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Las Vegas Poets Storm Boston
Las Vegas Poets Storm Boston

AIR DATE: June 10, 2013


Because this world is your ocean

Take off your shoes and get your feet wet

Build a boat and sail above it

Take lessons -- let the wind be your guide

Put on scuba gear and explore how amazing it is

Grab a plastic bucket

Build a sandcastle

Name it after a loved one who has passed

Watch the tide wash it away

And accept that all things are temporary

Except love

-- Vogue Robinson


Every year, hundreds gather for the National Poetry Slam. These poetic performers sometimes drop iambic pentameter, other times they go for free verse. Four Las Vegans will be making the trip to Boston later in August for the competition, something Las Vegas teams have never won. They join us to share what it’s like to recite and perform poems for points and what winning could mean for the city’s reputation.





Albert Joseph Moyer, Coach

Kari O’Conner

Nathan Say

Vogue Robinson



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    We've also started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to get to Boston. We'd appreciate any and all donations!
    Kari O'ConnorJun 10, 2013 19:27:55 PM
    The Correct Four Members of the Team are: Nathan Say Kari O'Connor Vogue Robinson Lauren Williamson A.J. Moyer is the Coach. Lauren was at work and couldn't attend the taping of the interview. We asked that this be corrected before it aired.
    Nathan SayJun 10, 2013 19:05:10 PM
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