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More Caesars' Dealers Organize
More Caesars' Dealers Organize

AIR DATE: June 10, 2013


Tambrey Hashimoto, Paris-Las Vegas Hotel-Casino

Transport Workers Union Local 721 is at it again. The dealers' local has just organized casino workers at Bally's and Paris-Las Vegas. We talk to them about why they wanted to organize union representation, where their contract is going and whether they expect more dealers to organize.

"I wanted something that I could take home to my family and basically that’s all we want, just to feel secure and be happy in our workplace," says Tambrey Hashimoto, a dealer at Paris casino.

"There’s got to be at least 10,000 dealers in town and we all want the same things – we want to go home to our families and take vacations together – just normal, everyday things."





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    Having worked for both a union and a non union casino I could not disagree more Tom. They DO like their jobs and want to KEEP their jobs. They have decided to band together to stand up to bullying or ridiculous demands or targeting so they can continue being dealers. If you enjoy an 8 hour workday and overtime and breaks and you can thank a union. Oh yeah it's soooo easy with the unemployment rate to just go find another job.
    JJun 10, 2013 20:54:55 PM
    If the dealers don't like their jobs under the terms offered (and, generally, their jobs would be considered very good jobs by most people), they should simply find another job; that's what everyone else does. Forcing the issues by joining a union will only lead to sad times, both for the union member and the company that will be perpetually tortured by the union, for unions *always* reduce productivity and increase corruption.
    Tim HuntJun 10, 2013 09:37:34 AM
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