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Nevada Democrats Push Payroll Tax To Fund Education
Nevada Democrats Push Payroll Tax To Fund Education

AIR DATE: May 13, 2013

Democrats in the Nevada legislature are finally unveiling their tax package today. It comes with little more than three weeks to run in the session. What's in it? Jon Ralston reported over the weekend that the package will raise payroll taxes - the amount paid by companies for each worker - by a small percentage. The rate will be higher for mining companies and banks. But can Democrats get the through both houses and signed by the governor before the end of the session?

State Sen. Mo Denis, D-Las  Vegas, Majority Leader, Nevada State Senate
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    Folks, its about the added revenue for infrastructure! Take a closer look at New Mexico, NC, and Louisiana on its long term effects not just one film and the permit money the city made... Film Makers come to Nevada ONLY to rape the strip , downtown or Reno and never look further than their noses! Check out this link and what is happening in the private sector to help get more films into Nevada. We need to show filmmakers Nevada
    Tara Clark- Amazon Ranch Movie Shoot RanchMay 13, 2013 10:00:06 AM
    I just returned from Salisbury, NC, where they filmed Sleepy Hollow and used a downtown church which looks like the Old North Church in Boston. The City only gained $30 from this venture. The politicians really did a lot of lobbying to get film makers to come to North Carolina but the benefits did not outweigh the expense. I hope this is not the case for Nevada.
    Norma PriceMay 13, 2013 09:27:33 AM
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