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What's On Your Mind?
What's On Your Mind?

AIR DATE: May 10, 2013

The Pentagon recently released a report showing that sexual assaults are on the rise in the military. What don't we know about life on the bases in Nevada? Online poker is slowly becoming a reality. Lawmakers in Carson City are rapidly winding down the session with taxes still up for debate. We bring a panel of Las Vegas voices together to talk about these topics, and anything that's on their minds. And of course we want to hear from you.

Howard Beckerman, Vice President of Temple Sinai Men's Club
Joshua Ellis, writer and web developer
Laurel Fee, Editor, Trunc


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    I tend to agree with Joshua Ellis. I came to live in Las Vegas 30 years ago because there were jobs here. I've been trying to move to another city for the last 10, but moving is expensive and it's very difficult to move with the housing bubble. When I want to socialize with people I go through or church find people with similar interests, but I don't have anything with common with our neighbors. Some of our neighbors aren't nice people, for example they drink and get obnoxious. It's just better to keep a healthy distance. We have neighbors on one side who are nice, but we don't speak the same language and don't have interests in common. We are briefly friendly but we don't socialize and I'm fine with that. I don't prefer to socialize with my neighbors, and don't see anything wrong with that Actually I feel a little alienated when people imply that I "should." I would definitely call the police if I saw a law being broken, but I don't believe in being nosy, and I don't want my neighbors being nosy either. If people started getting nosy with each other because they are looking for evil-doers, it would be like living in a totalitarian state.
    SusanMay 10, 2013 20:38:01 PM
    Laurel Fee is a disgrace, a loser and represents no one. The so called Tea Party group has no members and represents no one. They have no following. Every candidate that allowed them to participate in their campaign lost last cycle. They should never be given a legitimate platform. She and her buddy Jeri just talk to each other and speak for no one. L.O.S.E.R.S.
    Jim H. May 10, 2013 11:48:39 AM
    I love that NPR uses a woman who is barely literate to Represent conservatives. Maybe she should prepare a bit. No wonder no one listens to her organization. She has the insight of a slug. Lets get some educated articulate conservatives and Republicns on the show not some idiot from a trailer park.
    Steve DMay 10, 2013 12:04:11 PM
    I was out walking my neighborhood this morning with my dog , like I do of a regular basis , waving at neighbors and always meeting new neighbors I was listening to NPR I love the station however today I HAD to listen to Joshua Ellis He is a very negative (he calls it sarcastic) man I am a 3rd generation Nevadan and I resent his negativity to Las Vegas he says he came here by accident he should leave ASAP intentionally please . I will not be listening to another state of if I hear Joshua on again or any other program he may be on
    DeniseMay 10, 2013 10:05:29 AM
    Yes, the answer is to silence voices that we don't agree with.
    JohnMay 10, 2013 10:10:38 AM
    We need more diverse opinions, not less. Ignoring those who disagree does not solve the problem.
    William HiltonMay 10, 2013 10:22:48 AM
    Not enough funding for schools may be a problem, but misuse of funding is an even bigger one. It seems that what little funding there is all goes to administrators rather than teachers. Instead of improving the learning environment, the schools are being run more and more like prisons with administrators as the wardens and guards. All of my friends who went to Nevada schools hated it whether they were good students or bad students.
    JohnMay 10, 2013 10:03:01 AM
    Its not misuse of funds when you first don't pay for the kind of teachers you want and second cut what pay they have. Same with state workers. Don't buy the Republican BS about "misuse". We have the least number of state workers per capita in the COUNTRY yet the Republicans answer to more money is to cut their salaries and benefits even more. Our teachers are among the least paid in the COUNTRY yet the Republicans answer to more money is to cut their salaries and benefits even more. Its true that you get what you pay for. You will not get the best, or even good, service if you refuse to pay for it.
    William HiltonMay 10, 2013 10:21:20 AM
    I am all for having taxes to pay for community services, starting with education. Mind you I don't have childeren. I am not for a select few are making choices of how to spend that money. We keep saying we need more money in the class room. But that money seems to be building anything but class rooms. The salary they offered the last superintendant, as well as the money they paid a head hunter service. Was a waste in my opinion all the way around. And the money is gone and the job is still incomplete. If you drive around Las Vegas and check out the administrative buildings, a few are much nicer than the class rooms these kids are put in. The disgrace is in the administrative organizing of the education system.
    MichaelMay 10, 2013 09:58:15 AM
    Private schools get results. it is about misuse of money. Take the money away from the administrators and put it in the hands of the parents through vouchers. my daughter and son in law took my grandkids two years ago out of Nevada because of the schools and the gangs and the violence here to move to WA state which is more family friendly and schools that have a great reputation!
    Jeri May 10, 2013 09:56:25 AM
