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A Bad Bet: The Legislature Shuts Down Sports Kiosks
A Bad Bet: The Legislature Shuts Down Sports Kiosks

AIR DATE: June 18, 2013


John English, Gaming Arts

BY MARIE ANDRUSEWICZ -- Sports kiosks will be banned from bars, thanks to a bill pushed by the Nevada Resort Association, says John English, developer of Sports Bet Express, the first sports betting kiosk. The machine allowed users to place wagers from the convenience of their local tavern.

“They were unhappy with the fact that we were offering sports betting inside of a bar, which at this point is kind of a moot point. It’s kind of a silly point. The reason why I say that – you’re allowed to make bets on a cell phone, you’re allowed to make bets on a PC, you’re allowed to make bets at home,” says English. “The object of having it in a bar was convenience. People are betting no matter where they are, and the issue was this $300-400 billion dollars being spent offshore with companies that are not taxable here in Nevada. So I don’t know why anyone would fight that, to be honest with you.”

English is moving his interests into a kiosk that offers keno and bingo games. The machines are currently only permitted in casinos, but English hopes that at some point they will be allowed in bars and taverns.

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