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The British Are Regulating Salt -- Should We?
The British Are Regulating Salt -- Should We?

AIR DATE: May 7, 2014

Dr. Thomas Farley has recommended that we take after the British and limit salt in prepared foods. Why? He says that even eating a normal diet, it's impossible not to take in too much salt because it's baked into basic foods like bread and cereal. So we have to legislate against it.

But what about personal responsibility? And if we take  this step, what will happen to the new dining scene - buffets and fancy restaurants for tourists in Las Vegas? Fat and sugar, both staples of prepared foods, could be next.


Dr. Thomas Farley, Fellow at Hunter College and former New York City Health Commissioner

Geetha Krishnan, Outpatient Dietician, UMC

Misti Yang, former restaurant editor, YELP Las Vegas

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