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Columnist Patrick Coolican On Leaving Las Vegas
Columnist Patrick Coolican On Leaving Las Vegas

AIR DATE: August 7, 2013

Patrick Coolican, Las Vegas Sun columnist and local critic of most things Vegas, is taking a year off. He's headed to Michigan for a sabbatical year of research. So before he heads to cooler, snowier climes, we decided to ask him to come in and discuss what he's learned about Las Vegas and Nevada while he's been writing about it's problems and highlighting the folkways of the desert Southwest. What are the big questions he's left unanswered? What will he miss about Las Vegas?



Patrick Coolican, ex-Las Vegas Sun Columnist

James P. Reza, local business owner and "Ask-A-Native" columnist

Geoff Lawrence, Deputy Policy Director, Nevada Policy Research Institute


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    What justifys NPRI's constant presence on this program? This is a small organization, politically motivated and privately funded, who refuses to make public their financial backers. Why does our publically funded radio station, THAT WE PAY FOR, constantly give them the use of our airwaves??? NPRI is never the subject of a discussion on KNPR, but they are constantly asked to appear. ENOUGH!
    Jim in HendersonAug 7, 2013 09:19:43 AM
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