | Water-starved Trees
You can take out the turf and create a desert landscape, but your old trees may suffer. Angela O'Callaghan advises special care and watering.

Oct 4, 2005 | Summer Casualties
Just because you're a professional, it doesn't mean the summer heat won't claim a few of your plants. Norm Schilling uses a windy sunday morning to examine the plants that didn't make it.

Sep 27, 2005 | Desert Grasses
Angela O'Callaghan shares some thoughts on grasses and the onset of the winter months.

Sep 20, 2005 | Huntridge Landscape
Norm Schilling visits a community service project that was in need of a new urban landscape.

Sep 13, 2005 | Plant Problems
There's a host of reasons for plants to appear sick, but looking closely at them will give you a head start on solving the problems.

Aug 30, 2005 | Mature Landscapes
Norm Schilling says that a simple driving tour around town will give you plenty of examples of what your yard might look like in 25 years.

Aug 23, 2005 | Summer Blooms
Angela O'Callaghan explains why plants know when it's time to bloom.

Aug 16, 2005 | Sago Palm
They're expensive and you'll need to have some 'faith' if you try to transplant one. Norm Schilling takes a look at a favorite type of palm tree.

Aug 2, 2005 | Mulch
As an east-coast transplant Angela O'Callaghan has been enjoying our recent heat wave - and thinking how plants could enjoy it too.

Jul 26, 2005 | Summer Heat and Storms
Norm Schilling finds out which garden plants are doing best with our scorching heat and recent storms.

Jul 19, 2005 | Water, Fire and Weeds
Angela O'Callaghan checks in with a natural resources specialist on three threats to our landscapes this summer.

Jul 12, 2005 | Flagstones
Norm Schilling takes on a backyard project to add flagstones while protecting an olive tree.

Jul 7, 2005 | Sunburn
Plants have eveolved unique ways to protect themselves from getting too much sun.

Jun 28, 2005 | Desert Landscape Grows
Less than a year ago Norm Schilling took the Southern Nevada Water Authority up on its offer to pay for turf conversion, and even Norm is surprised at how fast his new landscape has taken shape.

Jun 21, 2005 | What's in a Name?
Angela O'Callaghan explains that 'common' names of plants can lead to confusion.

Jun 14, 2005 | The Perfect Yard
Norm Schilling takes care of some early summer pruning and reflects on perfection in the yard.

Jun 7, 2005 | Oleander
The Oleanders are in bloom and Dr. Angela O'Callaghan reminds us of their less appealing properties.

May 31, 2005 | 'Shade' for Trees
Norm Schilling uses burlap to give vulnerable plants their own version of sunscreen.

May 24, 2005 | Centennial Tree Book
Angela O'Callaghan learns about a Centennial book prepared by a coalition of agencies dedicated to tree resources.

May 17, 2005 | Rejuvenation
Norm Schilling uses radical pruning to resurrect a fig tree that seemed to be dead.

May 10, 2005 | Desert Trees
Angela O'Callaghan reviews the list of native trees that have thrived in the southern Nevada desert.

May 3, 2005 | New Plants
Norm Schilling checks on the progress of the new plants obtained at a recent plant sale.

Apr 19, 2005 | Thistles
Angela O'Callaghan discovers a wide variety of thistles...some good and some bad.

Apr 12, 2005 | Dead or Alive
Now that plants areblooming, Norm Schilling says it's time for pruning and figuring out what plants survived the winter.

Apr 5, 2005 | Wind
Angela O'Callaghan looks at the impact of wind on plants and people.

Mar 29, 2005 | Spring Blooms
Spring is paying off with flowers and foliage. Norm Schilling sprints through his blooming desert garden.

Mar 22, 2005 | Water and Color
With a CCSN Plant Sale coming up this weekend we hear why some plants make it to that nursery and some don't. It's not just low water that makes for a good choice of plant.

Mar 8, 2005 | Laying Turf
Mostly we talk about removing grass, but for those limited places where it makes sense to have turf Norm Schilling suggests you try laying your own.

