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Nevada Legislation Would Offer Protection For Pit Bulls
Nevada Legislation Would Offer Protection For Pit Bulls

AIR DATE: May 7, 2013


James Ohrenschall, Nevada Assemblyman

Kory Nelson, Denver City Attorney

Jesica Clemens, In Cred A Bull

BY MARIE ANDRUSEWICZ -- Even the most devoted pit bull fan can’t ignore the stories of maulings – last February, a six-year-old Las Vegas boy almost lost his leg in a pit bull attack.

Is the breed genetically wired for violence? Or do news reports generate a lot of publicity for a few bad seeds?

A Nevada Assemblyman thinks the good dogs shouldn’t be punished with the bad. AB 110 would make “breed-specific” bans – laws that would regulate ownership of certain dogs with a reputation for showing aggression, specifically pit bulls – illegal in Nevada.

“It’s based on the premise that if you see a problem dog, you need to look at the other end of the leash,” says Assemblyman James Ohrenschall.

Not only does Ohrenschall think that vicious dogs are the result of nurture, not nature, he thinks breed-specific laws have proven ineffective in stopping attacks. “People go underground, they still keep those dogs,” says Ohrenschall. “Or they switch to a dog that’s not banned and they try to make that a fighting dog.”

Kory Nelson disagrees. That’s “just wrong” says Nelson a Denver city attorney. Denver has had a pit bull ban in place since 1989.

“Denver hasn’t had any fatal attacks since the ban has been enforced, hasn’t had any serious maulings since the ban has been enforced,” says Nelson.

Nelson says that the issue with pit bulls isn’t that they are necessarily more likely to attack, but that when they do attack they’re more likely to cause serious bodily injury or even death.

“They were bred for one purpose and one purpose only,” says Nelson. “To attack larger animals, shake and tear and rip their victims until they bleed to death.”

But pit bull activist Jesica Clemens says studies have shown that pit bulls are no more aggressive than any other breed. She cites a study by German animal behaviorist Esther Schalke, who tested 70 golden retrievers along with 415 dogs with a reputation for showing aggression, including pit bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans.

“What she found was there is no difference in the way dogs of different breeds respond with aggression – they signal the same, and there is no propensity for aggression based on certain breeds,” says Clemens.

Clemens says banning breed-specific legislation won’t necessarily change the perception of pit bulls.

“As an owner of a pit bull dog I am regularly discriminated against,” says Clemens. “I’m not asking for protection from that, but I am asking for protection from breed-specific legislation.”





