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Gun Bill Shot Down
Gun Bill Shot Down

AIR DATE: June 14, 2013


Mark Glaze, Director, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Governor Brian Sandoval vetoed a bill that would have required background checks for all private sales of firearms. The move was not unexpected. Mark Glaze, the leader of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, told us why he will continue to work for more states to adopt background checks:

“People need to be made aware of the implications of this veto. They need to be made further aware of how effective the background check system has been at the federal level. How much states who have closed this loophole have seen crime decrease. About 40-50 percent fewer suicides, 17 percent fewer aggravated assaults with guns, about 50 percent less gun trafficking.

Closing this loophole works. It doesn’t do any damage to the second amendment. There’s really no reason to not adopt it, other than political reasons, and I think those are what motivated the governor.”

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    How about getting people from *both* sides of the issue to discuss the facts? Personally, I think background checks *do* interfere with the intent of the second amendment, and do *not* affect crime rates. Mr. Glazer is one who would naively sacrifice liberty for (faux) safety. Indeed, he is one face of the coming police state.
    Tom HurstJun 16, 2013 15:51:27 PM
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