Mar 1, 2005 | Urban Forests
Meet one of the people involved in the care of our urban forests.

Feb 22, 2005 | Don't Plant Yet
Norm Schilling says 'think' before you respond to your spring gardening urges.

Feb 8, 2005 | Good Plants Gone Bad
If weeds are just plants in the wrong place, what do you call a plant that's adapted to a home it wasn't intended for? Angela O'Callaghan wants to know!

Feb 1, 2005 | Transplants and Iron Deficiency
Norm Schilling takes advantage of a sunny late winter day for some needed chores in the yard.

Jan 25, 2005 | Pesticides
Angela O'Callaghan looks at the careful use of pesticides.

Jan 18, 2005 | Particular Plants
Norm Schilling finds a plant for all parts of your yard.

Jan 11, 2005 | New Year Gardens
A new year gives Angela O'Callaghan a chance to talk about new offerings for aspiring gardeners.

Jan 4, 2005 | Staking Trees
Norm Schilling has some advice on staking trees.

Dec 28, 2004 | Dodder
Look closely when traveling through the desert and you'll find a parasite named Dodder.

Dec 21, 2004 | Conversion Complete
Norm Schilling has been working on converting his yard from turf. After the rain slowed progress, he's heading to the finish.

Dec 14, 2004 | Gift Ideas
Angela O'Callaghan offers some thoughts on horticultural gift giving for the season.

Nov 30, 2004 | Holiday Greenery
Angela O'Callaghan offers some thoughts on the meaning of seasonal greenery in the desert.

Nov 23, 2004 | Golden Fall
Norm Schilling drives through the rain to explore and enjoy the fall colors.

Nov 16, 2004 | Kitchen Gardening
Now that the days are shorter and the temperatures cooler, Angela O'Callaghan has thoughts on indoor gardening.

Nov 9, 2004 | Rainy Day Gardening
Norm Schilling says a rainy day doesn't mean you can't enjoy the garden.

Nov 2, 2004 | Hall of Fame II
Sylvan Wittwer of Logandale was recently inducted into the National Horticulture Hall of Fame for his decades of pioneering research into making crops more productive. Angela O'Callaghan pays a visit to his Logandale vegetable garden.

Oct 12, 2004 | Day with the Experts
Once again, the Gardens at the Springs Preserve will be full of experts offering advice this weekend. Norm Schilling got a preview.

Oct 5, 2004 | Hall of Fame
Sylvan Wittwer of Logandale was recently inducted into the National Horticulture Hall of Fame for his decades of pioneering research into making crops more productive. Angela O'Callaghan pays a visit to his Logandale vegetable garden.

Sep 28, 2004 | Agave Weevil
Norm Schilling talks about beautiful agaves, and a nasty pest.

Sep 21, 2004 | Autumn Planting
With Fall just around the corner, Angela O'Callahan has some advice on how to get your autumn garden to grow.

Sep 14, 2004 | Brewing Plants
Angela O'Callaghan has been thinking about the relationship between plants and alcohol ahead.

Sep 7, 2004 | Agave
Even before you start making Tequila, the Agave is a fascinating plant, as Norm Schilling explains.

Aug 31, 2004 | New Gardener
Angela O'Callaghan introduces us to a new gardener in town ahead.

Aug 24, 2004 | Fall Plants
Norm Schilling gets a head start on some fall planting.

Aug 17, 2004 | Respecting the Desert
Angela O'Callaghan wonders why it's so hard for some people to see the beauty of this area?

Aug 10, 2004 | Mesquites
Mesquites grow so fast you can prune them anytime - as Norm Schilling explains.

Aug 3, 2004 | Melting Turf
If your turf appears to be 'melting' it's not the heat, Angela O'Callaghan has the answer.

Jul 20, 2004 | Palm Trees
Angela O'Callaghan has some notes on palms.

