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Cheetos, Coke And A Checkup: Shopping For Health Care At A Strip Mall
Cheetos, Coke And A Checkup: Shopping For Health Care At A Strip Mall

AIR DATE: April 26, 2013

Walk into your local Walmart, CVS or Walgreens and you're likely to find a mini clinic that can treat you for basic health care needs.  Heathcare inside retail stores is a growing trend around the country and in Las Vegas. The Sun reports these clinics often charge less for patient care and it's easier to get an appointment. We'll explore the trend and business behind health clinics inside big box and other retail locations. 


Eli Segall, reporter, Las Vegas Sun and Vegas Inc. 

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    I say, "Bring it on!" to this new form of relatively inexpensive, convenient, fast service - most of us don't get any of those things at a regular doctors office! Now what we need to dramatically reduce prices so that *all* can afford medical care are 1) for more doctors to tell the insurance companies to blow, and instead take cash, and 2) to de-regulate the health care industry so that there are more doctors, clinics, hospitals, etc., hence cheaper prices due to competition. Let's face it, sixty years ago, *everyone* could afford it... what's changed?
    Tom HurstApr 26, 2013 16:49:22 PM
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