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    Read the words of a pathologist who performed autopsies of those killed by pit bulls... he says that "these are still in the top 5 of the most horrifying because of the damage inflicted" And that's just one of the reasons that we need BSL!
    KarlaMay 15, 2013 22:38:23 PM
    Seems Karla loves to throw facts out there for her cause.Let me say that I am a "pitbull" owner and my dog is very sweet.That being said, I am ALWAYS in control of my dogs(I have a dachshund also)and hyper-aware in public around other dogs and people. My dogs do well around other people and dogs, but I am responsible for protecting my dogs and supervising interactions they have.BSL is, indeed,an ignorant and stupid way to deal with these pitbull attacks or any dog attack, for that matter.On another note,I have worked in the veterinary field for almost a decade and,in my experience,I have found MANY breeds more "aggressive" than a pitbull.Let's talk about an 10 MONTH OLD black Lab that wanted to rip my throat out for simply approaching him.BSL is BS and has no place in Nevada or elsewhere, and it's sad that many people are ignorant of what a BSL will do to many sweet pitties.Don't think it will stop there, either.A couple helpful hints:People should spay/neuter their pets(ALWAYS)and if the dog(no matter the breed)is an aggressive dog,STOP putting them into public areas where problems will occur.
    Michelle KleinMay 10, 2013 12:22:54 PM
    Yes, I like facts because they tend to reappear over and over... like the fact that another innocent person died yesterday, after being mauled by four pit bulls Note that the owner had been previously cited as concerns the behavior of one of his dogs (attacking a horse)... so much for "holding the owners responsible" - tell that to the dead woman's husband and kids.
    KarlaMay 10, 2013 19:57:32 PM
    I don't think there will ever be a middle ground in this debate. There are those who love Pits and those who hate them. I used to be the former. This past Saturday I was walking my three dogs in the desert, a Jack Russell, a Rat Terrier and a 14 year old mutt. At one point I noticed people and looked to see if there were dogs with them. There were, first one, then two and then a pack, seven dogs with three pit bulls all off leash. I had the Jack off leash but called her to my side but when the woman called out "are your dogs friendly?" At that point my Jack who had been busy chasing rodents,looked at me and then turned and started running toward the woman. A female pit confronted my dog,there was a standoff, I told Rocket to stay still, don't move I was headed over to get her. Suddenly she was surrounded by 5 of the 7 dogs, she got scared barked out a warning and then the pit went after her. She lived, she is recovering now and the pit owner has paid the vet bill. As long as there are owners of pits making bad decisions we are all under risk. I'm not too fond of Pits anymore.
    Lille OBrienMay 14, 2013 18:20:22 PM
    Lillie: I'll be praying for a full recovery for your animal companion....
    KarlaMay 15, 2013 23:13:44 PM
    Jaloney: I hardly know where to begin as regards the sweeping generalizations within your comment below... And your statement about my "trama induced opinion" is offensive and insulting, and without merit. I only have to read the news to find another person/animal that has been victimized by a pit bull, on nearly a daily basis - it is not my "opinion" but rather the FACTS that I refer to when speaking publicly about the pervasive problem of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs. If it makes any difference, I'm agreeable to widening any BSL to include ALL dangerous dogs - those who statistically (ask the insurance company actuarials)have been shown with a propensity to attack (whether human or animals)as well as dogs of any breed who have bitten in the past (the "one bite free" law that currently is in place in many areas around the U.S.)
    KarlaMay 10, 2013 10:21:09 AM
    Your distorted view clearly shows in your refusal, like many BSL advocates, to answer the basic facts: *NO* controlled study shows 'pit bulls' are more inherently aggressive to people than other comparably strong breeds, *NO* mainstream science organization supports BSL. Insurance company policies are a 'hall of mirrors' type indicator. If civil juries are taken up in 'pit bull' hysteria, insurance companies must take this into account in rates. It means nothing as to the fundamental soundness of such public opinion. And not all insurance co's price for dog breed, and anyway it's totally different for free buyers and sellers to interact than it is for 50%+1 of the population to use government force to tell the rest what to do, a *much* higher standard of proof is needed in that case. And the iniform rejection of BSL by the scientific community means you don't have it. Anyway BSL is losing, so you're wasting your time, and giving up opportunities and allies to enact better *breed neutral* measures against vicious dog *owners*.
    Jaloney CaldwellMay 10, 2013 13:33:09 PM