Jul 6, 2004 | More Water and Temp Plants
While conserving water is a goal, you may need to give your desert landscape more water as it grows. Norm Schilling has some thoughts as we head to the hottest days of summer.

Jun 29, 2004 | Brown Grass and Aphids
Angela O'Callaghan gives tips on dealing with two summertime problems.

Jun 22, 2004 | Garden Teachings
Norm Schilling explains how you garden can teach you something.

Jun 15, 2004 | Desert Weeds
Angela O'Callaghan asks a weed expert about our least favorite plants.

Jun 8, 2004 | Beat the Heat
Norm Schilling enjoys fruit from his orchard and offers some tips on helping plants beat the heat.

May 25, 2004 | Cactus and Trees
Norm Schilling is thrilled by cactus in bloom and has advice on preserving your trees when converting to desert landscape.

May 18, 2004 | Too Much Water
Angela O'Callaghan explains the importance of roots and the problem of over watering.

May 11, 2004 | Prepare for Summer Heat
Norm Schilling takes a survey of his garden to prepare for 100+ degree temperatures.

May 4, 2004 | Praise Cactus
Angela O'Callaghan has some seasonal praise for cactus.

Apr 27, 2004 | Back at Turner Nursery
Last time we left Norm Schilling at Dave Turner's greenhouse. On today's Desert Bloom, more on the exotic plants that may prove themselves as hardy enough for our desert climate.

Apr 20, 2004 | Books
Angela O'Callaghan recommends some gardening books with our climate in mind.

Apr 13, 2004 | Turner Nursery
When you really want variety in your cacti and succulents, you'll find it at Turner Nursery. Norm Schilling spoke with owner Dave Turner this week.

Mar 23, 2004 | Spring!
Spring brings with it color in the yard, and Norm Schilling points out some of his favorites.

Mar 16, 2004 | Desert Plants
Finding the right plants for your 'desert landscape' can include variety of species native to the area.

Mar 9, 2004 | Spring Planting
While thousands packed the Speedway for NASCAR last weekend, Norm Schilling chose the peace and quiet of his yard.

Mar 2, 2004 | Rain
Angela O'Callaghan has these thoughts on our recent rainy weather and what it means for our region.

Feb 17, 2004 | Fertilizer
With Spring in the air Norm Schilling has some thoughts on fertilizer.

Feb 10, 2004 | Plant Catalogs
Angela O'Callaghan has some thoughts on those tempting plant catalogs in your mailbox at this time of year.

Feb 3, 2004 | Kill the Grass
Norm Schilling notes that the one thing standing between you and desert landscaping may be bermuda grass.

Jan 27, 2004 | Dirt
Angela O'Callaghan has the 'dirt' on Southern Nevada soil.

Jan 25, 2004 | Pesticides
Angela O'Callaghan looks at the careful use of pesticides.

Jan 20, 2004 | Landscape Do's and Don'ts
Norm Schilling points out the good the bad and the ugly of some landscaping in a Las Vegas neighborhood.

Jan 13, 2004 | Cold Effects
Angela O'Callaghan finds out about the impact of the recent cold spell on our garden plants and trees.

Jan 6, 2004 | Fundementals of Pruning
Maybe you have some minor damage from last week's snow, or you just need to get going on winter pruning - Norm Schilling has the scoop.

Dec 30, 2003 | After the Holidays
Angela O'Callaghan offers some thoughts for the end of the year, and a smart start to 2004.

Dec 23, 2003 | Winter Pruning
Norm Schilling reminds us that while winter is a natural time for pruning, it also demands a long term plan.

Dec 16, 2003 | Winter Plants
Angela O'Callaghan offers some thoughts on plants that thrive on our short winter days.

Dec 9, 2003 | Winter Watering
Norm Schilling adds his thoughts on dealing with fall leaves and the upside of our current watering restrictions.

Dec 2, 2003 | Hard Freeze
We had a record low daytime temperature last week. Angela O'Callaghan has some thoughts on what a hard freeze would do to plants in the Valley.

