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Bad Drivers: Who They Are, How To Change Them
Bad Drivers: Who They Are, How To Change Them

AIR DATE: August 30, 2013

Driving in Las Vegas is indeed a gamble, with the odds of being in a traffic accident worse than the national average, according to the Allstate insurance company, which ranks cities -- and their drivers -- by the frequency of vehicle collision.

Data from Allstate suggests that the average Las Vegas driver will  be in a car accident every 8.7 years. That compares to the national average of one accident every 10 years. But when it comes to bad driving, Las Vegas is not the worst city. That distinction goes to Washington, D.C., where the average driver is in an accident every 4.8 years.

Guests discuss the habits of bad drivers, the fact that many bad drivers won't acknowledge their aggressiveness behind the wheel, and whether bad drivers can be transformed into decent drivers.


Heidi Almase, Las Vegas Municipal Court judge

Leon James, psychology professor at University of Hawaii

Jeff Payne, founder of non-profit Driver's Edge

Mike Seifer, Allstate Insurance franchise owner in Henderson

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