    Well said, Jaloney. Spot on.
    Michelle KleinMay 10, 2013 17:06:55 PM
    Jaloney: Legislation against dangerous dogs is NOT losing... here's a news report from Royal Oaks, MI, dated YESTERDAY, outlining the new requirements for owners of such animals, including a $1M liability insurance policy
    KarlaMay 16, 2013 09:14:06 AM
    I'm asking for protection from PIT BULLS! Folks should have the right to move about their neighborhoods and communities without fearing for their safety/life. I was attacked by a pit bull (owner failed to "contain" it) while on my daily run; I was on the ground, on my back, fighting for my life. My beloved dog was killed in this attack... Now I NEVER leave the house without a .45; and I will shoot any pit bull that comes within 30' of me, that is not on a leash. In 2012 23 innocent people were MURDERED by pit bulls in the U.S. alone; 2013 is on pace to break that landmark record, with 11 INNOCENT people already dead at the jaws of these killing machines. The latest victim was a jogger in Antelope Valley, CA TODAY... mauled to death by four pit bulls. I look to my legislators to enact laws to protect "we the people"... I don't expect to encounter a lion or tiger in my neighborhood, and I don't want any other killers dwelling there either. I feel some measure of safety as I go out armed, but what about my 83 year old neighbor?
    KarlaMay 9, 2013 21:41:16 PM
    Unfortunately for pit bulls, most people who own them, but not all, do not make good people....
    LK SteinMay 9, 2013 14:19:59 PM
    ANYone who has a PitBull/PB mix has an element of sociopathy in their personality. WHY would anyone deliberately choose a dog with 200+ years, esp the last 50 years breeding to attack and hold on with without warning or provocation unless they had an element of sociopathy? They don't like to look at that but when there are 1000s of dogs killed weekly whose only crime is not enough homes why choose a deliberately dangerous dog?
    Isobel SinclairMay 15, 2013 10:34:28 AM
    Isobel - I agree with you as regards the thousands of dogs who DO make good pets, but are sentenced to death because shelters are overrun with pits/pit mixes. Those dogs are there because the DON'T make good pets...and the supply far exceeds the demand. BSL containing mandatory spay/neuter of this breed (and others) would mitigate this problem as well as save the lives of thousands of more socialable, adoptable dogs. Pits are generally house one per cage because of their aggressiveness. More social dogs are house 2-3 per cage... how many dogs could be housed/saved if there weren't so many pits taking up the available shelter space?
    KarlaMay 15, 2013 22:34:10 PM
    BSL us wrong period. And tired of people quoting how dogs were used/bred 100's if yrs ago. We have domesticated dogs as family & we as owners must be responsible for our dogs. I have many PitBull parents who are the best at owning their dogs. Killing the innocent due to abusive or neglectful PitBull owners is ignorant. Nelson is just a jackass. Ignorance I can't tolerate, & to give him a quote is bad journalism. I see lack of parenting around dogs everyday, if I wasn't there to grab these kids to protect these dogs, the dog would have bitten & sentenced to death. But nothing happens ti the stupid parent on the cell phone letting a 2 yr old run around freely & approach a strange dog. So many problems with BSL...leave the Pitties out of it, lets go after the dog abusers instead..of all breeds.
    Dee MountsMay 9, 2013 08:52:14 AM
    Why do you make the "assumption" that BSL means "killing dogs"? It can encompass a number of things, but generally includes requirements such as muzzling a dog when it is off the owner's property,requiring the owner to carry a set amount of liability insurance (the average dog bite in 2012 cost $30K, for a total of $479 MILLION -, and mandatory sterilization. Folks who own dogs that BSL applies to don't have their animals removed from their homes...unless the dog bites someone...and even then, depending on the legislation, the dog may be allowed to remain with the owner with additional restrictions placed on its movement. It seems the ones that are running around "crying wolf" are the owners of the dangerous dogs...
    KarlaMay 9, 2013 22:39:58 PM
    Karla, I'm glad you told your story above. I sympathize, but incidents like that can give people a warped sense of bigger picture issues, and that's the case with you IMHO. It's not a personal knock, just part of the human condition. BSL's are the wrong solution for many reasons, moral issues and dog deaths are only one. An equally important reason is the simple fact that, despite your personal trauma-influenced view, there is simply no scientific evidence that dogs described as 'pit bulls' are inherently more likely to be human aggressive than myriad similarly strong dog types. The total rejection by the mainstream veterinary scientific community of BSL is a powerful fact the pro-BSL lobby has no answer for. Moreover, the definition of 'pit bull' is in practical political terms highly subjective, and this creates as the CDC famously concluded, serious constitutional and practical issues with enforcement. Arbitrary insurance requirements do kill dogs, by preventing adoption (of spay/neutered, temperament screened shelter dogs which pose *no* significant threat), and are uneforcable, the owners ignoring them will correlate ~100% with the owners causing the dog problems.