Nov 25, 2003 | Benign Neglect
Norm Schilling finds plenty to be passionate and thankful about in his yard...despite having been neglectful.

Nov 18, 2003 | Google the Plants
She won't be at comdex, but Angela O'Callaghan has some thoughts on using the internet for horticultural reseach.

Nov 11, 2003 | Fall Planting
Norm Schilling pays a visit to the CCSN nursery to find what's ready to plant.

Nov 4, 2003 | Xeriscape
With additional watering restrictions taking effect this month, Angela O'Callaghn asks 'What is Xeriscaping?'

Oct 21, 2003 | Big Tree
Join Norm Schilling as a recording breaking tree gets some TLC.

Oct 14, 2003 | Bulbs
It's time to plant bulbs. Angela O'Callaghan tell us how.

Oct 7, 2003 | Water Carefully
Norm Schilling has some thoughts on the pitfalls of Xeriscaping.

Sep 23, 2003 | Palo Verde
Norm Schilling takes a look at the Palo Verdes at the Desert Demonstration Gardens.

Sep 16, 2003 | Roots
Where does much of our food come from? Angela O'Callahan gets to the 'root' of the question.

Sep 9, 2003 | Desert Trees Continued
Norm Schilling continues his survey of trees that thrive in the desert with a trip to the desert demonstration gardens.

Sep 2, 2003 | Too Much Water
Recent rains remind Angela O'Callaghan that our plants can suffer from too much water.

Aug 26, 2003 | More Desert Trees
Norm Schilling continues his survey of drought tolerant trees that do well in the valley.

Aug 19, 2003 | Light
Last week's blackout makes Angela O'Callaghan think about how much light plants need. Not as much as you might think...

Aug 17, 2003 | Respecting the Desert
Angela O'Callaghan wonders why it's so hard for some people to see the beauty of this area?

Aug 12, 2003 | Desert Trees
Norm Schilling surveys trees that fare well in the Valley, and begins this week with drought tolerant species to consider for your yard.

Aug 5, 2003 | Phytochemicals
Angela O'Callaghan explains why plants provides us with so many beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Jul 22, 2003 | But the Plants Love It...
Heat and humidity are an uncomfortable combination for us, but Norm Schilling says it's great for our gardens.

Jul 15, 2003 | Cold Weather?
With triple-digit temperatures baking Las Vegas, it's hard to look ahead to a time when cold weather can damage our gardens. Angela O'Callahan takes a look ahead.

Jul 8, 2003 | Plan for Planting
Norm Schilling says summer is the time to plan for fall planting.

Jul 1, 2003 | Roses
Roses are a beautiful addition to any landscape, but as Angela O'Callahan tells us, they are tough enough to survive the desert heat, too.

Jun 24, 2003 | Weeding
Norm Schilling is inspired by the humble tasks of weeding and taming an overgrown plant.

Jun 17, 2003 | Palm Trees
The summer heat can be tough on plants, but Angela O'Callaghan says this is a good time to transplant palm trees.

Jun 10, 2003 | Summer Heat
Norm Schilling finds plenty of evidence of our early summer heat.

Jun 3, 2003 | Coping with Heat
In case you hadn't noticed, it's hot! Angela O'Callahan tells us how native plants manage this weather.

May 27, 2003 | Prepare, then Plant
Norm Schilling reminds us to spend some extra time on soil preparations before planting.

May 20, 2003 | Desert Fruit
Angela O'Callaghan has the scoop on how to grow or find fresh fruit and produce.

May 13, 2003 | Lush Desert Landscape
Norm Schilling takes us to an award winning desert landscape in Summerlin.

May 6, 2003 | Bad Plants
Angela O'Callaghan - When Good Plants Go Bad

Apr 22, 2003 | Spring Blooms
Norm Schilling revels in the blooms of Spring.

Apr 15, 2003 | Mulch It
Angela O'Callaghan says you can make your garden plants much happier this summer by protecting them with mulch.

