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The Las Vegas I Remember

The Las Vegas I Remember was originally funded by the Nevada Humanitees and produced in association with Frank Wright of the Nevada State Museum and Historical Society.
Original Producer, writer and narrator: Tim Anderson
Centennial Edition writer and editor: Florence Rogers
Centennial Edition audio re-masters and production: Claes Andreasson
With thanks to Professor Michael Green of CCSN

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Feb 21, 2005


Paiute Indians

    The Paiute Indians were the first humans to make Nevada their home. We hear from three members of the Moapa band of Paiutes, Irene Benn, Evelyn Samalar and Lullaby Miller, who tell stories about the days before and after white settlers moved in.

Feb 28, 2005


Von Tobel

    Ed Von Tobel tells the story of his father's lumber business - and an account of the 1905 Land auction. He also talks about beating the heat in those early years and struggling with the boom and bust cycles of the early 1900s.

Mar 7, 2005


Harley Harmon

    Harley E. Harmon talks about the early years in Las Vegas when his father Harley A. Harmon was a leading civic figure. As a longtime Clark County Commissioner Harley E. Harmon explains what was achieved to lay the foundation for the city as we know it in

Mar 14, 2005


The Tomiyasu Family

    Nanyu Tomiyasu talks about his father's pioneering efforts at agriculture in the Valley. His efforts brought prosperity to one of the earliest Asian families in Las Vegas.

Mar 21, 2005


Hoover Dam

    Hal Curtis and Tommy Nelson talk about how during the Great Depression the area's economy turned around with the construction of Hoover Dam. It was dirty, dangerous work but it was eagerly taken by men desperate for any kind of paying job.

Mar 28, 2005


The Great Depression

    Hal Curtis tells about the different ways people managed to make a few dollars during the depression. Kids would be paid to break windows so someone else could be hired to fix them. And bootleg whiskey could be a good way to make money.

Apr 4, 2005


After the Dam

    With the completion of Hoover Dam, community leaders had to find a way to keep the economy going. We hear from R. Guild Gray and Jim Cashman, Jr. In the years after the dam, and before casinos took over, Helldorado brought the community together.

Apr 11, 2005


Women Make Their Mark

    Women who helped to build Las Vegas in the early days - Florence Murphy, who was in on the building of the first airport, Laura Belle Kelch who helped create the first radio station in the valley, and Ruthe Deskin, a pioneer journalist.

Apr 18, 2005


World War II

    George Von Tobel and Nanyu Tomiyasu talk about the effects of World War II on Las Vegas. Laura Belle Kelch says that after the war community leaders decided to focus on tourism, and Photographer Don English tells us how they did it.

Apr 25, 2005


Remembering Sin City and Bugsy

    Herb McDonald is a well-known entertainment director who tells us how he came to 'sin city' in 1946, and helped promote Vegas as a place to have fun and win. Herb and Peg Crockett talk about their encounters with the infamous ''Bugsy'' Siegel. Former coun

May 2, 2005


Nuclear Tests

    The Cold War prompted a desire to 'beat the commies' at any price. Hal Curtis remembers the awesome sight of watching an above-ground nuclear test. Former test site worker Troy Wade reminds us why the nuclear weapons testing program was necessary.

May 9, 2005



    Entertainment director Herb McDonald tells stories about Robert Mitchum's 1948 marijuana bust, dealing with the strong-willed Marlene Dietrich, plus the Rat Pack and the Beatles. Also, Don English of the Las Vegas News Bureau on photographing the Beatles.

May 16, 2005


Howard Hughes part 1

    Florence Murphy (North Las Vegas Airport) Peg Crockett (Alamo Airways) and Robert Maheu tell compelling stories about their personal associations with Howard Hughes.

May 23, 2005


Howard Hughes part 2

    Robert Maheu continues the story of Hughes and his last plane crash that left him hard of hearing, drug addicted and withdrawn, and about Hughes' death at the hands his of incompetent and conniving inner circle.

May 30, 2005


Civil Rights part 1

    Dr. James McMillan relates the story of the struggle for Civil Rights in the Mississippi of the West.

Jun 6, 2005


Civil Rights part 2

    Dr. James McMillan continues the story of the struggle for Civil Rights in the Mississippi of the West.

Jun 13, 2005


Moulin Rouge

    Prominent Las Vegas businessman, Bob Bailey, tells of the short but swingin' life of the Moulin Rouge, billed as the first inter-racial resort in the country.

Jun 20, 2005


Showgirls part 1

    Two former show girls, Tracy Heberling and Kathy Saxe tell colorful insider stories of what it was like to be a Las Vegas showgirl.

Jun 27, 2005


Showgirls part 2

    Two former show girls, Tracy Heberling and Kathy Saxe tell colorful insider stories of what it was like to be a Las Vegas showgirl.

Jul 4, 2005


The Mob, DI and other stories

    New Jersey immigrant, Harry Merenda, talks about his family's Sicilian mob roots, the 'Boys' in Las Vegas and working at the Desert Inn in the early 60s.

Jul 11, 2005


The Gragson Years

    Former Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson tells about his unlikely election. Senator Richard Bryan talks about the campaign tactics of Gragson's rival. Bob Bailey, tells of how Gragson kept his promises to the black population on the West side of town.

Jul 18, 2005


Depression Era Stories

    Lee Tillman tells the story of 'salting' mines with gold to inflate the property value. And the truth behind how a local restaurant could afford to sell 'all-you-can-eat' meals, including t-bone steak, for just 25-cents.

Jul 25, 2005


Las Vegas Extravaganzas

    Producer Don Arden introduces glamorous showgirls to the Las Vegas Strip. Rick Mitchell tells about how a gay dancer could not only survive but succeed in a homophobic town.

Aug 1, 2005


Desert Inn

    Wilbur Clark's dream to build a new casino results in a partnership with the mob. From the start, George Foley was a bellman at the DI and tells stories of 'the good old days.'

Aug 15, 2005


Si Redd

    The founder of International Game Technology explains how he came to Nevada and revolutionized the slot machine industry.

Aug 22, 2005


MGM Fire part 1

    Lark Williams begins the story of the tragic 1980 fire at the MGM Grand which killed 86 people. Lark was running keno on the floor of the MGM early that morning when the smell of smoke began to drift through the casino.

Aug 29, 2005


MGM Fire part 2

    In November 1980, Laura Fielden Spina was a 16-year-old student at Clark High School. Youthful curiosity drew her to the MGM fire where she quickly began work as a volunteer helping to rescue fire victims.

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