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Forgotten Soldiers

AIR DATE: April 20, 2006

Shalimar Cabrera, Americorps Director, U.S. VETS - Las Vegas
Mel Kalagian, Co-Chair, Wall that Heals
Sgt Perry Jefferies [Ret.], Veterans Outreach, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Frank Perna, Veteran's Representative, S. Nevada Advocates for Homeless People
...on Homeless Veterans in our Community. We thrice contacted the Homeless Veterans Department at Veteran's Affairs but they never returned our calls.
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    I visit Las Vegas on a regular basis and am amazed at the number of homeless veterans I run into there. I am sure to give them more than they ask for... meals, money, whatever I can... I am sure that there are many homeless people who claim to be homeless... but for the most part the veterans will show you proof of the fact whether you ask or not. I am disturbed that after their selfless acts of courage they find themselves unusable cast-off members of society... There is a basic glaring injustice associated with this phenomenon. I would suggest a close look at government irresponsibility as well as a grassroots "Adopt a Vet" program designed to help these people get on their feet and become useful citizens of this the "Greatest Nation on Earth". Perhaps I lack the understanding I need to see the problem... But it amazes me how people rally to send money and supplies to other countries in trouble but fail to see the hunger and desperation in their own backyards.GIVE... thats all it takes! Target a Vet and give 'til it hurts if necessary. Have the Veterans register for help and hold a patriotic themed telethon. Work hard locally and then go nation wide if possible. KNPR does fund raising... it is important that we support such programs. But we can not ignore our people, OUR Vets. Think about it.
    Malcolm E. TurnerJan 15, 2010 00:00:00 AM
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