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ATP Tennis comes to Las Vegas

AIR DATE: February 20, 2006

Steve Bellamy , Owner, Tennis Channel
Todd Goldman, Publisher, Tennis Life Magazine
...on an ATP Tournament coming to town--and the Tennispalooza festival coming with it
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    I came here from the east coast 16 years ago. I noticed immediately that the attitude was to get as much from the other guy as you can. Juice was the way to get yourself ahead, not what you knew or had to offer. This is a company town and the people are here only to support those that are connected. Developers do as they please and zoning regs allow them, but a property owner has to call and pay for inspections of a water heater. Those that are connected think everyone lives a good life.

    Government here does not look out for the citizen, I was told by the AG (1996) when I complained about gas prices that here in NV people have to look out for themselves! That attitude continues into utility rate increases (every six months), etc.

    Yes, I would leave however, I am being held hostage by my house.

    TomMar 30, 2010 00:00:00 AM
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