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Another Housing Bubble?
Another Housing Bubble?

AIR DATE: July 2, 2013

Prof. Robert Shiller, the man who invented the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, says another housing bubble is in the making. At least, in hot markets like Las Vegas and Miami, the market is so overheated that it is beginning to look like a new housing bubble. What does it mean? How big will it get? We talk with the Reuters reporter who spoke with Shiller.


Tim Reid, Reporter, Thompson-Reuters News Service

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    With the Fed printing money ad infinitum and keeping interest rates artificially low, there will be many asset bubbles, and housing is certainly one of those. When those Fed actions stop, and when Fannie and Freddie go belly-up, the housing bubble will collapse yet again, and economic hardship will ensue until everything, including housing, reaches its natural value (which is much lower than what things now cost).
    Tom HurstJul 2, 2013 17:45:23 PM
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