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Energy Dispute At Creech Air Force Base
Energy Dispute At Creech Air Force Base

AIR DATE: July 9, 2013

Nevada's Public Utilities Commission is moving forward with an investigation into whether Valley Electric Association can legally provide services to Creech Air Force Base. The state's largest utility, NV Energy, filed a complaint with the PUC in February arguing that Valley Electric is operating outside its legal service area. In Fall 2012, the US Department of Defense awarded Valley Electric ownership and operation of the distribution system at Creech, as part of a $23 million contract.

We talk with the Thomas Husted, CEO of Valley Electric about why he believes the company is on solid legal ground, and what the PUC's investigation could mean for the company's future.



Thomas Husted, CEO, Valley Electric Association

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    Utility companies should not have or be given special "rights". They are companies and should just have property rights and the right to engage in contracts (or not) under whatever terms they want to, i.e. rights that every other company has. I don't know much about Valley Electric, but more power to them for undercutting NV Energy. I say that because I do know about NV Energy, and it is a real crap company: very inefficient, very expensive, very poor at planning ahead, and a very political animal that never stops trying to sway government to favor them and screw the consumer.
    Tom HurstJul 2, 2013 17:18:01 PM
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