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Green Light: Construction Begins On F-Street Tunnel
Green Light: Construction Begins On F-Street Tunnel

AIR DATE: May 6, 2013

In 2008, the Nevada Department of Transportation and City of Las Vegas closed F Street at the I-15, blocking access to Symphony Park for residents of the Historic Westside. The neighborhood fought back against the closure, and the legislature passed a bill requiring the city to reopen the street. Now, almost five years after the street first closed, construction is set to begin. We'll talk to two activists about what this means, and how it will help an impoverished part of downtown Las Vegas.


Shondra Armstrong, F Street Coalition

Trish Geran, F Street Coalition

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    I disagree with Tom Hurst. Regardless of the who in this fight, we should all be more proactive in oversight of the decision of our elected and governing officials. That is the point of democracy. We need to be more active in the (fill-in the blank) process, educate ourselves about the procedures for the process, ask questions and get the answers we seek. Instead, we as a nation, sit on the sidelines and complain when everything is done and we don't like the results. Everyday decisions are made with zero community input. Don't leave others to make decisions for you, uninformed of your voice. I applaud the F Street Coalition for banding together and showing how a group of concerned citizens can make a difference.
    Christina D. B. FrankelMay 15, 2013 10:58:23 AM
    I gave this discussion a fair shake, I think, but even so I find the idea that this is some sort of racist conspiracy to be ridiculous; these people simply have a big (and absolutely unwarranted) racist chip on their shoulders. Now, let's look at the facts: one cannot drive 100 yards on any Nevada freeway without coming across all sorts of grotesque major design flaws that cause the roads to be less safe, less convenient, more congested, and more expensive to build and maintain than they should be. Indeed, the designers and engineers responsible for our roads are the ones who should be on this show defending their hyper-crappy, hyper-expensive,no-common-sense highway designs! Generally, they are evidently idiots.
    Tom HurstMay 9, 2013 11:44:11 AM
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