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Zappos Opens New Downtown Headquarters
Zappos Opens New Downtown Headquarters

AIR DATE: September 10, 2013

Yesterday, online retail giant Zappos staged a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate its move from an office park in the city of Henderson, to the old city hall in downtown Las Vegas. The company has spent some $60 million dollars renovating and moving into the new location.

So why would a company that got its start selling shoes online want to move into an old municipal building? Nevada Public Radio News Director Adam Burke takes a tour to find out.


"Wow. This is kind of surreal. I feel like I'm in Mad Max Thunderdome or something," said Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, prior to leading employees in the world's largest ribbon-cutting ceremony.

"You'll come into the elevator and you'll start playng a game like Pac Man, and you miss your floor," says Hsieh colleague Zach Ware. "We wanted the elevator experience to be somewhat surprising and give you an opportunity to connect or have fun with someone."


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