    Jaloney CaldwellMay 10, 2013 08:28:03 AM
    Karla, if you read what I wrote...pitbulls are being killed BEFORE BSL is in place here in NV & states alike facing BSL due to ignorant parents (just one incident) Reading your experience, it's terrible incident. But sentencing ANY off leash pitbull with a gun because of your fear of one dog? Wow. Your hatred for pitbulls is clear. My point being, dogs minding their business when stupid parents with kids (not being tended to) naturally react to kids mishandling dogs...dogs bite/nip/attack....small or major injury to kid, dog ends up on death row due to "pitbull likeness". It happens all the time. I don't own pitbulls, I advocate for them & their responsible families. What I'm getting from allllll your posts is the same thing IE: human discrimination: A black guy mugged me, put me in the hospital, killed my dog. Now I want every black guy to wear an ankle bracelet to limit their movement around the public so we can live safely. And if any black guy comes within 30 ft of me I will shoot him with my .45. Not saying your racist, it's just a point I'm making on general discrimination. It's just wrong. Responsibility is with Owners of the attacking dog, despite breed.
    Dee MountsMay 10, 2013 11:51:04 AM
    "Clemens says banning breed-specific legislation wont necessarily change the perception of pit bulls." Probably true basically OK with me. I don't care much about people's opinions of my dog as long as they don't try to single her or me out for punitive government action when neither of us have done anything wrong, and with no good basis to believe she poses any more risk to anyone than any other dog of her general size and strength, of which many or most are not 'pit bulls'. I guess private actions like landlords refusing to rent to people are also a problem, but I own, and if my insurance company won't cover my dog for liability I don't really care about that either: there's a risk she'll attack someone, but I figure it at much less than the risk of being killed in an airliner crash, and I don't buy insurance for that. The first order of business is putting BSL in the dust bin of history where it belongs. Fortunately my state already has a BSL ban. I applaud NV for starting on the same path and hope they follow through. All states should. Have what opinions you like about breeds or pseudo-'breeds' like 'pit bull', but BSL is utter nonsense.
    Debbie BellMay 8, 2013 19:47:46 PM
    Debbie: Your "could care less" attitude as regards that fate of any potential victims of attack by your dog is reprehensible. This story noted here shows the huge amount of damage that pit bulls do, along with the related medical costs. This little girl needed nearly 900 stitches to close the wounds on her face; her family asked for public donations to help with her medical care..... THAT'S WHY owners of potentially dangerous dogs should be required to carry insurance! Also note how the Animal Services said that the pit bull "had no history of attacks" and that it "had been friendly in the past".
    KarlaMay 10, 2013 10:00:04 AM
    I have owned four pitbull and pitbull mixes. They were all great with people and particularly loving and gentle with my elderly parents. There are dangerous dogs of every breed. Target irresponsible owners and not a breed.
    Donna ZanettiMay 8, 2013 18:03:50 PM
    "Oreo" the pit bull has a great family, is sweet, and this morning, without provocation, grabbed one of the children of his family (5 year old) by the throat... knocking three teeth out beforehand. When the boy's godmother rushed to rescue the boy, the dog turned on her and bit her on the foot. The neighbor said that the family are very responsible dog owners and that the dog is sweet... apparently even ideal circumstances cannot compete with genetics.
    KarlaMay 11, 2013 23:09:45 PM
    Oreo story
    KarlaMay 11, 2013 23:10:41 PM
    I have been a pitbull owner for the past 15 years. In my lifetime I have owned 4 pitbulls, 2 rotweillers, 1 husky timber wolf, and an akita. None of them showed any signs of aggression. They were all wonderful family dogs. I think it is a dog owners responsibility to know the breed, train their dogs, and make sure they introduce their dogs to new things properly. Yes, people dogs are animals and can be unpredictable, however as an owner you should understand your dog. My pitbull gets anxious around other dogs. He is not mean to them, but I can tell he gets a little jealous, so I do not subject him to other dogs. I don't agree with the ban. It is not the answer. Proper training, stricter laws against illegal breeding and fighting, spaying and neutering, and so on is a better alternative.
