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Can The Huntridge Be Saved?
Can The Huntridge Be Saved?

AIR DATE: June 7, 2013

From the Rat Pack to Nine Inch Nails, Las Vegas' historic Huntridge Theater was a venue that inspired memories. It's since fallen into disrepair, but a group is trying to get enough donations to restore the theater to its original splendor. We'll check in on where they are with their plan.



Michael Cornthwaite and Joey Vanas, partners in Huntridge Revival LLC

Frank Thomas Defrancesco, Huntridge attendee




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    I would like to quote Juan Enrique who posted this on Save the Huntridge on facebook: Before anyone donates, please take note: 1- An LLC is basically a legal entity comprised of elements of a partnership and a corporation. Like a corporation, it has limited liability in its actions towards the community. 2- These people have not presented any business plan, nor proposal which states that the Huntridge will be re-instated to the NR and it's historic integrity will be preserved. 3- If they do not meet the 150k mark by the allotted time period, they will not pursue the project. Your donation will legally become part of their discretionary fund to do as they please with. 4- This project is basically an exercise in venture capitalism, not historical preservation. 5- Gentrification is the root of this proposal. Their goal is to use the theatre as an anchor which will attract more gentrifying ventures into the area.
    tyler zamboriJun 15, 2013 07:06:13 AM
    6- The downtown community is being left out of the loop. It's a majority Latino community. No info has been made available in Spanish and passed around to local residents. 7- The people working on this venture have proven to be hostile and dismissive of any criticism coming from the community. Very unprofessional. Would you trust a project like this to people who spend their days insulting anyone who disagrees with them? I think not. 8- The controlling entity with an LLC is the party with the most equity. If the project does miraculously manage to progress. The party putting up the majority of the 15 million, inflated figure will be in charge. There is no telling of what that individual(s) would do, but odds are high, 100% that they will be focusing on a quick return of their investment and their bottom line. 9- Don't trust people who put forth emotional arguments with nothing of substance to back them up. Okay, they love the Huntridge and they love downtown. That's nice to hear, where is your business plan and your professionalism?! 10- Seriously, do you want to donate to a couple of rich guys so that they can open up another business? Think people.
    Tyler ZamboriJun 15, 2013 07:06:57 AM
    I would also like to ask: If the $150,000 crowdfunding goal is not met, where will the money go? It is clear that these donations cannot be considered tax-exempt, however why can't the Principals involved simply state that if the goal is not reached, all donations will be put back into this community? They could use it in parts to donate to Opportunity Village, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, or into local education or into improving the sidewalks? This would provide more confidence to attract even more donations. To date, this has not been addressed, which opens up the door to speculation and what is deemed as "unfair comments". This would also be a fine way of involving more members of the community, knowing that the money, at least if the goal is not reached will be put forth into useful, positive endeavors. This isn't even taking into consideration what happens to the monies if the 15MM is not reached.
    KristinaJun 9, 2013 11:15:33 AM
    Kristina, the answer is that they will keep whatever funds they do make from the campaign. They have stated that the indiegogo description is the guideline they are using, and that description says that it is a flexible funding campaign. This means that they will keep every donation they get even if they don't meet the goal. I think eventually people are going to get fed up with this method of fundraising, with its lack of accountability.
    Tyler ZamboriJun 10, 2013 10:15:36 AM
    It would be educational to see this discussion about the people behind this project and the questions they will not answer, here:
    Tyler ZamboriJun 8, 2013 22:27:37 PM
    I grew up going to the Huntridge. Some of the best memories of my youth were seen there. I saw so many shows and it was a staple in the music community and should be again. I met so many of my lifelong friends there, including Frank who was on the show yesterday. It would be amazing to have this place restored. Although I moved away from the desert 12 years ago, I will definitely donate some cash money to help restore this Las Vegas landmark. Every generation of kids should experience music venues like the Huntridge!
    NateeshJun 7, 2013 15:45:52 PM
    The Huntridge, while interesting, is a very run-down property in a very bad part of town. I'd like to see it saved, but with only private money taking the risk. Unfortunately, I think it's very likely that the Huntridge Revival group will go for taxpayer money to subsidize their personal business interests. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us lived in some bizarro-world where our personal businesses that we benefit from were all somehow paid for by someone else? Unfortunately, that's not economic reality.
    Tom HurstJun 7, 2013 11:02:16 AM
    The crowdfunding phase is asking for 1% of the total required capital to open the doors of The Huntridge, mostly to help with the acquirement of private investment/grant money. Given the nature of the perks, it's essentially testing the ticket-buying market that would be available if the venue were to re-open. I don't think you're being very fair with your comment.
    Shaun SwansonJun 7, 2013 11:50:25 AM
    Thank you for your realistic comment. I am used to an atmosphere where ALL comments are fair. I see where any disagreement or concern about this campaign is now met with a return reply of being "unfair" instead of met with an intelligent reply that is not contradicting.
    KristinaJun 9, 2013 10:48:57 AM
    My name is Margaret and I am a thirty- two year old single mother who is currently a full time nursing student on summer break. I have so many wonderful memories of the Huntridge. I attended so many shows there ranging from Sarah Mclachlan to Sepultura. I would really love to see the Huntridge restored! Being as Iam a student I don't have any money to contribute, being that I am on summer break, I have lots of time to give. I was wondering if there are any volunteer opportunities available. Please let me know. Thank you so much!
    Margaret KelsoJun 7, 2013 10:46:34 AM
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