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Will The Background Check Bill Create A Gun Registry?
Will The Background Check Bill Create A Gun Registry?

AIR DATE: May 29, 2013

Opponents of a bill that would require background checks for all private gun sales are worried that the law's real objective is to create a gun registry. Supporters have pointed out that the bill doesn't do anything of the sort. And, they ask, what would be so terrible about a gun registry? After all, we register voters. Where do you stand on the issue? Do you think Senate Bill 221 infringes on the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms? Or do you think it is a reasonable step to increase public safety?


Steve Sebelius, Political Columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Bob Irwin, Owner, The Gun Store

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    It's only a registry if they keep records forever. Personally I wouldn't mind a registry. I have to register my car, motorcycle, boat, etc.
    GregMay 29, 2013 19:26:00 PM
    CCW holders are not required to get a background check. But as I understand SB221 as written CCW holders would still have to go into a dealer and log the private transfer of weapons, without a background check performed. How is this not a registry?
    TedMay 29, 2013 09:13:11 AM
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