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October 05, 2001

Making Nevada Home

Golden Years of Vegas



Sep 27, 2002 | Jurgen Fuchs
The story of this man's journey to Las Vegas begins in a Jewish neighborhood in Hanover, Germany in 1938. Through a series of amazing developments, Jurgen found his way to Nevada and to become a valued member of KNPR.

Sep 20, 2002 | Greek Food Festival
Listen to some mouthwatering descriptions as we visit with the women of St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church as they prepare for this year's Greek Food Festival.

Sep 13, 2002 | Dawn Nelson
When home used to be Maine, the transition to life in southern Nevada can be tough...both the desert and the big city of Las Vegas.

Sep 6, 2002 | Lilly Englund
The founder of a local elementary school looks back over 18 years of adjusting to and thriving in Nevada.

Aug 30, 2002 | Vicki Riddle
Backpacking in the back-country of Nevada with the help of llamas.

Aug 23, 2002 | Tiya Coleman
Each year, Las Vegan Tiya Coleman travels to Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man Festival. Listen to her role at the gathering - as a DJ on 'Radio Free Burning Man.'

Aug 16, 2002 | Tasha Adams
It's not the heat or the dryness, it's the SPACE that makes the biggest impression on an East coast transplant in this week's story.

Aug 9, 2002 | Shirly Shown
You'd have to head out to Blue Diamond to live a rural existence near Las Vegas these days. Shirley Shown recalls the days when rural living could be had right in the center of Las Vegas.

Aug 2, 2002 | Fran Harraway
The story of the ghosts who made 'The Ice House' home.

Jul 26, 2002 | Jane Ellsworth-Olive
A ban on singing on the job doesn't deter one of the original 'Flamingo Brats.' Jane Ellsworth-Olive tells the story of her most memorable summer job at the Flamingo.

Jul 19, 2002 | Shaw Atkison
The award-winning story of a 'homeless' man who spent the winter in Las Vegas, living out of his pickup.

Jul 12, 2002 | Lynne Goya
An initial reluctance to embrace the desert results a real love affair with Las Vegas and its surroundings.

Jul 5, 2002 | Sherry Rosenthal
Las Vegas is a great place to watch fireworks on the 4th, and for Sherry Rosenthal's family, it's a tradition.

Jun 28, 2002 | Kim Russell
This week, a west coast earthquake refugee applies for Nevada citizenship.

Jun 21, 2002 | Kevin Parsons
A firsthand account of participating in the Vegas to Reno Race...the longest off-road contest in the U.S.

Jun 14, 2002 | Lisa Storey
Shattered plans, teenage angst and meeting a pron star are featured in this week's story.

Jun 7, 2002 | Trudy Musser
A longing for the sea and a circuitous route to Las Vegas collide in this week's story.

May 31, 2002 | Karen Mary Penn
The fun and quirky side of meeting unusual people while traveling...

May 24, 2002 | Steven Rothe
Too much noise. Combine a cement mixer, a forklift, dozens of military jets and a car alarm...and you have an idea of what's going on with this story of Making Nevada Home.

May 17, 2002 | Charles Fuller
The saying 'no good deed goes unpunished' seems to fit this story of giving 'til it hurts.

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