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Muth Lobbies For Mt. Reagan
Muth Lobbies For Mt. Reagan

AIR DATE: May 24, 2013

Conservative activist Chuck Muth wants to name the peak of Frenchman Mountain for President Ronald Reagan. We'll ask him why he thinks that particular monument is a good tribute to the conservative icon.


Chuck Muth, President, Citizen Outreach

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    Interviewing chuck muth about raising money for his "non-profit" is an absolute waste of a valuable air time. How quickly we forget, chuck muth already raised thousands of dollars on this scam with nothing to show his donors for their money?
    idiot muthJul 25, 2013 16:19:02 PM
    apparently you didn't learn journalism with Ms. Gross. If you had, you would have done some background and understood that Frenchman and Sunrise are often confused but by no means one-and-the-same. Furthermore, Frenchman is already named for a miner with ties to Nevada history. It is thought that he was probably not French but, more likely Dutch or maybe Belgian. He was a miner who helped build this land out of blood, sweat and tears and who lived in a cave on the mountain. He did not come here to perform because he couldn't find any other way to pay his delinquent taxes. Your guest may want to usurp a true pioneer in favor of a Hollywood actor guided by astrologists. But, NPR< I expect you to dig deeper and ask challenging questions. But, then again, you have a job and I don't.
    marc wohlwillMay 24, 2013 20:41:52 PM
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