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Lexus Project Defends Onion The Dog
Lexus Project Defends Onion The Dog

AIR DATE: July 2, 2013


Richard Rosenthal, General Counsel and Co-founder, The Lexus Project

BY ERIK HELLING -- Dogs that kill are usually rounded up by animal control officials and euthanized. Not this time. Even though Onion attacked and killed a one-year-old child, he has been staunchly defended by the Lexus Project – a New York-based group that fights for animals that it says have been unjustly condemned to death. On Wednesday, the group’s lawyers will be in the Nevada Supreme Court arguing an appeal to keep Onion in the group’s sanctuary.

Onion, a Mastiff who attacked the one-year-old grandson of his owners after the toddler woke him, deserves a second chance, according to Lexus Project co-founder Richard Rosenthal. He says the dog was startled in the dark, and dropped the child immediately after being called by his owners.

Rosenthal also believes that animal control officials gave Onion’s owners no option in signing the dog over and that the owners are the people who contacted the Lexus Project to present Onion’s case.

“We put murderers and rapists back on the streets with them intentionally knowing their crimes,” said Rosenthal in response to the possible risk of putting dangerous dogs back in homes.

Rosenthal stresses that tragedies such as this are a result of pet owners becoming too “complacent” and over-humanizing their pets, which are still animals.

In terms of their appeal, Rosenthal believes that animal control’s methods go against the constitution, and hopes that the court will release Onion into the Lexus Project’s care, where he can be put into a sanctuary.

“When a dog can get along with other dogs, is not showing a tendency to attack without cause and can be saved, we believe it should.”

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    Mary, your towns mayor decided to make himself judge and jury over the yellow lab. The dog isnt vicious per your own towns laws...(3 bites- there was only 1 reported) but your mayor just decided to kill it. Apparently his Uncle shot his own dog right in front of him for being "vicious". I support the Lexus Project and all they do, ever since your town did what they did to that lovable lab!
    Janice GarciaAug 21, 2013 13:55:09 PM
    I just visited the Lexus Group page and looked over their "project dogs"... Approximately half of them are pit bulls/pit bull mixes. It appears that after "rescuing" these dogs, the dogs are placed in homes in various communities. Are members of these communities notified that potential danger will be entering? Do they have a "say" in such an animal being introduced? Is a big sign posted in the front yard (much like sex offenders must post) saying "potentially dangerous dog on premises - approach at your own risk?" Since this group is fond of utilizing the law to gain freedom for these dogs, are they also willing to be LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for any damage that any of these dogs do after they are placed within a community?
    KarlaJul 2, 2013 10:14:11 AM
    As a resident of Nevada for over 30 years, I RESENT "outsiders" coming into our community to try to force their opinions down our throat! As a taxpayer, I doubly resent having to pay for the upkeep of this killer dog while this Non-battle goes through our court system. As an advocate against DANGEROUS DOGS, this dog is a KILLER and has no place in our community or any other community... the owners gave consent to euthanize this animal after it killed their baby - and that's exactly what should have been done, THEN. That dog is not fit to reside in a community here, or elsewehere!
    KarlaJul 2, 2013 10:03:19 AM
    How wrong you are. It was the babies grandmother who contacted the Lexus project and begged them to save Onion. If the family can find the room in their hearts to forgive him, what difference should it make to you?
    Julie TaylorJul 2, 2013 18:37:58 PM
    Karla, my home town of Salem Mo. is trying to fight off The Lexus Project right now over a dog that bit a friends granddaughter. These people are NUTS!
    Mary MrozowiczAug 16, 2013 11:10:00 AM
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