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Female Veterans

AIR DATE: November 11, 2008

Carole Turner, Vietnam War veteran and Deputy Exec Dir, Nevada's Office of Veteran Services
Debra Cole, Iraq War veteran and Treasurer, Student Veterans Organization, UNLV
Sharon Dixon, Iraq War veteran
... on what it's like for women to serve in the US armed services and the their experiences once their service is over.

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It is still a common problem in the Armed Services, sexual harrassment/sexual assault. During my time in service I experienced attempted rape and continued sexual harrassment. Not only do women veterans fight for their country, they carry an extra burden, old fashioned views that their male counterparts hold about women in service. Its as if we as woman are fighting two wars, and its not suprising that the outcome of this is intense mental conflict, and emotional devastation in woman who experience this. Lots of women, like myself, dont mention this as they find a way to blame themselves; they suffer in silence, a silence that follows them throughout life, such as myself. We women love our country and fight just as hard, the last thing we should have to fight is the men in our ranks.
Yvonne BahelierJan 28, 2010 06:10:49 AM
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