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Rep. Steven Horsford On Immigration And The IRS
Rep. Steven Horsford On Immigration And The IRS

AIR DATE: May 24, 2013


Rep. Steven Horsford, Democrat, Congressional District Four

BY AMY KINGSLEY -- Rep. Steven Horsford sits on the House of Representatives’ Oversight and Government Reform Committee. That means that he’s recently heard quite a bit of testimony in the IRS scandal.

Employees of the agency’s office in Cincinnati delayed the approval of tax-exempt status for conservative groups with “patriot” or “tea party” in the name.

Some Republicans have suggested that plan may have come from outside the office — and even from the White House itself. Rep. Horsford dismissed such speculation.

“Let me be clear: There is absolutely no evidence that’s come before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee that implicates the White House or the president or the administration as a whole,” Horsford said. “This is an isolated incident with some rogue IRS tax employees out of Cincinnati who were told to stop by their supervisor and chose to continue anyway.”

“I think it is irresponsible for people to make any type of other assertion at this point because the facts simply don’t lead there.”

Immigration Reform

Rep. Horsford supports immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship. But he belongs to the Congressional Black Caucus, and has some concerns about the possible elimination of diversity visas.

Historically, those visas aided immigrants from Ireland. But recently, they have been used by Caribbean and African immigrants who want to become citizens.

“I will support a comprehensive bill that includes a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million individuals who are either out of status or who are currently undocumented and that ensures the same opportunity for all communities to have a pathway to citizenship and that does not leave any community out.”

Immigration reform must be tough, but fair, he said. And it must create a pathway to full citizenship. Any alternatives that would include something less than full citizenship simply will not work, he said.

“Is it fair that someone can come here and work, not bring their family, have their children separated from them and not be able to pursue permanent, full citizenship? Should we have second-class citizens in America?”


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    Unless you are an avid reader of the Pro-sovereignty website American Patrol, you are unlikely to be aware of the truth that a large majority of the Liberal editorial that is passed onto the public. American Patrol contains intelligence about the facts about the true dimensions of the fence along the border. Some of todays information on current affairs at the hellish border, illegal immigration, the IRS and other startling proponents in articles from national journalist, investigating reporters and those who believe in digging deep for the facts. The headline this day opens up a jar of worms, relating to fires that show evidence of illegal activity, which in the past have turned into conflagrations and hard to contain along our international insecure fencing. So even if the measure clears the Senate, brutal opposition will await the bill in the Republican House, where countless GOP alleged this legislation is synonymous to another AMNESTY for those who have repeatedly violated the laws. The headline reads from Sandy Dechert -- The Examiner -- May 23 : The Soldier Basin wildfire continues to burn strong along the ridges of the Coronado National Forest in southern Arizona
    Dave FrancisMay 24, 2013 16:34:17 PM
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