Apr 8, 2003 | Chocolate in the Garden
Norm Schilling offers a newcomer to Las Vegas some advice on landscaping, including how to grow chocolate.

Apr 1, 2003 | Tomatoes
Angela O'Callaghan pays tribute to the tomatoe.

Mar 18, 2003 | Spring Fever
Norm Schilling has Spring fever, which means pulling up plants as well as planting them.

Mar 11, 2003 | Plant Sale
If you've been wondering where to get new and interesting desert plants, Angela O'Callahan has the answer for you! CCSN's upcoming plant sale.

Mar 4, 2003 | Fruits and Nuts
With rain in the valley and Spring on the way folks are heading to the nurseries for supplies. Norm Schilling says we should add fruits and nuts to the list.

Feb 25, 2003 | Date Palms
Does the the idea of ripe dates set your mouth watering? Angella O'Callaghan talks with palm expert M.L. Robinson about the recent influx of Date Palms into the Las Vegas Valley.

Feb 18, 2003 | Early Spring?
Norm Schilling is getting his yard ready for Spring by cutting back unruly grapes, flowering plants and grasses.

Feb 11, 2003 | Seed Catalogues
It's the time of year when cerebral gardening takes precedence over active time in the dirt. Angela O'Callahan gives us some tips on how to really read those plant and seed catalogues in your mail box.

Jan 28, 2003 | Roses in Winter
The calendar still says January but the yard thinks it's Spring. Norm Schilling takes care of his early-blooming roses.

Jan 21, 2003 | Ethel M
Angela O'Callaghan takes us on a tour of the water gardens at Ethel M's.

Jan 14, 2003 | Winter Pruning
Norm Schilling continues with his winter pruning and muses on the aesthetics of shaping plant material.

Jan 7, 2003 | Pine Blight
Few trees are at their best at this time of year, but there is a worrying reason some Pines look so bad. Angela O'Callaghan has the answer.

Dec 31, 2002 | Winter Transplants
Norm Schilling gets back in his garden to transplant some thriving grasses.

Dec 24, 2002 | Mistletoe
Angela O'Callaghan talks about the origins of Mistletoe - authentic and otherwise.

Dec 17, 2002 | Zen Pruning
Norm Schilling takes sawblade in hand to prune a Mesquite tree and we learn more than expected.

Dec 10, 2002 | Indoor Plants
With cold weather upon us you might not be gardening outside, but Angela O'Callahan has some tips on our indoor plants.

Dec 3, 2002 | Musical Cacti
Norm Schilling takes in the sights and sounds of a fall yard and finds music in his cacti.

Nov 26, 2002 | Thanksgiving
Have you been working on your Thanksgiving menu? Angela O'Callahan gives us selections for an All-American holiday feast.

Nov 19, 2002 | Drip Irrigation
If you can punch a hole in a black plastic tube, Norm says you can become a drip irrigation expert.

Nov 12, 2002 | Fall Watering
Norm Schilling say not only should we check our watering schedules, but we should examine our overall watering philosphy during this time of year.

Nov 5, 2002 | Organic Gardening
Angela O'Callahan puts the new federal standards for growing organically in perspective for the home gardener.

Oct 22, 2002 | Fire in the Desert
In the desert we don't think much about the risk of forest fire, but Angela O'Calahan takes us to one that happened in our own backyard.

Oct 15, 2002 | Experts Galore
The 'Day With the Experts' is coming soon. Norm Schilling has a preview.

Oct 8, 2002 | Oleander
One of our most popular and attractive landscape plants is also very toxic. Angela O'Callaghan has some words of wisdom about Oleander.

Oct 1, 2002 | Day with the Experts
Norm Schilling looks at the schedule for the 'Day with the Experts' at Desert Demonstration Gardens and finds something for everybody including himself.

Sep 24, 2002 | Protecting Wildlife
Norm Schilling advises us to be gentle with the use of pesticides and the results will be more diverse wildlife in our yards.

