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Heller Lobbies To Strip IRS Of Obamacare Duties
Heller Lobbies To Strip IRS Of Obamacare Duties

AIR DATE: May 16, 2013

The Las Vegas Sun reports Sen. Dean Heller wants to relieve the IRS of funding meant to help the agency enforce provisions of the Affordable Care Act. This comes in the wake of a scandal where IRS officials were revealed to have given greater scrutiny to Tea Party and other conservative groups that sought tax exempt status. A number of other GOP senators have shown support for Heller's plan. Meanwhile, Sen. Harry Reid has defended the administration on the IRS scandal, but Karoun Demirjian reports Reid broke with the president on another scandal after the Justice Department grabbed phone records of a number of Associated Press reporters. Karoun Demirjian joins us to talk about Sen. Heller's plans and Sen. Reid's positions amidst multiple White House scandals.


Karoun Demirjian, Washington Correspondent, Las Vegas Sun

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    Questions for Dean Heller My sister-in-law just lost her husband and so, also his insurance. With serious pre existing conditions, she will now be able to obtain insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Do you want to deny her that opportunity? Another close relative with young children is looking forward to being able to access insurance through the health exchanges. Do you want to deny them the opportunity to do so? There is an opportunity for millions, previously uninsured to get insurance with supplements or access previously denied. Do you want to take that away? I wish Dean Heller would think about the human beings here and not just ideological talking points.
    ElizabethMay 16, 2013 09:20:12 AM
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