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April 18, 2014

Talk of the Nation and Science Friday

Talk of the Nation Science Friday

National Public Radio

Airs: Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Hosts: Neal Conan, Monday - Thursday and Ira Flatow, Friday.
Produced by: National Public Radio
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Talk of the Nation links the headlines with what's on people's minds, providing a springboard for listeners and experts to exchange ideas and pose critical questions about major events in the news and the world around them. Each day, Talk of the Nation combines the award-winning resources of NPR NewsSM with the vital participation of listeners. The result is a spirited and productive exchange of knowledge and insight that delves deeply into the news and ideas of the day.

Monday through Thursday, host Neal Conan invites callers to discuss areas of topical interest, including politics and public service, education, religion, music, and healthcare. Talk of the Nation goes behind the headlines with decision-makers, authors, thinkers, artists, and listeners around the world, who become part of the conversation by calling 1-800-989-TALK.

Each Friday, journalist Ira Flatow is joined by listeners and studio guests to explore science-related topics - from subatomic particles and the human genome to the Internet and earthquakes. Flatow offers in-depth discussion with scientists and others from all walks of life, giving listeners the chance to hear from the people whose work influences their daily lives.

Neal Conan Neal Conan

Ira Flatow
Ira Flatow

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