    RenaMay 8, 2013 17:00:14 PM
    PS... Kory Nelson is NOT the Denver City Attorney. He WAS a deputy attorney in charge of Code enforcement. Kory Nelson is also the co-founder of the hate group a group that claims to be a dog bite support group.
    Team Pit-a-Full/ David EdelsteinMay 8, 2013 16:50:01 PM "claims" to be an organization that educates the public, in the interest of diminishing needless maulings/deaths by dogs. They report ALL dog bites that they are aware of, not just those inflicted by pit bulls. The IRS has validated their standing as a provider of public education by granting them 501(C)3 status.
    KarlaMay 9, 2013 22:51:53 PM
    What the article fails to mention is Denver has been under constant legal attack since 1989 because of their ban. What the article fails to mention is Denver's pit bull ban is based on cover up of the city's own negligence in enforcing a dangerous dog law... and Fernando Salizar lost his life in 1988 due the city's failure. What the article fails to mention is Denver spends approx $803,170 annually in its enforcement of the ban... with absolutely no check and balance as to its effectiveness. What the article fails to mention is Denver's ban is not backed by any CREDIBLE animal welfare organization. What the article fails to mention is Denver in on the brink of a federal lawsuit for not complying with a federal mandate (issued by the US Dept of Justice, due March 15, 2011) to make Pit Bull service dogs exempt from their ban. What the article fails to mention is Denver's ONLY reason for still having their ban in place (post 2004 when the state of Colorado banned all breed specific legislation) is their Home Rule Charter. Unless another city in the US maintains a Home Rule Charter they are subject to be sued for violation of both 4th and 14th amendments of the US Constitution.
    Team Pit-a-Full/ David EdelsteinMay 8, 2013 16:29:48 PM
    Okay, please stop discriminating against pit bulls. There are plenty of dachshunds who bite. They can be really bad at it. No one ever says anything about them, just because they are a small.
    Kathy AbbottMay 8, 2013 16:05:28 PM
    Dachshunds don't KILL people - pit bulls DO - 23 deaths in the U.S. by them in 2012 - 23 deaths out of a total of 38 deaths by dogs - 61% of deaths caused by a breed that makes up 5% of the dog population in the U.S. Keep trying to convince folks that pit bulls are no more likely to attack/kill/maul than other breeds... that is pure nonsense and anyone that looks at the statistics will tell you so. Today another innocent victim (63 year-old woman on her daily jog) was MURDERED by four pit bulls in Antelope Valley, CA. The dogs are still "at large" and a 25K reward has been offered to bring them in... DEAD or alive (hopefully it will be dead). Check the facts
    KarlaMay 9, 2013 21:28:47 PM
    Just to be clear, folks DO "say something" about chihuahuas... the City of Hollister has put them in the same category as pit bulls, demanding mandatory sterilization...
    KarlaMay 9, 2013 21:53:05 PM
    I've worked rescue over 50years and have 15 bites... 9 by those GD Chihuahuas, but none of the bites I've ever had, except for the 2 GSD bites from civil rights demonstrations, required more than a swipe of iodine or neosporin. PitBull bites, however are 60% responsible for all dogbites despite that they are less than 4% of the canine population. Labs are the most popular breed yet they have a much lower dog bite rate. Pointers POINT.Retrievers RETRIEVE. Shepherds&Collies HERD, Hounds TRACK. PBs attack and hold.
    Isobel SinclairMay 15, 2013 10:52:18 AM
    ALL dogs can bite. How would they eat or protect themselves? But those dogs usually WARN or show their intentions, while PitBulls/PBmixes were bred to give no such warning. What should be the focus is the amount of damage inflicted. PB/PB mixes and other molosser breeds inflict much more significant injuries and death.
    Isobel SInclairMay 15, 2013 10:56:37 AM
    While all dogs have the potential to bite, NONE has the potential to inflict they type of damage that pit bulls do. Read the opinion of a pathologist who examined three victims (dead) of pit bull attacks... he list them in his "top 5" of most horrific cases during his lifetime, because of the injuries inflicted.... he also states that it would be a good idea if this breed went extinct....
    KarlaMay 16, 2013 09:17:40 AM
    Wolf Hybrids... Sound scary? It is amazing how politics has created laws (based upon Non/Flawed science and plenty of colloquialistic hype) to eradicate anything with "wolf" in it's name. Scientific studies prove Wolves and their more domestic cousins are intelligent, devoted and gentle. Social problems are, "at the other end of the leash," in most ways.
    Vincent CornishMay 8, 2013 13:48:16 PM
    Add Chihuahuas to the list. For the last 2 years the number 1 and 2 breeds for dog bites in Clark County has been Pit Bull and Chihuahua. The 2 breeds make up about half of all dog bites. My experience with Chihuahua has been they are more agressive than Pit Bulls...

