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Does Technology Affect Your Relationships?
Does Technology Affect Your Relationships?

AIR DATE: November 15, 2013

We are, most of us at least, living in a wired world. The phones in our pockets keep getting smarter. Many work places are now dominated by a networked computer and most people have a laptop or tablet to connect away from work. But what is that doing to our relationships. Does it keep us closer together with better communications? OR are we amusing ourselves but staring ourselves into isolation from everyone else. We talk with two sociologists who have studied the impact of digital technology on personal relationships.


Katherine M. Hertlein, co-author of "The Couple and Family Technology Framework" and Marriage and Family Therapy Program, UNLV

Markie Blumer, co-author of "The Couple and Family Technology Framework" and professor of Human Development and Family Studies, University of Wisconsin - Stout

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