Sep 17, 2002 | Cooler Weather
Most people tend to gain a new lease on life once the torrid summer months have past. Angela O'Callaghan says plants react much the same way.

Sep 10, 2002 | Fall Planting
Most people just love the weather this time of year in southern Nevada. Norm Schilling tells us that plants love it too, and this is a great time to plant.

Sep 3, 2002 | Compost
Angela O'Callaghan teaches how easy it is to create your own compost...even in the desert.

Aug 27, 2002 | Tree Borers and More
Norm Schilling does a summer checkup on his garden and finds tree borers and cactus scale.

Aug 20, 2002 | Summer Garden
More tips from Angela O'Callaghan and Norm Schilling concerning common problems in the summer garden.

Aug 13, 2002 | Summer in the Garden
The dog days of summer are hard on the yard. This week we hear the first in a series of answers to summer gardening questions.

Aug 6, 2002 | Community Gardens
Angela O'Callaghan reflects on the parallels between gardening in New York City and here in Las Vegas.

Jul 30, 2002 | Container Plants
Planting in containers is a necessity for some of us. While Norm Schilling says we shouldn't really do it - he has some tips on plants in pots.

Jul 23, 2002 | Recycling
Angela O'Callaghan visits a water treatment plant at Ethel M's that mimics the natural action of wetlands.

Jul 16, 2002 | Succulents
Norm Schilling goes in search of 'chicks and hens' in his garden and finds some very happy succulents.

Jul 9, 2002 | Garden Failures
Despite your best efforts in the garden, sometimes plants don't make it. It even happens to Norm Schilling.

Jul 2, 2002 | Water Gardens are Great - But...
Angela O'Callaghan muses on the appeal of water as a feature of our landscapes.

Jun 25, 2002 | Plants Survive the Heat...
We tend to have trouble adjusting to the desert how do desert plants manage it?

Jun 18, 2002 | Making Better Dirt
Norm Schilling likes to have fun in the garden... but sometimes it's hard work, too. That's the case when he has to add mulch to amend our desert soil.

Jun 11, 2002 | Beneficials
Angela O'Callaghan says we shouldn't get too upset when we see bugs in the garden. Before you spray pesticide, remember, there are good bugs.

Jun 4, 2002 | Trees and Wind
Norm Schilling tells us how to choose a tree and plant it in a way that will reduce damage from our high winds.

May 28, 2002 | Late Spring Garden
As Spring turns to Summer, Norm Schilling reminds us of some chores to be done in the yard.

May 21, 2002 | Cactus Rescue
Volunteers are working to save endangered cacti and other desert plants that would otherwise be destroyed by expansion of the gypsum mine near Blue Diamond.

May 14, 2002 | Indoor Gardening
When the desert heat takes its toll on you and your outdoor plants, you might want to try your hand at some indoor gardening.

May 7, 2002 | Blooming Cacti
The Desert Demonstration Gardens marked their 20th anniversary last weekend. This time of year some of the showiest blooms at the DDG are on the cacti. Steve Plath tells us about some of the best.

Apr 30, 2002 | A Dangerous Place
Norm Schilling ventures into a dangerous place...dangerous that is for a gardener who can't say no when he finds an interesting tree.

Apr 23, 2002 | Growing Fresh Air
Angela O'Callaghan reminds us that soon the weather will be hot and we'll be spending most of our time indoors. She has some tips on indoor plants that look great and help clean the air.

Apr 16, 2002 | Keeping Your Grass Green
Norm Schilling talks turf to find the best way to grow healthy grass...poke holes in the ground.

Apr 9, 2002 | Shrubs or Trees?
Most people want large mature plants in their yard. Norm Schilling says some shrubs will do the job nicely - if you let them.

Apr 2, 2002 | Spring Fever
Norm Schilling wants to sit back and enjoy the wonders of spring...but first he has to plant an African Daisy in his garden.

Mar 26, 2002 | Spring Planting
It's spring. So if you've been asking yourself what to do in the garden, Angela O'Callahan has some ideas on what to plant.