    MichaelMay 8, 2013 13:36:12 PM
    There needs to be a better statistical way of evaluating 'dangerous'. While Chihuahuas may have more bites, I would say that there are more Chihuahuas. The $$$$ damages that Chihuahuas inflict should be accounted for. If we were to rate dangerous dogs by the dollar amount of damages that might be a more realistic way to evaluate the term 'dangerous'. Try looking at the victims pictures... doubt your have the courage. Start with a recent death and the pictures of his mother kissing him goodbye as he dies... or the 80 year old man ripped from his wheelchair by Pits.... start and keep going. Try subscribing to GOOGLE ALERTS for PitBulls for GSDs, for Rotties, for Chows and you'll see the difference.
    Isobel SInclairMay 15, 2013 11:03:58 AM
    The whole idea of banning a dog breed from a city, county or state is absolutely absurd! I have been bit by multiple Chiuauas and have never been harmed by a Pit-bull. Banning specific dog breeds is the same as discriminating against a human being for being Indian or African-American. All Pit-bulls are not vicious and they are not born that way, there is no killer gene that all Pit-bulls have. I have a four year old Pit-bull and she has never harmed any person or other animal. When my dog was one year old my nine month old nephew sat on her and chewed on her ear and she just lied there. She has been bitten by other dogs before and once again did nothing. My Pitt has never shown aggression even when provoked. I chose to own a Pitt, and even though we have faced adversity while out walking or when looking for a place to live,and I would never give her up for anything in the world. When I have children my Pitt will be right there with them and if there is any legislation banning my dog breed then I will leave the state or area. My dog is a family member and I will not let the ignorance of others come between us.
    Katherine Silva-SampaioMay 7, 2013 21:12:30 PM
    Your "denial of the facts" may cost someone in your family their life. Two weeks ago the "family pet" of 8 years (a pit bull named Kissy Face) killed the 2 year old toddler when his mother went to use the bathroom.... I bet that the parents never thought that THEIR dog would do anything like that either...
    KarlaMay 9, 2013 21:58:34 PM
    I have commented a little earlier on how I own a pitbull. I also want to add, that no matter the breed, even a poodle, that I would NEVER leave my small child unattended in a room with a dog.I'm fully aware that accidents happen, but WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for what happens with interactions between our children and pets. Education and awareness are key when involving people, especially children, and animals of any kind.Ultimately,the parents of children killed by the "family pet" are responsible.Even as a vet tech fully in control of my "pitbull" and my dachshund,my child would never be left alone in a room with them.Period.I would also be responsible for teaching my child,at a very young age,how to approach any dog/cat and what/what not to do.
    Michelle KleinMay 10, 2013 12:34:16 PM
    I have never been robbed thus using Katherine's (and others'), argument, I should be against laws that prohibit robbery. Too, I have never been in an auto accident, therefore, the state should not require any driver to carry liability insurance? I could continue ad nauseum, but my point should be clear: one should never limit their believe in the usefulness of our collective decisions in our collective society to outlaw rape and punish those that rape based on any one individual's experience. As a reading of Karla's provided links illuminate, many people have been attacked, many killed and many maimed by three breeds of dogs. It's not profiling when the facts demonstrate which breeds are doing the damage (really, people are worried about 'profiling' dog breeds?!). Too bad those that support AB110 aren't dissatisfied that the legislation doesn't have a strong concurrent owner liability component (like manslaughter liability and civil damage exposure).
    JessMay 11, 2013 18:00:35 PM
    Now the parent of the toddler killed is speaking out AGAINST pit bulls, saying "they cannot be domesitcated"
    KarlaMay 23, 2013 22:02:22 PM
