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May 11, 2000

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Wining at Bonjour



8878 S. Eastern Ave.


Fine Wine Times

Two weeks ago, I recommended the Bonjour Casual French Restaurant located way out in whatever they're calling Henderson these days. I like Bonjour for it's accessible bistro fare, easy prices and friendly atmosphere. But what I like the most about Bonjour is that they're doing something I've been pestering restaurateurs about for years. And that is: make wine choosing easy by suggesting wines to go with each entrée right under the menu descriptions. That way, there's none of the usual awkwardness when you're asked if you'd like to see the wine list. My scientific survey has disclosed that people usually say no because: they’re either too cheap, too unschooled in the cult of the grape, or have trouble pronouncing trockenbeerenauslese after three martoonis and a carafe of white zinfandel. So instead of forcing you into one of these three embarrassing categories Bonjour makes it easy to play the sophisticate by listing appropriate wines by the glass or bottle that match each dish (and your pocketbook) to a tee. This is really great if you're a Budweiser butch who happens to be courting a Merlot maiden. Instead of your usual fumbling while the imperious waiter rolls his eyes--you can now confidently proclaim that a aromatic New World Syrah might be just the foil for the spicy richness of the roast duck . . . of some other such nonsense. Anyway, this instant sophistication will have patty pinot eating right out of your hand. So aside from selling more wine, Bonjour (and any other place that gets a clue) is also helping hapless dates sell themselves . . . another benefit is giving customers a mini lesson in making those pesky food and wine matches that gourmands love to fuss about . . . but we'll cogitate over that in a later program--after sufficient WINE GEEK AHEAD warnings have been posted to allow all sensible souls a chance to change the dial.

This is John Curtas.

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