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Leadership In Flux For Taxicab Authority
When Charles Harvey took the helm of the Nevada Taxicab Authority, he pledged to crack down on long-hauling and other customer complaints. Three years...
Tony Hsieh Issues Statement On Layoffs
On Tuesday, 30 employees were laid off from the Downtown Project, a community revitalization effort led and funded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. Yesterday...
It’s safe to say Americans have something of a love affair with dolphins. Ric O’Barry has a lot to do with that. O’Barry is the man who trained the...
Cowboy Express Reaches Nevada
The Grass March, or as some call it the Cowboy Express, has made its way from West Coast and is crossing Nevada. Horseback riders are on their way to...

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NPR Music - Tiny Desk Concerts

It presents a curious challenge for the year that marks Nevadas 150th birthday: Can Desert Companion reflect the story of our city and our state through objects rather than the words and deeds of people? Turns out, we can. And, as with people, selection is key: We chose these 25 items, but could have told a wholly different, equally valid story... [more]

Hiking: Straight, narrow and high
From a slot canyon to rocky mountain highs, the Muddy Mountains hike has it all. Poor Lake Mead. Seen the photos viraling about lately on the Internet? Pure disaster porn: Before-and-after pictures showing dramatically receding waters, the bathtub ring (actually now a bathtub band) more jarringly white than ever, beached boats and go-nowhere... [more]

The dish: Foodie court
The ho-hum casino food court is going the way of the 99-cent shrimp cocktail. Case study: the ambitious menu at the Red Rock. Its a good time to be hungry on the West side of Las Vegas. Its been a jam-packed year of restaurant openings, including the rollout of Downtown Summerlin (upcoming: Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill, an as-yet-unnamed... [more]

fountaingrass.jpg Desert Bloom
A weed by any other name is still a weed even if it doesn't look like one. If only everything in our gardens thrived as well as weeds. Here is Angela O'Callaghan.

beatles.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
It's been a half century since the Beatles had a 'hard day's night,' right here in Las Vegas.

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