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Gun Bills, Energy Policy And The Final Budget
Gun Bills, Energy Policy And The Final Budget

AIR DATE: June 3, 2013

As the legislative session draws to a close, members of the Assembly and the state Senate have considered several issues such as gun control and energy policy. We'll talk about how they voted and what could happen in final 15 hours of the session.


Steve Sebelius, Columnist, Las Vegas Review-Journal

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    Oh yeeeeeeah, make the typical anti-government statements that 'thank God the legislature is almost over'. This way the gaming, mining, and other rich interests that don't have to respond to the elected representatives of the people are free to take whatever they want for another two years until the next 120 day pause in their theft.
    Jim in HendersonJun 3, 2013 09:00:51 AM
    We should all be supremely thankful that our army of meddling, nanny-state wastrels (a.k.a. the legislature) will soon be out of business for another two years. Just look at the state budget through time... it increases nearly exponentially! And, no matter what one wants from the state (i.e. from the pockets of other taxpayers), that is simply not economically sustainable, period.
    Tom HurstJun 2, 2013 04:29:13 AM
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