    I have been logging fatal and disfiguring dog attacks in the U.S. and Canada since September 1982. Of the 4,112 dogs involved in fatal and disfiguring attacks on humans occurring in the past 30.5 years, 2,553 (62%) were pit bulls; 530 were Rottweilers; 3,309 were of related molosser breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, Cane Corsos, mastiffs, boxers, and their mixes. Of the 508 human fatalities, 256 were killed by pit bulls; 84 were killed by Rottweilers; 378 (69%) were killed by molosser breeds. Of the 2,279 people who were disfigured, 1,469 (61%) were disfigured by pit bulls; 304 were disfigured by Rottweilers; 1,867 (82%) were disfigured by molosser breeds. Pit bulls, incidentally, inflict about 10 times as many fatal and disfiguring injuries on other pets and livestock as on humans, a pattern unique to the pit bull class. Surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption indicate that pit bulls are less than 5% of the U.S. dog population; molosser breeds, all combined, are 9%.
    Merritt CliftonMay 7, 2013 21:01:38 PM
    Merritt, What is the source of information that you are using in your log? Media or Hospital reports? Unless you have a DNA test on each of these dogs involved, most likely your results are skewed. While I don't believe this is an intentional act of misidentification on your part, multiple studies have shown how ineffective we are at visual breed identification. Most recently, Maddie's Fund & U of Florida did a study on visual breed ID. 5000 animal professionals were surveyed (vets, behaviorists, breeders, trainers etc.). Each was given 100 photos of dogs, both a front & side view of each. Participants were asked to ID the primary breed/breeds of each dog, that being of 25% or more DNA. More than 2/3 of the time, the animal professionals mis-identified the dog based on appearance. Another study done by V. Voith at Western U surveyed shelter workers in the same way. 87% of the time, they mis-identified the dog too. So, unless your research includes DNA analysis of each offending dog, I would consider that the labels you may be throwing around in your log may not be accurate. Want to test you skills?
    Jesica ClemensMay 8, 2013 11:25:44 AM
    Merrit Clifton is a remnant of the Senator McCarthy era. He pulls (and skew's and manipulates) his stats from one source and one sources only: The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Oddly... "If anyone says one dog is more likely to kill  unless theres a study out there that I havent seen  thats not based on scientific data, said Julie Gilchrist, a doctor at the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention who researches dog bites. More so... Merrit Clifton was PAID BY the city of Denver to endorse their ban.
    Team Pit-a-Full/ David EdelsteinMay 8, 2013 16:42:07 PM
    I am a dog lover and owner. Pit bull terriers were by cross breeding in the late 1800s. Facts are facts and you can't "love" the instinct out of them because you say that you are a good owner. A 10 year study shows that Pits are responsible for 1269 maimings. 2nd place, Rotts with 277, Dobes 7. Could anyone train a pointer not to point. Owners like to blame bad owners but who gets to determine a good owner? It's like trying to determine which kindergarten student gets the AK 47. Spaying and neutering could be the answer.
    Michele FayMay 7, 2013 11:18:37 AM
    I,too, have a dog with a pit-like face. She may be part pit. She is dangerous in that she might lick you to death. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. On the other hand, a neighbor's non-distinct vicious mutt got of her leash and bit me. I required surgery and over a hundred stitches. Animal control could not take the dog away or even require that it be muzzled. I was the third person to be attacked by that dog. I wish animal control would focus upon the truly vicious dogs and leave individual breeds alone.
    marcMay 7, 2013 10:20:45 AM
    Why not just require dog owners to put a muzzle on the dog when it is outside? Also, make sure the dog is fixed so there are no more litters.
    Susan OlmstedMay 7, 2013 10:05:22 AM
    That would be fine... as long as that law applies to ALL DOGS OF ALL BREEDS.
    Team Pit-a-Full/ David EdelsteinMay 8, 2013 16:44:11 PM
    I am so tired of ridiculous rhetoric about dog breeds. I have seen more aggression out of "classic family dogs," such as labs, retrievers, and shepherds than I have out of any pit bull on the street, at the no-leash dog park, etc. I own a 35 pound mixed-breed dog who has a "pit face" so she is always classified as a pit bull and discriminated against accordingly. My 70 pound boxer is consistently more territorial and aggressive than my "pit," yet everyone everywhere absolutely loves him when he is twice her size. I am so glad that Assemblyman Ohrenschall is attempting to stop the punishment of these dogs because of the few bad owners.
    VirginiaMay 7, 2013 10:02:31 AM
    People that fight pit bulls underground routinely put down their fighting dogs because they don't fight. These dogs may be strong and athletic, but it's difficult to find one that is vicious.
    Casey KorbyMay 7, 2013 09:50:01 AM
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