Mar 19, 2002 | Desert Weeds
You might think that in the desert "if it's green and grows it's good", but that is not the case with invasive weeds.

Mar 12, 2002 | Planning Your Yard
Norm Schilling would be the first to admit his yard is a work in progress, and even he sometimes plants the wrong thing in the wrong place...

Mar 5, 2002 | Tree Transplanting
It's not too late to transplant trees. Norm Schilling found a volunteer Chinese Pistache in his vegetable patch, so you'll hear about a good method to transplant a tree on this week's Desert Bloom.

Feb 26, 2002 | Gardening Prisoners
Angela O'Callaghan talks to imates at Jean Conservation Camp about what they've learned from gardening.

Feb 19, 2002 | Junipers
Norm Schilling suggests that we look to the good old juniper for adding color and depth to our yards.

Feb 12, 2002 | School Gardens
Angela O'Callaghan has discovered a growing trend in area schools...

Feb 5, 2002 | Shade-loving plants
Find a shady spot in the yard and try one of these plants recommended by Norm Schilling.

Jan 29, 2002 | Full sun - no care
Norm Schilling loves to garden - but that doesn't mean you have to. Here are some plants for the sunniest parts of your yard that require next to no attention!

Jan 22, 2002 | Desert Plants are Different
Angela O'Callaghan has some thoughts on what makes the desert a "Desert".

Jan 15, 2002 | Winter Watering
How often and how much? Norm Schilling reminds us that proper drip irrigation requires some planning.

Jan 8, 2002 | Winter Gardening
While we have temperatures near 60 degrees in Southern Nevada it is still Winter - and there's plenty to do in the yard. Norm Schilling runs through chores which you'll need to do this season on today's Desert Bloom.

Jan 1, 2002 | New Year's Resolutions
Angela O'Callaghan has some horticultural resolutions for the New Year.

Dec 25, 2001 | Christmas Wishes
It's too late for holiday gifts for the gardener on your list...but our Desert Bloom hosts have plenty of wishes for the season.

Dec 18, 2001 | Don't Top Those Trees
Arborist Norm Schilling laments the practice of 'topping' Mulberry and other trees.

Dec 11, 2001 | Living Christmas Trees
If you have yet to buy a Christmas Tree - then Angela O'Callaghan has some good arguments for a living one.

Dec 4, 2001 | Cold in the Desert
Angela O'Callaghan advises that if we get a hard freeze this winter many of our ornamental plants may suffer.

Nov 27, 2001 | Las Vegas Springs
Steve Plath takes us on a tour of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

Nov 20, 2001 | Sharing
Angela O'Callaghan contemplates sharing in the desert.

Nov 13, 2001 | Desert Demonstration Gardens
The DDG has it all for desert gardners.

Nov 6, 2001 | Tree Planting
You can have a healthy tree if you start by digging a big hole in the ground.

Oct 30, 2001 | Bats in the Desert
Angela O'Callaghan defends the much-maligned bat.

Oct 23, 2001 | Gardening Therapy
Angela O'Callaghan talks to author Eva Shaw about "gardening therapy".

Oct 16, 2001 | Garden Clubs
Harboring some prize plants in your yard? This weekend you'll have a chance to show them off and meet the area's gardening clubs at the Southern Nevada Garden Club show.

Oct 2, 2001 | Master Gardeners
Steve Plath on the upcoming Master Gardeners Day at the Desert Demonstration Gardens.

Sep 25, 2001 | Winter Garden
Angela O'Callaghan with tips on what to plant in your winter garden.

Sep 11, 2001 | Herb Gardens

Sep 4, 2001 | Palm Trees

Aug 28, 2001 | Micro-Climates

Aug 21, 2001 | Urban Trees

Aug 14, 2001 | Bulb Catalogues

Aug 7, 2001 | Thunderstorms

Aug 7, 2001 | Master Gardeners

Jul 31, 2001 | Meet the Hosts

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