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      Fifth Year Seniors
      Sandwich Showdown
      Harry Reid Takes On Filibuster Reform
      Nevada Mined Mud
      Poet Peter Covino
      Report Shows Support For Gay Marriage Among Latinos
      Las Vegas City Councilmen Talk Budget

      Here Comes The Fiscal Cliff
      Nevada Republicans Regroup
      Mannheim Steamroller Founder Chip Davis
      Party Train To Hit The Rails

      Rethinking Traffic On The Strip
      Giving Thanks With John Birge
      Inside A Mob Sting
      Is The NCAA Abusing Its Power?

      Moral Hazards Of Drone Warfare
      Advances In Alzheimer's Treatment
      Antonio Restivo, Fire Breather

      Flying The Blackbird
      The Splendid Table: Turkey Confidential
      The Only Mormon On The Bus

      Is Drone Warfare Boring?
      Rift Between ATF And U.S. Attorney Leads To Uncollected Guns
      Talking Turkey
      Callers Share Memories Of The MGM Fire
      For Some, Deferred Action Eliminates Fear Of Being Undocumented
      Sheriff Doug Gillespie Responds To DOJ Report

      Matthew Quinn of Las Vegas Rescue Mission Cooks For A Cause
      No Water, No Las Vegas

      Organizers Break Ground On Cold War Memorial
      Kids Learn The Law
      No More Twinkies In Henderson
      Preserving The Native American Legacy
      Crossroads GPS Targeted By Ethics Group

      Should Nevada Expand Medicaid?
      The Kefauver Hearings
      Department Of Justice Releases Report On Las Vegas Metro Police

      Ray Mancini, The Good Son
      State Teachers Union Rallies For New Tax For Education
      Reno to the Bering Sea with Adam Bradley
      Thomas McAfee says Nevada Cancer Institute Not Closing, Just Changing Its Model
      Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley On Global Cities

      Nevada Republican Leadership Sets Goals
      IBM's Role In The Third Reich
      History Of Las Vegas Fashion
      Civilizing The Public Conversation

      Facial Hair Fest
      New Democratic Leadership In Nevada Assembly
      Kentucky Schools Tripping Up On Common Core Standards
      SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody

      Ben Vereen Talks About The Arts, Politics
      The Republicans' Latino Problem

      Which Ballot Initiatives Won and Why
      Judge Could Overturn Parents Decision About Pregnancy
      5 Takeaways From Clark County Schools Associate Superintendent Joyce Haldeman About The Failed School Ballot Initiative
      Fairy Queen at UNLV
      Was Super PAC Spending Wasted?

      No Child Left Behind
      The Economic Outlook

      Red Dress Drama Addresses Morality
      Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel
      Libertarians In Nevada

      Politics And 'Fiscal Stability'
      Rob Salkowitz discusses the business of San Diego Comic Con
      The Latino Vote On Election Day
      Aftermath: Pundits Weigh in on Why Romney Lost Nevada
      Election Day In Nevada
      Asians Poised To Make Inroads As Voter Bloc

      Early Voting Wrap Up

      Brigham Young - Pioneer Prophet
      What's On Your Mind?
      LVMPD Needs New Radios
      Union, District At Odds On Race To The Top

      Alios Offers All-Female Cast Of Glengarry Glen Ross
      The Search For Extraterrestrial Life
      Taking The Political Pulse Of Nevada
      Jennifer Egan - Vegas Valley Book Festival
      Madeleine Albright Discusses Foreign Policy

      Dia de los Muertos
      UNLV Offers Spooky Program Of Classical Music
      Deputy Fire Marshal Brings Burning Man Cred To Vegas
      Number of Uninsured Children On The Rise
      Royal Bank of Scotland settles with the AG

      Best Breakfast And Fall Foods In Las Vegas
      City Takes New Approach To Fighting Homelessness

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