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Fast 15: Fast-Food Workers Walk Off The Job
Fast 15: Fast-Food Workers Walk Off The Job

AIR DATE: August 29, 2013

"Fast 15" is the slogan fast-food workers are using in the nationwide campaign for a higher wage.

In cities including Las Vegas, "fast" food may be slow in the morning, due to workers walking off the job to demonstrate their desire to force a higher wage -- $15 per hour is the goal -- and to form a union without retaliation.

According to organizers in Las Vegas, more than 27,000 people work in local fast-food outlets. Their  median wage is $9.67. That contrasts with the $20.67 per hour that an adult with one child needs to make in Las Vegas, if working full-time, to afford just household basics, organizers say an MIT researcher has concluded.



Beauleen Manuel, who works at KFC and McDonald's

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