    Listen closely to what the Republicans are saying and you understand why the system does not work; they give tax breaks to the rich and refuse to spend money on education and THEN they BLAME government for not getting the job done! They don't want the legislature to meet for more than 120 days EVERY OTHER YEAR and then COMPLAIN that they can't get the job done! You get what you pay for, and Republicans don't want to pay for any services, yet they want them!
    William HiltonMay 10, 2013 09:55:50 AM
    our great country was not built on the premise that I will provide an education for my children, and yours can do without. Same with roads, parks, public health, etc. We all have a vested interest in our neighbor's outcomes.
    BarbaraMay 10, 2013 09:52:19 AM
    I believe that you can gauge the quality of a society by the quality of it's public education. In that regard, Southern Nevada falls short. And no, vouchers are NOT the answer, because many private schools are religious, and public funding for religious schools constitute a violation of the separation of church and state.
    SusanMay 10, 2013 20:55:25 PM
    the thing in C-town, the cops wouldn't investigate that women were in chains in the backyard, but i'm willing to bet MY LIFE, if it would have been LOUD music or "my neighbor has weed plants", SWAT would have showed up. This comes down to money that police can generate, not public safety. FknJonas PS you are avoiding the subject of our gov OFFICIALS CAUGHT Lying: (Bengazi)
    FknJonasMay 10, 2013 09:48:59 AM
    We have NEVER fully funded education because conservatives in the legislature have denied those funds. We do not pay for the teachers or the environment our kids need-we only pay a little. Your female guest who suggests that we pay enough and do not get the outcomes we need is incorrect-I've been here for 40 years and this situation has never changed in Nevada. Taxpayers her do not want to pay for a great education for the children of this state, so they do not do so.
    Jim in HendersonMay 10, 2013 09:46:42 AM
    James emails: Speaking as a native of Las Vegas, the idea that education is not important to Las Vegans is little more than an ages-old cliche. Criticizing the fact that some Las Vegans can earn a good living without a high level of education is hardly a criticism. The problem is simple: Las Vegas has too many people for its resources -- water, financial and otherwise. Nevada's heritage is that it is a low-tax western libertarian state, as it should be. The solution is to impose a new-home development fee that is earmarked for services and education.
    JamesMay 10, 2013 09:43:55 AM
    Your community it's what you make of it. I lived in las Vegas for the last 23 years, i have a 14 year old daughter; when she was about 10 years old she came home very upset at the fact that some people call her beautiful city "SIN CITY" did you know that mom? she asked very obfuscated!
    Paula GaldamezMay 10, 2013 09:34:21 AM
    I'm amazed at the attention given to Bengazi. They "the republicans" now want to impeach President Obama. Why aren't they going after Cheney and Bush and Rumsfeld for loosing over 4,000 lives in a war that was based on false hoods. This stinks of political nonsense and another way to waste tax payers money.
    terryMay 10, 2013 09:34:15 AM
    Craig emails: About a year ago, it was noticed that someone had dug a large hole in his back yard. I took a look by walking down an open area behind the housing and saw he had buried a complete RV trailer. These have flimsy walls that will not stand up to the pressure of dirt. I contacted the city police, and was asked what was illegal about it. I simply said, "Jaycee Dugard" and left it at that. I ensured that the HOA knew about it, and the fact that it was reported to the police was logged into the monthly minutes. What else could be done?
    CraigMay 10, 2013 09:31:29 AM
    James emails: These guys live in the wrong neighborhoods; old, central neighborhoods like John S Park, McNeil, and others have neighbors who know each other through block parties, social events and more.
    JamesMay 10, 2013 09:30:02 AM
    I've lived in Vegas most of my life and completely disagree that greed is the only aspect we have in common. Each neighborhood I've lived in has had great neighbors. Yes there are some that keep to themselves, but that is true wherever you live. I currently live in the suburbs and we have block parties, watch each others children, have keys to each others homes and are friends on Facebook. I get sick of hearing that Vegas is awful. It's not unless you stay home and complain about it. If you don't like it, do the rest of us a favor and leave.
    LindsayMay 10, 2013 09:29:02 AM
    Good to hear Doc Ellis again... Anyway: forget the Cleveland "how did he do it?" the big question is WHY did he do it. A guy in Bavaria did much worse (absolutely hellish stuff) and I've always wondered about WHY... And these sorts of things seem to be more and more commonplace as our sense of personal responsibility is masked under the inscrutable guise plausible deniability. Also: Vegas has always been a small town; but I agree with Josh: I don't wanna know my neighbors.
    SethMay 10, 2013 09:22:31 AM
    Wow, the perspective if your guest about his view of Las Vegas startles me. Not my experience, yet I appreciate this is because I consciously gather people in my home (not as much as I did, howeve). And as I tell clients when they speak in a similar way about jobs they have -- salver army is against the law, you have the full and free right to leave. Something may bring you here, but why do you stay? And what effort do you make to create community?
    Andrea GoegleinMay 10, 2013 09:22:16 AM
    James P. RezaMay 10, 2013 09:35:52 AM
    You need not look farther than the thermometer to understand why people are in their garages and cars and not milling about on the streets.
    MMay 10, 2013 09:18:51 AM
    Absolutely untrue. We have 60 days of heat, 45 days of cold, and the rest of the year is almost perfect.
    James P. RezaMay 10, 2013 09:27:00 AM
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