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Should Animal Shelter Adopt No Kill Policy?
Should Animal Shelter Adopt No Kill Policy?

AIR DATE: January 14, 2014

Nevada’s Animal Foundation is the country’s largest animal shelter – in 2013 approximately 40,000 dogs and cats found their way to the shelter’s door.

Of course, not all the animals who wind up at the Animal Foundation meet with a happy end. In fact, according to reports, nearly half of the dogs and cats who entered the shelter in 2013 were euthanized.

A new nonprofit group founded by a former Animal Foundation volunteer thinks the shelter should take a “no kill” stance. He claims that shelters around the country, including in Reno, do a better job than the Animal Foundation of keeping animals alive and thriving. But representatives from the Animal Foundation say that there are times when euthanasia is the only humane and safe option.


Andy Bischel, Development Director, Animal Foundation

Bryce Henderson, founder, No Kill Las Vegas



During the discussion on today’s program, a caller suggested that Las Vegas City Manager Betsy Fretwell had a conflict of interest in managing the city’s contract with the Animal Foundation. The Nevada Commission on Ethics investigated these allegations in 2012 and unanimously dismissed them. The Commission found that Fretwell played no part in the management of the city’s contracts with the Animal Foundation and that no conflict existed. In the commission’s words, “…no evidence supports these allegations.”

The full judgment of the Commission on Ethics can be read here:


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