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Navajo Nation Put On Notice For Housing
Navajo Nation Put On Notice For Housing

AIR DATE: June 25, 2013

 — The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development says the Navajo Nation has failed to spend nearly $150 million in housing grant money for fiscal year 2012. Since 2000, the Navajo Nation have almost consistently failed to spend HUD grant money.

In a letter of warning to the Navajo Housing Authority, HUD gave notice that the tribe was in violation of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act.

The violation? Failure to spend grant money awarded to Navajo Housing for crime prevention and safety, tenant-based rental assistance, and rehabilitation of old units to name a few.

The total grant for those programs in 2012: about $215 million. The money actually spent on those programs over that period: about $66 million.

Since 2000, HUD estimates that the Navajo Housing Authority has been sitting on nearly $434 million in unspent housing funds.

Repeated calls to the Navajo Nation for comment on the unspent funds were not returned.

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    Forget the folk myths of the noble Indian. Anyone familiar with tribal governance knows that it makes the cesspool of corruption and incompetence in D.C. seem tame by comparison. Really, it's that bad. Further, why in this day and age are we giving welfare money to "sovereign nations"? Seems to me that they should be taking care of themselves. And, finally, if you or I crossed the government where money was concerned, we'd be screwed in a minute, not 12 years later; let's just abolish HUD and be done with it. Jeesh, this whole affair is beyond belief in every way imaginable!
    Tim HuntJun 16, 2013 15:45:37 PM
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