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Rep. Dina Titus Fights Nuclear Waste
Rep. Dina Titus Fights Nuclear Waste

AIR DATE: July 16, 2013


Congresswoman Dina Titus, Democrat District 1

Rep. Dina Titus opposes a plan to truck nuclear waste through Nevada’s hubs, and she’s getting impatient with the Department of Energy for refusing to reveal the details of the plan.

“We just want to know where they’re planning to bring it that’s the first step. And they won’t even tell us that,” says Rep. Titus. “We’ve also called the White House asking them to be sure that the Secretary (of Energy) lets us know. So we are not going to just take silence for an answer.”

Rep. Titus thinks the plan sets a dangerous precedent, saying that the Department of energy has changed their definition of low-level waste, which she says is a higher level of radioactivity than Nevada has ever accepted.

Titus’ colleagues in Congress are largely in favor of sending the nuclear waste to Nevada. “About three to one would rather see it come here than see it go anywhere else.”


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    A united front must be organized to fight this assault on Nevada. We need every citizen who could be affected by a derailed train or a semi-truck accident or terrorist attact with this highly toxic waste. The public must be informed and it is imperative that the media and the vistitor and convention authorities participate in halting this toxic waste being brought to our state. I don't Vegas to become the Chernoble of America
    dorothy henrichsenJul 20, 2013 18:45:14 PM
    Dina is absolutely right and I am sorry I am not there to fight with her. I am now living in Seattle (my husband is on the Liver Transplant list at UW Hospital). But I am not out of the dangerous nuclear waste business. I am consulting for Hanford Challenge, a "watchdog" organization fighting the dangerous leaking of the tanks parked in this State. There are serious concerns about polluting the mighty Columbia as well as the danger of one or more of those tanks exploding and causing a plume larger than the Chernobyl disaster! The Department of Energy seems to be our common problem! When the heck are they going to get it?
    Peggy Maze JohnsonJul 17, 2013 09:14:15 AM
    Congresswoman, the battle over nuclear waste in Nevada, as you know, spans decades. Is the current debate more about the science of where this material can be stored the safest or about the politics of several states ganging up on Nevada?
    Jim in HendersonJul 16, 2013 09:00:05 AM
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