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December 03, 2001



A hundred miles north of Las Vegas, on the western edge of the Nevada Test Site, lies an otherwise unremarkable ridge called Yucca Mountain where the Federal government plans to permanently bury the nationĀ¹s most dangerous and long-lasting nuclear waste. Jon Christensen reports that the future of Yucca Mountain is far from certain, especially for those living in its shadow.

Yucca Mountain

The Yucca Mountain Project
Yucca Mountain Facts

Jon Christensen is author of the new book, Nevada, and editor of Nevada variations is funded by the Nevada Humanities Committee with production assistance from KUNR in Reno.

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Aug 6, 2003 | Yucca Mountain: Costs and Benefits
KNPR's Ky Plaskon takes a snapshot of the economics behind the Yucca Mountain project in the first of a three part series on how Nevada and the world are coping with high-level nuclear waste.

Mar 3, 2003 | Area 51
Some parts of Nevada are cloaked in mystery. And nowhere more so than east of the Nevada Test Site and the top secret base called Area 51, where the desert void is big enough to hide a monumental city from prying eyes. In the final episode of his series N

Feb 3, 2003 | Basques in Nevada
For many immigrants in America, trying to live a hyphenated ethnic identity can feel like getting pulled in opposite directions. And the tension between the old country and the new country can carry on between generations. But in Nevada, Basque-Americans

Jan 6, 2003 | Walker Lake
Walker Lake, a high desert terminal lake in Northern Vevada, is terminal in more ways that one. The vast lake lies at the end of the Walker River. And it is dying. While farmers and indians, sports fisherman, and the state and federal government squabble

Dec 3, 2002 | Goldfield
Goldfield marks its centennial with dreams of a new 'goldrush' that will rebuild the town.

Nov 4, 2002 | Eureka, NV
The historic Nevada mining town of Eureka's only remaining active gold mine is preparing to shut down. But residents of Eureka have tried to restore and hold on to their history...and they are ever hopeful that another discovery will breath new life into

Oct 7, 2002 | Great Basin National Park
White Pine County is home to a national park that includes some of the most majestic mountains and broad basins, as well as the Lehman Caves.

Sep 2, 2002 | Black Rock Desert
The Black Rock Desert is perhaps best known as the site of Burning Man Festival. But there is another side of Black Rock, a lonely place where people are few and far between. It's home to one of the country's newest national conservation areas and ten wil

Aug 5, 2002 | Burning Man Festival
The Black Rock Desert, one of the flattest, most desolate places on earth, is paradoxically an increasingly inviting destination. The Black Rock Playa is the site of the annual Burning Man Festival, which brings thirty thousand people to the desert nort

Jul 2, 2002 | Wildfires - Lander County
Jon Christensen reports on the potential for wildfires in Lander County Nevada. In recent years wildfires have been made worse because of the spread of cheatgrass.

Jun 3, 2002 | Great Basin National Park
White Pine County is home to a national park that includes some of the most majestic mountains and broad basins, as well as the Lehman Caves.

May 6, 2002 | The Immigrant Trail
When Associated Press reporter Martin Griffith decided to spend his summer vacation hiking the Immigrant Trail through Nevada, he had no idea it would lead him on a story that could change how Nevada's history is told. Jon Christensen follows the twistin

Apr 1, 2002 | Nevada's First Inhabitants
The discovery of the 9,000 year old remains of a cave dweller near Fallon was an academic delight, but raises questions of respecting native American burial sites.

Mar 4, 2002 | Marys River Ranch
Nevada ranchers adopt holistic approach as an attempt to preserve their way of life and promote sustainable use of the land.

Feb 4, 2002 | Las Vegas Wilderness
Jon Christensen explores the wilderness of the Las Vegas Valley. He found a variety of wild animals and ancient petroglyphs within a few hundred feet of a major suburban development.

Jan 7, 2002 | Virginia City
From the silver mining boom of the 1860's to the Bonanza of the 1960's, Virginia City continues to redefine itself.

Dec 3, 2001 | Yucca Mountain
Nye County and the Yucca Mountain Project.

Nov 5, 2001 | Truckee River
Washoe County and the Truckee River. People up and down the Truckee are looking for ways to restore the river to its former glory.

Oct 22, 2001 | Carson City
Growing pains in Carson City. Residents work to revitalize the city while preserving the historic nature of the state capitol.

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