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Kara Swisher Talks Tech And 'Talentism'
Kara Swisher Talks Tech And 'Talentism'

AIR DATE: May 7, 2014

With the flurry of tech startups, apps and new technology, laypeople depend on journalists to make sense of it all. Kara Swisher helped put the Wall Street Journal’s tech coverage out front, with her column AllThingsD. She also organized the AllThingsD conference, which served as a platform for big thinkers ranging from apple creator Steve Jobs to musician Neil Young.

Kara Swisher and her business partner eventually felt stifled by the Wall Street Journal and left to build their own start-up, the media news website Re/code. She joined us to talk about tech start ups and 'talentism' -- the growing influence of a mobile workforce. Swisher is speaking tonight in Las Vegas.


Kara Swisher, journalist, Re/code

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